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Fifteen Years Old is the Age of the Day

What it’s like to be young again….or to be in a country where 14 is legal….

First up is a video of an upset mother who signed a legal consent form for her daughter to get an abortion without knowing it was a legal consent form for her fifteen year old daughter to get an abortion. I am guessing she thought it was a school trip to an abortion clinic…so she’s doing like all Americans do and is sueing the school for helping her kid get an abortion, instead of bringing it to term to cash in on government money, like the mother wanted, otherwise she wouldn’t have raised her kid to get pregnant at 15…in another example of bad parents trying to cash in on their bad parenting…and the whoel thing is not so hot.

Next up, a 38 year old woman seduced her neighbor’s 15 year old son which is not legal in the USA. This is the kind of thing my dreams were made of as a 15 year old kid, but I didn’t have any horny 40 year old pussy willing to teach me the fucking ropes. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all, but that’s just because I wanted this to happen to me….but everything got fucked up because she let herself get knocked up by the 15 year old and pretended it was her husbands, who bailed her out of jail, something I doubt i’d be doing, unless the 15 year old my wife was fucking was a chick and getting her out of prison was going to involve me joining in on the fun….I mean….provided I’m in a country where 14 is legal…cuz fucking 15 year olds is not worth getting arrested for…they don’t have the practice you probably need…but the thought of being a molested 15 year old boy getting sex twice a week for 7 months is just fucking awesome…

That’s why Fifteen is the age of the day….

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