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Kim Kardashian Votes Twice of the Day

So Kim Kardashian went out to vote. Unlike the general population, she got to vote twice, once for herself and once for her parasite ass she’s been carrying around and raising as her own. I know. Bad joke. It happens. Pretty much all the time.

I mean how many this lazy girl eats too fucking much and just gains weight in places guys deem sexy when really it’s just sloppy comments can I make about her. Or how many times can I go on about how she’s a useless, good for nothing whore, who fucks on camera, and gets pissed on by black guys…I bet she voted for McCain.

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Obama For the Win…..of the Day

Obama is the Next President of the USA.


Just kidding.

This is the best thing that has happened to your country and probably the rest of the world, this is a total revolution and I am pretty happy it worked out this way, because I was convinced the republicans would have put a stop on this shit but it just got out of hand and people started believing him. He is definitely the right person to run your country, or at least a hell of a lot better than McCain/Palin, he is someone who definitely has a vision, and black or not, he’s the commander in chief.

Don’t get me wrong, McCain has achieved a lot and won’t die a failure in the next couple years, he’s done more than most people and that’s something worth a pat on the back and a viagra in his belly, to really celebrate the loss, if anything he can find himself a nice retirement community to settle down in, now that the chaos is behind him. I always hate seeing losers, especially when they were as passionate about him, it’s sad and he should never have chosen Palin as his running mate and that is what really ruined him. I guess the real remarkable thing about all this is that he didn’t die during his speech from a broken heart…….

The racist supporters are probably pretty fuckin’ mad. There will be some local cross burnings tonight, no doubt about it, but be proud to be American despite whatever riots and deaths that may come from this…

I am happy all this is over, so you guys can shut the fuck up and I can go back to hating on sluts.

The people have spoken, let the riots begin, and let’s hope he’s not Lee Harvey Oswalded because that would be a fuckin’ tragedy.

Sure I am not American, I am not educated on the subject, but I know what my instinct tells me and from day one, there really was no competition.

Congratulations to all you fuckers, this won’t change our relationship of you hating me and me hating you, but let’s hope it changes all your lives.

Brobama won, despite being half brother and this is definitely the best thing to happen to more than just the hip hop movement, the black people and despite being scared for you guys for the last couple of weeks….a lot of people are going to be inspired by this and a lot of people will be mad…we’ll see what happens….

This CNN coverage was boring, my friend who’s TV I am borrowing is annoying, the Hologram I expect Obama to use for all public appearances, scared the fuck out of me, and I am drunk….

It’s not a matter of Yes you can anymore, it’s a little yes you did, and that’s more than I can say about what’s going on in your bedroom. Peace out. I am going to go drink more because this post was fucking crazy…let’s just hope Obama makes it out of his speech alive…

He wasn’t assassinated, and if anyone watched that speech and wasn’t moved, or excited of what’s to come, and I’m not talking about fried chicken stands on every corner or gold chains and girls who make their booties talk in ever government office, or the whole country being turned into a crack hustlin’ ghetto, I’m talking about a whole new leadership and direction, you’re fuckin’ idiots, but you probably already know that. Yes, you did, you fuckin’ communists with hologram technology, that shit could revolutionize porn and cybersex….

Ok, enough of this, now you can go back to chronic masturbation, this election shit was boring and draining…..and a little too passionate on all fronts….ok…time to stop…i just can’t seem to end this post…

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RIP Motherfucker the Obama Grandmother of the Day

Obama’s grandmother, who pretty much raised him and who was white and from Kansas, died today. She will never get to see the outcome of the Election. She’ll never see her grandson make history and she’ll never get to go on that date with John McCain, since they were the same age. It’s a sad day for Obama and his fans and family, she was a big role model of his, but I am sure he’ll be able to power through this and we won’t have to deal with the insanity that mama’s boy Kanye West gave us when his mom died.

Again, I’m not American, I’m not voting, I am not the polls leading everyone to believe he’s going to win this by a landslide, so you can keep your hate out of this, because it’s hard to make racial slurs about an old farm girl who became a Vice President of a bank in the 60s in Hawaii as a minority died, even if she’s got a half-black grandson.

On a side note, I did a little research and it turns out that this wasn’t strategy for him to get the sympathy vote.

I wonder what are all the Obama supporters going to do when he doesn’t win….it’s going to be a pretty sad fucking day for all of them….I am convinced that despite being a revolutionary in a lot of ways, he just won’t win, but I may be wrong.

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