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World’s Tallest Bikini Model of the Day

I just came across this video today, I am sure it is old, but it is pretty fucking weird, especially when you see this 7 foot monster with some Kourtney Kardashian lookin chick without the spawn of satan inside her, so I decided to post the shit.

That’s all I have to say about that. I figure why write today since no one is even on the Internet and if they are they are probably fucking losers…..

Watch the Video

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Ashley Tisdale and her Tall Boyfriend of the Day

Ashley Tisdale is a size queen, maybe it is because the only thing that makes her feel better about her ugly self is a huge cock in her ass, that’s really the only explanation of why she’s getting with this really tall wonky lookin’ dude, I mean other than the fact that he’s the only guy willing to fuck with her, but I doubt that’s true, I mean with her level of fame there are tons of groupies and opportunists willing to lower their standards and only fuck her from behind so they can maintain an erection and don’t have to see her face at that moment of pleasure or really at any point during the sex….

The whole thing is kinda weird for me, as most tall guy and short girl relationships, because it reminds me of father and daughter pedophile shit only in this case the dad’s not fucking his daughter, he’s taking her to the orphanage because he just can’t stomach lookin at her weird lookin’ face as it is a constant reminder of how inadequate his sperm is and is slowly chipping away at his self esteem.

Either way, Tisdale and I have a pretty one-sided Twitter relationship, but a Twitter relationship nonetheless….

She wrote:

Mtv movie awards today!!!!! Ate breakfast, now getting ready!

So I wrote

@ashleytisdale what is the next plastic surgery you got lined up? A face transplant would do you good-wait til technology gets better tho

She won an award, god knows what went wrong on MTV’s side of things, she was up against Slumdog Millionaire chick, meaning MTV is a fucking joke, but it made her happy and she wrote:

Just had the most amazing experience of my life!! I won breakthrough performance!! Thanks so much!!!! I love my fans, I love you so much

So I wrote

@ashleytisdale you needed borat’s ass in your face to make you look worth fucking, no homo.

She hasn’t answerwed yet, I guess she’s been too buy testing her gag reflex on this dudes’ Tall Man Cock while avoiding coming in contact with mirrors because it’ll take away her high of finally being a winner, even if her dad paid off MTV to make it happen….

Here is the wonky motherfucker in action

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I am – Leelee Sobieski is a Clown of the Day


I saw these pictures and wasn’t going to bother posting them, because they are dull as shit, but the joke in them is that she’s at a Cirque du Soleil event dressed like a fucking circus performer, but not the kind you’d actually see at Cirque du Soleil doing their crazy acrobatic dances that you find absolutely breathtaking because you’re a homo, or the kind you’d find in some freakshow, even though she’s tall as fuck, but because her hipster lesbian shoes look a lot like something her Polish grandmother probably wore in the 30’s where she picked up juggling and joined a traveling carnival. The same juggling skills she used to impress the the Nazis so they wouldn’t kill her, allowing her to come to America allowing Leelee to have such a prosperous career or some shit.

But I am just guessing here….me and Leelee aren’t as tight as her obnoxious tights, so I don’t know the real story, but I do know she’s got stupid fuckin’ shoes and that’s all that matters to me while dying on my computer today, even though I think I may still be drunk…and I love being drunk…

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I am – Leelee Sobiesky is Boring as Shit on Halloween of the Day


So Leelee Sobiesky is some kind of art fag and I fucking hate art fags. Her Halloween costume fucking sucks and it reminds me of some kind of obscure silent film or some shit. Not to mention she’s hanging with busted faced freakshow with expensive looking camera that is probably taking pictures for her next Art Gallery Show and Leelee is the theme.

The reason I hate art fags is because they take themselves so fucking seriously. They sit around and discuss the meaning of other people’s work and why the artist decided to take the picture from the angle they took it from and the whole thing is way to boring for me. The thing I like about art fags is that they are easy to convince to get naked for the sake of art because that’s just how committed they are to the cause and I am pretty sure that that is how porn started. Some guy who couldn’t get pussy, was like what if I pretend that I am an artist and the next thing you know, girls were lining up for him to take pictures and video of them naked, because for some reason being the nude subject in art is a lot easier to accept than being a whore.

Unfortunately, art chicks aren’t hot and either are Leelee Sobiesky and her friend, but I’d still give her head. Get it…cuz she’s carrying a head around. I know, I don’t know where I come up with this golden material either, I guess that’s why I live in a fucking dive of a shithole apartment that is so broken down that even real shithole apartments refuse to step foot inside because they are scared of catching a disease from the toilet.

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