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Olivia Munn Gets Sexy to Promote Her Website of the Day

I have a new found respect for this Olivia Munn girl. At first I was against her because of the audience she caters to, you know…you. But then I realized she probably wanted to be on TV, this network or show was coming up, she had an agent who got her the audition, she read up on video games or whatever they talk about, aced the shit, knowing that geeks are a loyal crownd once they fall for a girl on TV, and now she’s giving that huge audience little teasers of how she’s not only down and accepting of their geek ways and interests, but she’s also got sex appeal and they can jerk off to her, unless they are those really weird geeks who aren’t into jerking off, in which case then can draw up the plans to their Star Trek themed marriage or whatever it is that geeks do.

Here are some promo pics to her new site. She knows how to market herself even if it is to a lame crowd….

You may also like her site because I am sure it’s more relevant a stop than my site.
So Check it out….

Here is some other shoot where she looks dead….but some people may like that especially since it’s probably the only way she’d ever sleep with them.

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