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Aubrey O’Day Fake Ass of the Day

Aubrey ODay Big Fake Ass and Tits

The only offensive thing about Aubrey O’Day and her bottom feeder from a decade ago – back to bottom feeding approach to life – is that she isn’t doing it through a sex tape…

She’s got massive amounts of surgeries and face injections, making her look like some kind of sex toy or cartoon character you weirdos jerk off to, because I know there are people out there jerking off to cartoon characters, and it’s almost funny, almost said, totally irrelevant….but should be presented in the form of a sex tape..

I guess this pig needs some attention….but at least she doesn’t look as piggish as she did when she was at her fattest, she found fitness and sucking the fat out of her to pump back into her ass, and has really committed to that.

I guess there doesn’t come an age when a woman because less shamecuz her hustle isn’t working out as well as she thought and this is the only way she knows how to do it….I’m ready for the sex tape….but I guess sex tapes don’t happen anymore, these low levels just get patreon.

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Aubrey O’Day Ass of the Day

Aubrey ODay Oiled up Fake Ass in a White Thong

Aubrey O’Day’s got a big fat ass, in a big fat bathing suit, in some big fat clickbait, that is likely not even her real ass, because that’s the kind of world we live in, one where a girl get her ass injected and her gunt sucked out to have some kind of comeback, whatever kind of comeback this is, and the whole thing is about as magical as the royal wedding, because when trash surfaces to the top, thanks to manipulative tactics, they’ve learned in their prostitution….I feel excited to know the world is still dumb fucks.

Aubrey ODay Big Fake Ass in a Nude Thong

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Aubrey O’Day Hard Nipples of the Day

Aubrey O Day Hard Nipples in Nude Bikini

Aubrey O’Day is working pretty hard at her comeback tour…

I know taking a slutty picture of yourself half naked isn’t really working hard…but she’s in her 30s and had to spend at least 6 months and a lot of money on the surgeries that made her look like this…as part of her comeback tour…

Then there’s the whole no one caring about her at all…so she needed a top tier scandal to matter….which took orchestrating…

And then there’s the whole getting into a bathing suit, and showing up somewhere,to have pics taken…which for a lazy bitch can be a struggle…

I think the life lesson in all this is that thanks to surgery, you call all look like french Canadian muppet looking strippers….at an affordable rate…and that you should never give up being the slut you are at your core…because there’s always more slut in you…

Aubrey O Day in Nude Bra and Panties in Bed

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Aubrey O’Day Fake Ass and Tits of the Day

Aubrey ODay Big Fake Ass in a Thong

Aubrey O’Day has really taken it upon herself to modernize her look and fit in with the gutter Kardashian inspired looking trash of the era…

She has got that fake ass, fake face, all while in her 30s…which isn’t that shocking considering her early 20s were about her fake tits, fake hair, being some slutty “hip pop” created band by Diddy…but there was a period, we’ll call the Don Jr years, where she was a fat pig of a woman with what we though was officially her fading out into obscurity as she should…forgotten really…

But she’s made a comeback…she got fit, she invested in a new face, ass, lipo, who fucking knows…and the whole thing is pretty fucking weird looking…but it’s here…it’s now…and it’s probably working for her

Aubrey ODay Big Fake Tits in a Bra

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Aubrey O’Day is Nude of the Day

Aubrey ODay nude in the pool

Aubrey O’Day is nude because of course she is…she’s got the interest of the people again and that’s so important to a fame whore who loves attention and who doesn’t want to admit that she was barely a one hit wonder thanks to fucking Diddy, his reality show…and slowly getting fat when Danity Kane expired…because despite being the only one in Danity Kane you remember, you racist, this fake titty trashcan wanted more….she even dated one of the Jersey Shore dudes before his comeback tour to try to get it..despite having gone black for so many years…she moved her way back into the scene via GUIDO..

Point being…she’s showing off her floaters she’s always had in her pool, the floaties that we want to see, despite not caring about Aubrey O’Day or the fact that plastic surgery is less invasive and she can look like a bigger porno whore than she used to…

I’m just surprised this nude pic isn’t gaping asshole…you know as she angles Don Jr Trump Jr to help her in her quest to be the next Stormy Daniels…

I am a fan…and you should be too…she’s an American hero…

Aubrey ODay Big Tits Topless in Black Panties

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Aubrey O’Day Ass of the Day

Aubrey ODay Ass in a Black Lace Thong

Trump’s little assistant from his show Aubrey O’Day – who I guess owed Trump a favor, jumped into the mix of Trump scandals, I am sure at their request, because they are just a text message away for her, as she was on their show, because apparently she’s a celebrity….and she’s jumping to it…

It’s like she had that jacked up instagram / porn face long before instagram existed since she’s old…and now that girls are out there getting famous, doing things she’s been doing for a decade, like fucking rappers….while she had to go through it the old fashion reality show way and really manipulate people into giving her a chance…

While now all girls have to do is set up shoots with perverts and post that pervert shit, find a scandal to ride, since no one remembers you, and comeback to the world in one last hurrah..

It’s like one of the challenges on the Apprentice…and she’s not quite winning yet…Lil John is…but it’s happening…

Aubrey O Day Spread Legs in Panties Doing Tarot

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Aubrey O’Day Spreads Her Legs Of the Day

Aubrey ODay Spreading her Legs in a Bikini

I wonder if Aubrey O’Day is enjoying her fourth wind of barely relevant by attaching herself to the Don Jr Trump scandals involving her being a seductress whore with her big fat tits, who at the time of Celebrity Apprentice was a fucking pig of a girl in size and stature, full fat chick, which anyone would be embarrassed about cheating on their wife with, you know when you cheat on the fat chick, always a shameful experience that after the fact you wish never happened…

I think it’s safe to say with content like this that she’s riding the wave like I guess Don Jr rode her wave back when she was trying to have her second wave of success through his family’s show…


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Aubrey O’Day Photoshop Tits of the Day

Aubrey ODay Photoshopped in a black and beige bra and panties

The most important thing that has happened in Aubrey O’Day, even more important than her fucking Diddy back when she was in his reality show created band Danity Kane, something that opened her up to the mainstream black crowd, that afforded her to get fat as fuck….is that she was on the Apprentice and apparently fucked DON JR, because fucking people is what she does…

I am blown away that I am writing about Aubrey O’Day and her comeback tour…from fake teen tits, to reality band, to black, to fat, to black, to Trump, to DJ Paulie D from Jersey Shore, to this….

Older clown with the face injections and lipo on the stomach, and she always had plastic surgery fake tits, in a cheesy shoot..still going at it hard…

Aubrey ODay photoshopped in a blue bra and panties

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Happy Easter From The Slutty Easter Bunnies of the Day

With every holiday comes a series of clickbait obvious content that the people of social media put together like they were still in elementary school and it was a theme day…

Some people, like Maitland Ward do it everyday, because every day is a national “something” day…making a great opportunity for little thought to make content…

Other people just save it for the big days….like Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween which has a life of it’s own, and EASTER….because bunny ears, since Playboy in the 50s, are a symbol of slutty behavior, slutty women, sluts…

So here’s our compilation of sluts being sluts on easter…some famous, some not, all trying to be clickbait…

Like our header pic – lead it pic – AUBREY O’DAY who won’t talk about fucking trump, but will post up her ass…

or Jojo – Who the fuck cares about Jojo

And Rita Ora the biggest clickbaiter famewhore around…

If this doesn’t capture the easter spirit – I don’t know what will…

How about Selena Gomez….big titty jesus freak….

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Aubrey O’Day Insta Thot of the Day

Aubrey ODay Ass in a Black Thong wet In Milk in the Tub

Aubrey O’Day is amazing, you know not in a hot kind of way, not in a relevant or inspiring kind of way, but in a what the fuck is this girl on kind of way…out there filling her tub with cereal like I just creative directed the shoot, because these are things I like producing…I figure if I’m going to leave my house to hang with a slutty girl, I might as well go for something that makes no sense rather than her just posing like a vapid cunt in lingerie in a photoshoot…you know make a meme out if it…or make it the joke that it is…something that Aubrey O’Day clearly understands…with that ass in her air..even if they rest of us have no grasp on whatever the fuck this is….

Never give up thanks to photoshop….you don’t have to…even if no one knows what the fuck she is.

Aubrey ODay in black bra in the bath milk and cereal

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Aubrey O’Day Tits of the Day

AUbrey ODay tits out covered in stickers

Aubrey O’Day, a attention seeking low level reality star from the past, is still out there producing weirdo content, showcasing her tits, in what we can assume is her attempt to get noticed again, since the last thing she did that anyone noticed was either fucking the Jersey Shore cast, after having a decade of black cock when she was at her fattest, or Celebrity Apprentice, where she was starting her quest back into white cock, through working out…

I don’t know what the hell this photoshopped insanity is, but I am amazed she’s still out there trying, it’s like if you don’t make it by 30, I doubt you’ll make it ever….unless you become a sex worker like our girl MAINLAND.

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Aubrey O’Day Titty Shot of the Day

Aubrey O'Day Big tits in a see through shirt

Aubrey O’Day is amazing, I mean not really, but amazing to me because I’ve seen her career arc…from being a reality show aspiring singer who fucked diddy, a little white girl who’s dad bought her a set of tits to help her make it, blossom into a fat ass white girl, who was legit fat, because the black fans she acquired while hooked on DIDDY dick were into that, and girls like eating and being lazy….to being on the Apprentice where she likely fucked TRUMP, but would never admit it because she needs the money she gets to keep her mouth shut about it to pay the bills, because as an instagram model with a jacked up face, looking terrifying….that shit’s not cutting it.

She’s on some comeback tour, is dating a guy from Jersey Shore, and is almost irrelevant, but less fat…even if her titties are still fat and I’m into it because I am a suck fuck with a ghetto stripper with a fake tan and fake face fetish.

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Aubrey O’Day Instagram Thot of the Day

Aubrey Oday Naked showing Tits

Aubrey O’Day has been a bottom feeder since she started in this game…

She went from reality show, to P Diddy Fucker, to reality show band, to Mike the Situation or the other dude from Jersey Shore fuck hole, and now she’s promoting bras that don’t have bra straps, and that stick to your sticky fake tits with spit, or residue from Mike the Situations / Situation….a asian innovation in push up bras that you can see all the low hanging instagram girls promoting for 1000 dollars or less…

And old, washed up, fat gone fit gone fat again or not…confused at who she is marketing herself to or not…I remember her, and I will promote her as she promotes crap because I guess I’m a bigger bottom feeder than her.

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Maxim Still Exists and They Had a Halloween Party of the Day

Maxim used to be a big deal and they used to pay me for traffic, back when they were a magazine and I was a website and they didn’t know how to be a website, so they’d buy plugs on sites…I didn’t mind taking their money, but I did always find them pretty fucking lame…

Then the magazine was taken over by their lawyers, when they couldn’t quite figure out how to make all that stupid Maxim Money they were making before print died, and those lawyers would send me legal letters, threats to sue me, to take down all the images of theirs that I had on site because they paid me to post them…so I kind of hate Maxim…

They were sold to some rich kid, they are doing better shoots, they are still doing their parties and Hometown Hottie Next Door shit…they still exist…and they had a Halloween party…and the top notch girls showed up…here are the pics….

Tara Reid was there and she’s perfect….always up for a good party…with a gnarly Cameltoe..

Joanna Krupa was there because Maxim created her many years ago…

Lindsay Pelas and the Big Big tits

Aubrey O’Day is not dead….

and Emily Sears…

Not one single relevant person..like real bottom feeders here – but it happened and I wasn’t invited…a fucking gang of washed up hookers…


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Aubrey O’Day Instagram Modeling of the Day

As if I am going to write about Aubrey O’Day and her comeback tour from her relationship with DJ Paulie D from Jersey Shore, because they were both on MTV reality shows at the same time, and I guess she was tired of fucking black dudes….

But as it turns out, her instagram filter face and body is something I can’t help but post because it’s so absurd, sex doll looking, clown with the face injections and lipo on the stomach, and she always had plastic surgery fake tits, so I guess it doesn’t really matter or surprise as much as the surprise that I am posting on her…


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