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Even a Komodo Dragon Knows Good Day LA is Shit of the Day

I am glad I have no money to travel to LA so that I will never accidentally land on this Good Day LA show that I constantly plug. The shit is so strange that I feel it’s mocking morning TV and maybe only people in LA really grasp it’s relevance, because to me and a Komodo Dragon it’s nothing but a pile of shit of a TV show.

I love when the hot one who thought this was a stepping stone to an actual career in broadcasting says “I haven’t heard anything like that since my maternity days”, prompting me to say keep your fuckin’ mouth shut about your asshole unless you’re inviting me inside, because a little shit talk won’t stop me since I’ve stuck my dick in way more disgusting things, and even hearing about her talk about shit, is less scary than hearing my wife take a shit, if you know what I mean…

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Victoria Beckham and a Shitty See Through Shirt of the Day

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this shit for 6 years. I can’t believe I post a picture of a Spice Girl in a semi see through shirt only because you can see whatever her under shirt that she knew people would be able to see when she got dressed like it is some kind of news. I guess I should really try to step my shit up, because if I find this kind of thing this uneventful and uninteresting, I am pretty sure so does the rest of the world. I’d apologize to you, but maybe I’m doing it on purpose. I call it self-destructive blogging. Gotta make sure I never take it to the next level, become successful, sell book deals and movie deals and TV deals. I gotta keep the shit obsolete and useless like the vibrator I bought to get my wife to stop fucking me, because she can’t manage to get the fuckin’ thing in her because her arms don’t reach past her gut. Trust me, it’s not as hot as it sounds.

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Bree Olson Takes a Shit Before the AVN Awards of the Day

Someone sent in this exlusive video of one of my favorite Pornstars, Bree Olson, sitting on the toilet before the AVN awards. I am not sure if she’s actually taking a shit, because there is no toilet bowl shot, which is really too bad, since scat is the new anal, but none of that matters, what does matter is how excited the photographer gets when she bends the fuck over and shows off her boy short underwear. A little lazy for a pornstar but refreshing because I hate the standard G-string shit they normally wear becuase shit gives me yeast infections…but then again so does wiping back to front, antibiotics and fuckin’ dirty dick….yeah – I don’t know either…I’m just an idiot…

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Carmen Electra Talks About Her Shitty Ass on Some Stupid Show of the Day

Here’s a clip from some piece of shit TV show that I suggest you never watch and I am not even going to bother finding out what it’s called because it looks that bad, I just know that Carmen is talking about how she doesn’t take care of her junk and needed a bidet to hose that shit down. I guess after fucking people like Dennis Rodman and all the other dirty cock that’s come her way….the toilet paper just irritates the ass and pussy scabs…and spraying water on it is a hell of a lot abrasive.

Then again, this could just be a bad joke with the hot girl talking about wiping her shitty asshole badly because it’s so unexpected so everyone laughs because you assume hot chicks are perfect and that you could eat dinner off her perfect anus so hearing her say she doesn’t wipe shocks us all into uncontrollable giggles or some shit…..except for maybe the perverts who are into scat and are too busy jerking off to the thought of her stinky dirty poo covered ass.

Nothing like shitty acting, shitty jokes and shit covered Carmen Electras to start my day.

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