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Jessica-Jane Clement in a Bikini in Ibiza Last May of the Day

Jessica-Jane Clement is a titty model from the UK who I have POSTED SOME TITTY PICS OF IN THE PAST

I assume she does shit topless and a google search will help you find all her nipples you need to get off….unless she’s a classy Glamour model who keeps her top on while exploiting her body for all it has to offer….which would be annoying consideering the only thing these Glamour models are good for is their fake tits and their ease of showing them off cuz they are at the level of fake tits where they aren’t really actually part of them…but more importantly…they pay for themselves in less than a week’s work…with all these celebrity perks like cutting lines at night clubs and limos….

She was in her bikini in May….she has probably been in her bikini since then…since it is what she does….and here are the pics…

To See The Rest of the Pics

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