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Kelis’ Performance Brought All the Boys to the Yard of the Day

I ordered a milkshake the other day cuz I am fat as fuck and when I told the girl to make sure it brings all the boys to the yard and she didn’t crack a smile and instead just gave me a dirty fucking look like that I was a lame old man who bbored her and offended her, so dirty I was pretty sure she wanted me to fucking die. That’s when I realized that maybe that song may have hit a farther back than I thought and maybe it was more of a one-hit wonder than anything memorable that would carry on for generations…or maybe it was just a tired joke she’s heard way too many times working there and that she now can’t help but hate anyone who tries to pull it off like a loser the person must be if they find it funny enough to say…

That said, I am not the only one milking the milkshake song, here is Kelis still milking it while slutting it up during a performance I approve of because no matter how ridiculous the bitch may look or be wih her stupid grey femmullet hair and awkard body….she’s still acting like a fucking whore on stage and I love fucking whores….if they don’t charge too much….

Pics via LFI

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Taylor Swift Dirty Edit of the Day

I respect the effort that went into this video and I felt bad that only a few hundred people saw it. I figured anything that edits Taylor Swifts word into taking about anal is something I should support, while whoever was sitting there editing this shit so it sounds seamless is someone I hope to never meet, only because it’s a weird fucking hobby that makes me uncomfortable, even if it was for some radio station no one cares about. It is like the guy who emails me fake celebrity nude pics he makes in photoshop only the multimedia version…..either way….you will like this…it will lighten your day and you will email it to friends,

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Kat Von D is Dirty Lookin’ of the Day

If you are into ugly girls and scat porn, because the two kind of go hand in hand, since it’s rare to find a hot chick willing to eat shit for a bit of money, they usually prefer doing regular porn, or even regular jobs, and it takes a real special fucking person to fuck with poo, then you’ll love these picture of Kat Von D, cuz her body looks like she’s been rolling in feces the last few years, or at least long enough for the shit to stain, and she’s a pretty ugly girl, even when she tries to dress all fancy-like in her sexy black silky lingerie lookin slip….an outfit she may want to let some dude pay her to shit on while she’s wearing it, you know to bring this post full circle.

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Bree Olson Talks About How She Likes to Fuck of the Day

After posting some topless pictures of Bree Olson that a friend of mine took in her hotel room during the AVN awards in Vegas because he’s got the in with the pornstars and wanted me to tell the world that he’s better than you, not that we needed to tell you that anyone is better than you. I mean, I could have said I had a friend with pancreatic cancer who just filed for bankrupcy, his wife left him for his best friend and cancer doctor who was in the process of saving his life, and now he’s torn whether to continue treatments or just kill himself and you’d be envious of him because a woman actually married him, even though she’s a fat cheating cunt.

Either way, some dude sent this video in of Bree talking at some conference about how she likes dirty sex, getting her faced shoved in the toilet, you know keeping it classy and making her parents proud, because I guess she thinks the more hardcore you go, the more relevant you are in the industry, or maybe it’s because she’s so desensitized that it’s the only way to go. I just know I don’t find it hot, but you probably will, so watch it.

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