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Even a Komodo Dragon Knows Good Day LA is Shit of the Day

I am glad I have no money to travel to LA so that I will never accidentally land on this Good Day LA show that I constantly plug. The shit is so strange that I feel it’s mocking morning TV and maybe only people in LA really grasp it’s relevance, because to me and a Komodo Dragon it’s nothing but a pile of shit of a TV show.

I love when the hot one who thought this was a stepping stone to an actual career in broadcasting says “I haven’t heard anything like that since my maternity days”, prompting me to say keep your fuckin’ mouth shut about your asshole unless you’re inviting me inside, because a little shit talk won’t stop me since I’ve stuck my dick in way more disgusting things, and even hearing about her talk about shit, is less scary than hearing my wife take a shit, if you know what I mean…

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