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Sofia Vergara Big Tits for a Lingerie Ad of the Day

Sofia Vergara brought her tits out for a Stella McCartney campaign for beast cancers, that has the hashtag #StellaCares, because Stella wants you to know she cares, she’s not just entitled daughter of a billionaire Beatle, who does this fashion thing on the side, to make her own stupid money, she’s a philanthropist, selfless…doing it for the cause…even if it’s putting a fucking spotlight on her in the form of Sofia Vergara tits to let the people know her company cares about tits…even though that’s obvious, we call care about tits…tits are everything…often times they define the woman who owns them and cancer that fights our tits, targets our tits, is the fucking enemy…not the terrorists but titty cancers.

Point being, Stella Cares and Philanthropy is a masturbatory experience in egotistical people trying to help, but I guess at least they are trying to help, despite their mansions and huge salaries and capabilities to actually help.

Here are those tits.

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Sofia Vergara Fitness Erotica of the Day

Sofia Vergara Fitness Erotica Tight LEggings and Tight Black Shirt Big Tits

Sofia Vergara, the Den Mother with her big tits, decided at 45 or 50 to continue exploiting her big titty mom body, because when you make a life from being a big titty, coke dealer / mule from Colombia that worked her way into Hollywood via Miami…through Cocaine…it’s the COLOMBIAN way…you can’t forget your big titties roots..they are what made you and show a little respect…

The biggest troll would be if she wasn’t even from Colombia, but rather OHIO or some shit, because that accent of hers is so done up and over the top….

Either way. here is her fitness

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Sofia Vergara Bikini Body Before and After of the Day

Sofia Vergara 90 s Bikini Bod

Sofia Vergara old lady in a Bikini…vs Sofia Vergara younger in a bikini to see what aging does to you when you’re a vain, big titty girl who only exists cuz of here tits, that you need to maintain…to maintain your life…

I’d write more but why..

Sofia Vergara Bikini Body

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Sofia Vergara in a Bikini of the Day

Sofia Vergara In a Black Bikini

Sofia Vergara, the Den Mother with her big tits, decided at 45 or 50 to put up some bikini pics of her mom body, because when you make a life from being a big titty, coke dealer / mule from Colombia that worked her way into Hollywood via Miami…you can’t forget your big titties people like to see, that made her who she is, one of the best paid, most famous TV stars when she can’t even speak the fucking language…

Debatably too old to be in a bikini…but never too old when your pervert fans and really anyone who likes a set of hispanic tits at any age in a bikini…especially when it’s not playing up it’s stupid accent…

Here is the clickbait…

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Den Mother Sofia Vergara in Fishnets with the Titties On of the Day

Sofia Vergara in a tight black mini skirt and fishnets

Sofia Vergara got the big mom tits, in fishnets and fuck me boots, like a traditional hooker from the streets of Colombia…moved to America like some drug mule disguised as tits, only to buy her carer with coke money….and putting her into the mix with Ariel winter and the other one, training them how to be titty clickbait too.

She’s a very important figure, highest paid actress, of our generation…


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Sofia Vergara Cleavage Cutting Bread of the Day

Sofia Vergara is not that interesting of a person to me – other than that she’s made it as a huge star, despite being an immigrant, who I am not even sure made it to America legally, or if she pulled some scams, whether it be marriage, or work visas as the correspondent for some Colombian Telemundo shit that granted her a work visa, I just know that after all these years, a stint on a huge show where she’s helped raise slutty Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland…you know instilling great values that their mother’s initiated when whoring them out to the media…by someone who whored herself out to the media…because how else did this success happen. It makes no sense beyond big tits, people liking big tits, enough to cast them in a TV show they likely had no idea would be a big hit…reminding us that all you need is that one hit to matter.

I like to think she’s dialed in through a drug cartel in Colombia and that’s why she won at hollywood, you know some underbelly, underworld, cocaine fueled shit…

That said, she’s promoting some bullshit, cutting bread, tits out and I figure there’s a fetish in there, older tits are still tits, and Sofia Vergara tits are substantial tits that made it tits…

Here’s some more…

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Sofia Vergara Big Tits at the Emmys of the Day

Sofia Vergara big tits white gown at the emmys

I guess the Emmy Awards happened – and I didn’t know because I don’t watch TV, I don’t think anyone watches TV, but the people on TV still get paid heave, as they perpetuate their lie, by giving them awards for nonsense that doesn’t matter….it’s not even entertaining…the only people watching TV or rocking Cable TV are old people or trailer park dwellers on disability…it’s like let’s award these idiots on this dying technology in an award show on the dying technology…because people are that into celeb bullshit…they don’t just wait for the highlight reel on social media like normal people…

I guess the only thing that matters on TV – is the sluts from Modern Family because they get social media marketing / slutting….It’s a show that I am sure is horrible, but that everyone seems to watch on the plane along with Big Bang Theory…because the world are mindless retard drones who make these peopel famous…

So here are Sofia Vergara’s den mother massive tits in a tight dress, being all old, but still busty, because those tits made her and they’ll stick with her for as long as she can keep milking them…it’s a Hispanic thing….dressed like some slutty drug lords wife at their daughter’s first communion….classy.

Ariel Winter, her TV spawn who learned how things are done was also there….

I think you can see her nipples..

I prefer her in her latex dress, squeezing it all in..

Or Sarah Hyland getting ready for the Emmy’s in her expensive rich girl kitchen…ALL THEM FACE INJECTIONS – LOOKS LIKE A CLOWN – but the bathing suit’s alright..





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