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Lingerie Campaign for Valentines Day of the Day


It’s Valentine’s Day, which is the most important day of the year – if you date or you are some middle of the road person who believe the movies she watches…you know the Walmart clerk living the tract home dream in a blue collar marriage. The kind of person who buys into bullshit, whether it is Taylor Swift music or Valentine’s Day. Just everyday tabloid reading folk…

These are who Valentine’s Day was created for. It’s one of those “let’s give sad sad people one day to feel the romance they see in the movies, or at least that’s how we will market it, to instill enough insecurity in themselves and their relationships, causing unnecessary stresses that will lead to celebrating their love, that isn’t even love, since love doesn’t exist, it is just co-dependence, by getting in Debt”…

You know that who “one day of the year to celebrate their love so hard it will solve all the problems in their relationship and lives, when really it just creates unnecessary stress, and torment as people try to prove themselves, or they forget to prove themselves, leaving the other person feeling unappreciated for the lack of attention and effort”….

It is also the day of “I’ll wear this lingerie to give him a sexual fantasy now that we only fuck one day a week or less and it is more conventional masturbation more than anything because I am dead inside thanks to being in a relationship”…

I’m not sure what is more disappointing, the the middle of the road women expecting to be proposed to, only to get a box of chocolates that will happen Sunday, the credit card debt from gifts no one needs, or the way their middle aged mom body looks in panties…I’m going with option 3.

Here’s a brand of panties…with their panty campaign…featuring I don’t fucking know who..

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Lindsay Lohan in Some Lingerie Shoot of the Day

Lindsay Lohan got hired or hired a photographer to make people think she got hired to do some caveman in lingerie shit or native in lingerie shit that I hope she gets in trouble for…cuz natives are really sensitive when it comes to mocking them…

I don’t know what it is for or what the point of the shit is but I do know that she’s walking around showing off her fat ass and fat titties and despite hating the bitch for being boring….She’s just bottom feeding bullshit who has fallen apart. She is jealous of bitches more popular than her, she is unable to accept the fact that her time has come and gone and she has a real haggard face that is permanently damaged because she self medicated…and got swept up on the whole Hollywood life…despite not working the last 4 years…

She really has a few options….suicide… moving away and giving the fuck up. Living off royalties. Sure she is just a victim of the whole hollywood machine…but I don’t feel bad about that cuz she made so much fucking money that she coulda lived a good life for a long time…but like most idiots she liked the fame and did all this to herself…or softcore porn….

I still think we should encourage her to get as nude as possible as often as possible…she’s still got something worth lookin at no matter how battered it is cuz you can’t catch things from looking…and I think her naked is really something everyone would be interested….a whole new career for a has been at 25…..which isn’t really a stretch since we’ve been seeing her being raped in public for the last 8 years…

I guess this is a bit of a preview…

Here is a topless picture of Lohan that recently hit, that was aggressively photoshopped, with erased nipples and a new face, that are doing the rounds…

Pics via Fame

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Sofia Vergara in Lingerie Clip from 2007 of the Day

This is a clip from some bullshit called Dirty Sexy Money which I assume Sofia Vergara did back in 2007 when she was was struggling to get work, but landed 4 episodes of this show, before her spic tits made it into high paid primetime programming, and I am posting it because she’s all famous now thanks to Modern Family and the world is all in love with her and I know that in order to get from being a poor Columbian daughter of a druglord to being the tits every married man forced to watch shitty television cuz his wife owns him and the TV remote, wants to fuck means that a lot of the real good cocksuckin’ went down and I always appreciate a good whore making it to the top when she can’t even speak the fucking language.

Sometimes it’s nice to start they day to remember where you came from and where you got started before really appreciating where you are today, except in my case, since it’s all been downhill since the start.

Enjoy this stellar acting and sheer talent that made her the star she is today…it’s tame, it’s from ABC, coincidentally the same network that brings you Modern Family, which may not be a coincidence at all, thanks to her gag reflex or lack there of….whore should be cleaning hotel rooms, you know making beds not hit TV shows…but at least she has tits.

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Gisele’s Mom Body Still in Lingerie Pictures of the Day

Here are some more of the Gisele comeback that probably isn’t a comeback because I am convinced she staged the pregnancy to get a little vacation, or operation, like all trannies do, but she’s still got a body worth fucking, even more so now that the penis as been inverted, and the whole thing is a storyline I should sell to Desperate Housewives…pictures….

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Taylor Momsen Performs in a Slutty Outfit of the Day

Taylor Momsen’s career has been on a downward slope since she was the singing 8 year old who couldn’t sing on the Grinch who Stole Christmas…..Sure she had this Gossip Girl stint that threw her in this phenomenon that all the young girls were into, that made her feel famous, and that gave her the confidence to become a rockstar, which is so fucking weird, because at 16, you can’t really channel much to justify your music, or why your privileged ass is dressed like a homeless prostitute….it makes the whole thing more bullshit that you probably originally thought and I’m calling her rock career some Disney candy coated garbage that sucks…but at least she wears lingerie when she performs, because all 16 year olds should publicly wear lingerie, ideally in countries like Canada and England where you can’t get arrested for jerking off to them like you were the Dancing with the Stars football player….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Pregnant Paulina Rubio’s Tits Hang with Sluts in Lingerie of the Day

Here are some pictures of an old, tired, pregnant, popstar at some lingerie at some event and I guess this is my indirect way of celebrating Cinqo de Mayo a few days late as I like to ignore holidays that exploit and make a joke out of my Mexican people, but then again, Paulina Rubio probably isn’t the best approach to ignore things that exploit and make a joke out of Mexicans, but at least she hasn’t followed the same path of many Mexican vaginas before her by producing litters of kids and gaining 150 lbs in process destroying any sex appeal they may have, but I guess since her uterus is now officially polluted, it’s never too late to start or to reconnect with the Mexican way that’s engrained in your DNA…which is kinda the same reason I like to use to justify why I’m slow moving and unemployed.

Pics via Fame

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Jessica Jane Clement is Half Naked for Some Ad of the Day

I’m not marketing person, but I do know if you get some hot model to be half naked in your campaign, you should make sure she’s got your product in her ass, pussy or squeezed between her tits so that the people you are trying to reach and seduce with her half naked body know what they are fucking looking at and what the fuck they are supposed to buy, instead of just cocktease them with some whore who looks better half naked than their wives, girlfriend, or dude on the internet they talk to thinking is a girl they are going to fly to America to meet….

I’m also not a jock frat boy from the UK who likes trashy bitches or makes celebrities out of these gutter whores who look like they were fucked by their dad’s in the trailer park before making a break for fame….you know who look like gutter strippers but aren’t actually stripping in seedy bars where they belong, but instead in campaigns…and that shit just feeds their egos too much and makes them think they are anything but trashy haired whores….it gives them self-worth and buys them nice things and takes away your chance to fist her for 10 dollars at a bachelor party cuz life worked out for her….

It’s cheap it’s poorly executed, but there’s a half naked cunt I’ve never heard of and complaining about that would be gay.

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Candace Rae for Ralph Magazine of the Day

Candace is my Twitter friend. She used to work for a company that really ripped me off for a lot of money called Savvy.com….now she works for herself getting naked in Playboy and pretty much anywhere she can.

Here she is half naked in Ralph magazine, now I rarely post glamour shots from shitty magazines, especially when they are Australian bullshit, but I figure she works hard at getting opportunities to get naked and any girl who puts that much effort in getting to show off her body deserves to get noticed….especially when they are redheads, but the good kind of redhead that Archie used to freak out over, you know the kind that doesn’t give little kids nightmares or have red pussies that contrast against their pale skin hard enough to make me gag…and a hot redhead I want to fuck is always a rare find….

So here is Candace to start up my lazy tuesday…Here is her Trendmill Profile

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Candice Swanepoel Pussy Definition in GQ South Africa of the Day

The nice thing about South Africa is not just good for the surfing, or the apartheid era where blacks didn’t have the same rights as whites, but also because the white pussy that makes its way out of there and into the mainstream American world look pretty fucking good, but you can’t base a country’s pussy on two hot famous pussy that made it’s way out of the country, I mean take your small town for example, to an outsider, we all think America has good pussy cuz of the bitches we see on TV but the second you roll through a dinner in upstate New York, Florida or pretty much any tate,all you see is a sea of obesity and white trash….but as far as I’m concerned South Africa is a magical place of beautiful oceans and diamonds with 9% of the population white, 80% black, 31% of pregnant chicks are HIV positive, where Jews get stabbed in national parks …filled with poverty, crime and disease…and the 2010 Woldcup but most importantly Candice Swanepoel….and here is her pussy definition in GQ South Africa….

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Bar Refaeli is Amazing in Lingerie of the Day

After seeing these pictures I made a run for the local deli, where I picked up bagels, cream cheese and Lox, smoked meat and latkes, kanishes and whatever else the Asian guy who owns a Jewish deli told me was Jewish food, because I figure it’s the first step in getting to know Bar Refaeli without actually getting arrested in the process, you see you can’t convert to be Jewish without knowing what you’re going to be forced to eat in the process and you can’t get close to Bar Refaeli without dressing up like a Rabbi looking for donations…The only issue with me converting is the fact that I don’t believe in religion and that I’ve been eating a pig for the last decade, sure she’s my wife, but I’m sure they’ll hold it against me….

Not to mention, I’m sure there is already a line-up of richer, funnier, more charismatic Jewish guys with better futures willing to drop their wives, their girlfriends and pack their bags and move to Israel for this girl…she is like the top of their food chain…the pack leader…the mystical Jewish woman they read about as young Jewish boys…

But luckily we still get to have fun with her and here she is in lingerie for Passionata some Lingerie company that probably paid her a lot of money for these pictures…so keep that in mind as you cum on your belly….

Here she is at the event celebrating all the money they spent on her amazing body…you know draw as much attention as you can to the shit to make it make sense….

Pics via Bauer

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