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Weird Diesel Sex on a Horse Ad of the Day

I was told this is an ad for Diesel, the constantly cutting edge company and by cutting edge I mean rip off artists. A while back they ripped off that SFW porn shit and made it live action and this is their follow-up video of a weird lookin’ dude and a girl simulating sex on a horse. I don’t know about you, but when I think about sex and horses, there are no girls around to get in the way and judge how good I am at sticking a massive horse penis in my various orifices, by telling me I am disgusting or cruel, but I guess Diesel’s got a whole different obscure art-fag approach to beastiality. Watch the clip.

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Diesel Does a SFW Porn Campaign of the Day

Diesel toook that whole SFW porn movement to the next level by incorporating it into some kind of commercial or something and I figured it was worth watching because to date, all the SFW porn movement shit I’ve seen have been to pictures not to video. I know that this is something that started on the net and worked it’s way up to the corporations, and I guess it’s good to know that you can have your concept ripped offf too, all you need to do is put it on the computer and get it linked on a bunch of sites and passed around via email. I am sure that the first dude to make porn SFW in MS Paint, didn’t see a penny off this, but I’m sure Deisel will making the internet the best place in the world to get ripped the fuck off.

The worst thing about this, is that I post nipples on my site and Diesel is too conservative to run an ad here, but they can run this kind of suggestive shit, that is funny, but still fuckin’ pornographic in all the major magazines. Another reason why the world is bullshit and why I am contemplating moving back to Mexico to live off the land and cheap tequila, seriously, the media industry is seriously disgusting me. Seeing assholes and losers getting rich everyday is raping my fucking soul. Nothing is real anymore, not even celebrity pictures of them in bikinis. The paparazzi have gone and ruined that shit by profit sharing the money they make off the images of the celebrities with the fucking celebrities.

We are all suckers who work for these monsters.

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