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Padma from Top Chef Erotic Burger Ad of the Day

I don’t watch TV, so I don’t know what this Top Chef shit is, but I wish I did, because the girl who hosts it is pretty fucking hot. Her name is Padma Lakshmi, nice and ethnic, the kind of ethnic who is happy to bang people like me all because of dreams of citizenship.

Unfortunately, we’re a little too late on this one, but there are millions more out there, because Padma’s no longer the little girl in the small village that has no running water but she has made it. But I guess that romantic relationship she had with the Hamburger because it represented freedom and the American Dream to her hasn’t died out, it is still part of her core, and here she is in a pretty erotic ad for Hardee’s Western Bacon Thickburger, giving it back to what inspired her to get here and I’ll tell you that it’s much hotter than when my wife downs a burger or three….

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