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Help Me by Voting for Kayden Kross of the Day

I need your help. Kayden Kross is my future pornstar wife and I told her that I would help her win this competition. If she does she has to fly me down to Vegas and officially marry me while we stream the shit.

So she’s 10,000 votes behind. All you have to do is click her fucking name. I know there’s at least 10,000 of you out there willing to help me and by 10,000, I mean 1.

Here’s the Link to Vote for Kayden Kross and her Great Ass

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Kayden Kross Deep Throats the Vote of the Day

I had a very drunk weekend and I think I am still drunk. I don’t know why I do this to myself but think it’s because I hate myself.

What I don’t hate is Kayden Kross. She is a pornstar who I’ve been trying to get to marry me the last few weeks and she hasn’t got back to me, maybe it is because I am using Craigslist misconnections to get in with her, because I figure Craigslist is a great place to meet women and after being a man about shit and turning to anonymous posts online to profess my life, there’s really is no way she can resist.

She is in a contest and I’d love to see her win. If she does. I vow to you that I will make sure she marries me on video. So go back everday and make it happen. My happiness depends on it.


Here are some pics of her deepthroatin’ for the votin’.

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Vote for Bree Olson of the Day

I love Bree Olson. She doesn’t have fake tits, she doesn’t look like a washed up porn chick who hates her life, she is bubbly and looks like she’s having a good time when she fucks, like she’s living the fuckin’ life. Her body is real and looks pleasant to impregnate and she’s always been good to me, and by good to me, I mean she answers my emails and doesn’t call me a fucking creep and call the police on me when I tell her I am on my way to Indiana to feed her corn and by corn I mean my dick….

So I have no choice but to be good to her. So when I saw she was promoting this contest, I had to make sure she would win, I actually told her to trust me to make her win, so I’m hoping every one of you votes for her on the daily, because she deserves this, and because otherwise I’m going to look like a total fucking asshole.

So if she doesn’t win, there’s no fucking way I’ll ever get you exclusive Bree Olson content. But if she does win, I will film an awkward sex tape with her. That’s a promise, I mean as long as she’s willing. My limp dick and her big tits will make movie fuckin’ magic, I’m talking academy award worthy performances, because the academy awards love retards down on their luck making it with pornstars. But don’t count on her agreeing, since girls generally don’t fuck me, even when I offer money and Bree and me really are not that close, but maybe after this, all my dreams will come true.

These pictures are some behind the scenes Drunkenstepfather exclusive of her getting dressed in her hotel room. Enjoy….and Rock the Vote….


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Kim Kardashian Votes Twice of the Day

So Kim Kardashian went out to vote. Unlike the general population, she got to vote twice, once for herself and once for her parasite ass she’s been carrying around and raising as her own. I know. Bad joke. It happens. Pretty much all the time.

I mean how many this lazy girl eats too fucking much and just gains weight in places guys deem sexy when really it’s just sloppy comments can I make about her. Or how many times can I go on about how she’s a useless, good for nothing whore, who fucks on camera, and gets pissed on by black guys…I bet she voted for McCain.

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