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Jessica Jane Clement in a Bikini on the Beach of the Day

If a Glamour Model who normally poses topless…hits the beach for the paparazzi, does she make a sound?

Here’s Jessica Jame Clement trying to figure that age old question out…..

Apparently these pics are from July….I don’t see how that makes any difference.

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Jessica-Jane Clement in a Bikini in Ibiza Last May of the Day

Jessica-Jane Clement is a titty model from the UK who I have POSTED SOME TITTY PICS OF IN THE PAST

I assume she does shit topless and a google search will help you find all her nipples you need to get off….unless she’s a classy Glamour model who keeps her top on while exploiting her body for all it has to offer….which would be annoying consideering the only thing these Glamour models are good for is their fake tits and their ease of showing them off cuz they are at the level of fake tits where they aren’t really actually part of them…but more importantly…they pay for themselves in less than a week’s work…with all these celebrity perks like cutting lines at night clubs and limos….

She was in her bikini in May….she has probably been in her bikini since then…since it is what she does….and here are the pics…

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Jessica Jane Clement Big Titties in Nuts May 2012 of the Day

Jessica Jane Clement has big tits…..and that’s all I have to say about that….cuz let’s face it that’s all she really has going for her. So much for that being all I had to say about that….I am about to jump into a rant that’s better left squashed….since no one reads this shit anyway….so look at the pics you retard….they are hot….

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Jessica Jane Clement Christmas Titties of the Day

Here’s Galmour Model Jessica Jane Clement in some photoshoot showing off her big fake tits…because I guess that’s the whole reason she bought them….unless these are real tits, in some freak of nature, hormone in the food, lived under the power lines shit…or living next to the nuclear plant amazingness you see on 13 year old girls at the mall buying bras….puberty at 7 shit…..

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Jessica Jane Clement And Emily Scott Shower in a Bikini on TV of the Day

Here is the merging of the commonwealth….like some sort of peace treaty before the mother country and the colony developed as their prison…..where British Glamor Model Jessica-Jane Clement and Australian Glamour Model Emily join half naked forces on some shitty TV show called “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”…on some survivor kick in a controlled environment…where they are used as the reason to watch the show…because in the UK….nothing works without a tacky bitch in a bikini with huge tits….God Save the QUeen.

Here’s another one of Jessica Jane Clement her getting dirty….

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Jessica Jane Clement is Half Naked for Some Ad of the Day

I’m not marketing person, but I do know if you get some hot model to be half naked in your campaign, you should make sure she’s got your product in her ass, pussy or squeezed between her tits so that the people you are trying to reach and seduce with her half naked body know what they are fucking looking at and what the fuck they are supposed to buy, instead of just cocktease them with some whore who looks better half naked than their wives, girlfriend, or dude on the internet they talk to thinking is a girl they are going to fly to America to meet….

I’m also not a jock frat boy from the UK who likes trashy bitches or makes celebrities out of these gutter whores who look like they were fucked by their dad’s in the trailer park before making a break for fame….you know who look like gutter strippers but aren’t actually stripping in seedy bars where they belong, but instead in campaigns…and that shit just feeds their egos too much and makes them think they are anything but trashy haired whores….it gives them self-worth and buys them nice things and takes away your chance to fist her for 10 dollars at a bachelor party cuz life worked out for her….

It’s cheap it’s poorly executed, but there’s a half naked cunt I’ve never heard of and complaining about that would be gay.

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Jessica Jane Clement Shows Off Her Body of the Day

This is some UK bitch who was on some reality show, who claims she’s a Glamour Model, a profession they should re-named “insecure girls with fake tits and shitty tattoos who are willing to show off their bodies in cheesy pictures some shitty photographer takes of them in hopes they’ll get noticed and shit will take them to the top cuz it’s all they have going for them”, but I guess it doesn’t have the same ring to it….here she is in some shoot…and I wouldn’t mind cumming inside her in exchange for false promises of giving her a big break…

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