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Adrianne Curry Almost Topless on Twitter of the Day

Adrianne Curry is holding onto the 15 minutes of fame she had 5 years ago the way any self-respecting, famewhore, would…by posting these almost topless pics on twitter. She’s such a tease, at least that’s what she’s trying to do for her 70,000 twitter fans who don’t really care about her or what she has to say, but instead are watching to see her sanity crack and post Very Brady Sex tapes, because that’s bound to happen eventually.

She blocked me and told me off as best she could a few months ago, but I still get access to the goods and despite no being interested in her in anyway, or thinking she deserves any more attention that other whores online, I can’t help myself but post this and laugh, cuz I know girls, even exhibitionist girls, who know this kind of self-promotion is the cheapest and easiest way to get noticed…it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t involve her showing her meaty cunt spread open, since she’s already done playboy, you’d think she’d step up her game…

It’s so obvious, but you idiots fall for it, and apparently, so do I…

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  • Drunken Pig

    I can’t get into the whole twatter thing..it’s really fucking stupid..kinda like this INSANE attention whore..bitch is hot and well worth a load or two..at her place or a neutral site..not yours as you may wake up with a knife wound or your balls krazy glued!!


    Check out my Twitter page for post-diarrhea pics. Cuz I’ll do ANYTHING for attention.

  • beavis

    I can’t hate because at least she’s showing us a little sumthin sumthin. Not like some who act like they’re too good for it.