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Sofia Vergara Grabbing her Tits for Heidi Klum of the Day

So America’s Got Talent is using smut to market their TV show, in attempts to get higher ratings. They’ve got their two Granny Judges out here posting marketing material where one is grabbing at her tits and the other one is jumping at her, like you can almost hear the menopausal pussy lips rubbing together, all dry and dusty.

I would argue that this is about 15-20 years too late, because there was a time when a star known for her tits, grabbing at her tits in a corset was seen as erotic, even pornographic and they’d jerk off to it. That time was probably before her 50th birthday.

It’s almost a TOO LITTLE TOO LATE titty grab, if that’s even possible, because I am sure some are so obsessed with tits that they get off to Old Folks home dementia panties holding their tits while getting their diaper changed before a hose down shower, it’s actually 90 percent of the reason you took the job at the old folks home, the other 10 percent was for the pension.

This is basically like Playboy models promoting each other to leverage both of them to greater heights, only the Golden Girl years…

The good news is that marketing using tit is still a thing.

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Sofia Vergara’s Green Swimsuit of the Day

Sofia Vergara is in the St Patrick’s state of mind as she’s rockin’ her green bathing suit….with her big old lady mom tits all squeezed out of the bathing suit to make them look like they have better elasticity than the average old lady big tits because she’s high class, rich and famous…don’t you know.

The fake accent, or at least the played up accent Vergara is a celebrated set of 50 year old tits, so celebrated her ex is still playing with their fetuses at the fertility clinic that she wants destroyed….pussy that good you block the destruction of the FETUS so that YOU can breed her….is wearing an age-appropriate suit, which I respect and find decent of her, because too many old ladies, even the fat, sloppy apron belly rockin’ ones take WAY too much liberity in their swimsuit choices thanks to social media making everyone an exhibitionist asshole….who shows their asshole any chance they get.

Unfortunately, Vergara is not showing her asshole….because I’d like to see how brown or bleached it is and whether it’s had a moderate amount of anal sex, or a lot of anal sex, seeing as she’s a catholic….or just a digestive issue causing anal fistulas…you know…because I’m interested.

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Sofia Vergara’s Got her Tits Out of the Day

Old lady Sofia Vergara with the big scary eyebrows and the plastic face was at some event the other night and she brought out her old lady tits, that were once younger lady tits, which allowed her to buy her way out of Colombia, possibly as a drug mule, but probably as a rich kid whose family owned a coffee plantation or some other generational wealth that would finance her trip to Miami, work visas, and life while living as a single mother working as some obscure host….before meeting the right network of people in Miami, impressed by her tits that they sent her to Hollywood.

I am convinced that her accent is fake as fuck, that it’s all part of her bullshit origin story and she just keeps playing it up like a novelty act. I’ve met Spanish speakers who LIVE in Spanish speaking countries that speak better English than someone who claims to have been in the USA for 30 fucking years stealing the jobs of locals.

So either she’s lazy, retarded, or bullshit…and who cares when she’s got the geriatric tits out….because even old lady tits are distracting.

She’s with that same Karol G bitch I thought was Kesha in the KATY PERRY post of 3-4 minutes ago…

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Sofia Veraga’s Titty Tease of the Day

Big titty old granny Sofia Vergara, who I think is in her late 60s, is out in some seductive outfit with those big tits, only it’s all an illusion…

An illusion because old ladies can’t be hot, even when they try really hard, but also an illusion because the lacy outfit looks like it’s sheer but it’s not…

This is tits no nipples like a cancer survivor…and no one likes cancer….

If she did have cancer, she’d be in good hands because her new boyfriend is some rich as shit surgeon….named Justin Saliman….

After googling him, it turns out he’s a knee surgeon who has invented ways to preserve knees, and there’s only one reason the surgeon and Vergara know each other and that’s because she’s blown out her knees and not from running marathons…if you know what I mean…if anything from running trains using that throat game….you gotta climb the celebrity ranks when you’re an illegal from Colombia some how..

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Sofia Vergara’s Private Jet Erotica of the Day

Sofia Vergara is on tour for some show or movie about Griselda, the Colombian Cartel leader that I am sure was really hard to cast for because Sofia Vergara is the Colombian big tit celebrity who has sucked ALL the dicks of Hollywood, or at least that Joe guy who she married dick, which is probably enough considering she had a stint on a hit sitcom….

The TV host and sometimes actress who can’t for the life of her figure out how to speak english, unless the fake Spanish accent is her acting and she’s actually not even from South America….scheming….with those big tits…big tits scheming…

She was on a private jet cudding with a man, showing off to the world that she is a big deal who flies private and that her CARBON footprint doesn’t matter because she’s rich….

She also had her tits and now thanks to face injection clown face out for the promo tour and the whole thing was just SO much fun…because of her tits…

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Sofia Vergara’s Old Lady Titty Show of the Day

Here’s Sofia Vergara seducing you with her pictures like she’s not in her mid-50s…

I don’t find Sofia Vergara all that exciting. I didn’t find her all that exciting when she was a low level titty model living in Miami figuring things out before landing her hit show in her late 30s, allowing her big Colombian titties to get the praise they deserved, all while playing up her accent harder than the dicks who helped her get where she got, if anything that accent she plays up is one of the most offensive things about her. I know Colombian people, who still live in Colombia and they speak english with a less aggressive accent and this bitch has been in America for 30 fucking years….it’s FAKE, but what do you expect, she’s an actor and everything about actors is fake, except maybe Sofia Vergara’s tits, those could be real since they’re the reason she’s able to be an actor that is fake…

In the last 24 hours she’s posted her tits in various poses on her social media, it’s not that exciting, but I’m posting it anyway.

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Lookin’ Up Sofia Vergara’s Skirt of the Day

I don’t really encourage looking up a 50 year old lady’s skirt, unless there’s really nothing else going on, or she’s just a slutty 50 year old who is making a spectacle of herself and it’d be rude to not stare, because she’ll start to realize that she’s lost her edge, lost her hotness and lost her appeal and without that purpose or meaning in her life, she’d likely kill herself…

You see, not looking at a whore or commenting “BOBS AND VAGIN” on a whore’s instagram is the equivalent of fat shaming a fat kid or releasing nudes of some young girls who ends up killing herself….it’s CYBER BULLYING and we can’t have that.

Now Sofia Vergara, the COLOMBIAN who snuck to Miami on a COCAINE shipment, at least that’s what I assume her origin story is. I mean, she’d have to be a cocaine mule to the rich and famous in order to get those tits eventually on TV…leverage….even the tits themselves could have very likely been the vessel for the smuggling, you know fuck silicone, these tits are COLOMBIAN GOLD..

She’s got a skirt on, you can’t look up it, no matter how many angles you position your screen….and that’s too bad…

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Sofia Vergara is a Bootleg Bargain Basement Kim Kardashian with her Pants Off of th Day

I heard something about the whole Influencer thing dying off. Someone I was talking to accidentally, since I try to avoid talking to people, saying something about how the whole influencer thing is dead, to which I said, “that’s so hot, finally, I’ll be able to jerk off to them”, you know since necrophilic jokes are always a hit with senior citizens in the park, probably because they know death is near and they don’t like having to feel like they don’t have sex appeal….or won’t in the near future when laying in their assisted living bed dead, covered in their bodily fluids that were expelled while dying, only to get one last romp with the orderly cleaning up after them before the funeral home shows up…

Yeah, so influencers being dead is potentially a thing, but that’s only because celebrities are doing their best pathetic approach to content by becoming desperate as fuck influencers in their own right, stealing the work from the non celebrity influencers, because it’s a fucking joke manipulating the fans in with influencer type content, especially when you’re already famous.

So people like Vergara are doing their best Kim Kardashian, even promoting bodysuits that she sells via Walmart like she was Kim Kardashian, all because she wants in on some of that Kim Kardashian money, despite already being rich…

It’s this thirst for money, selling dog shit to people with no money, that helps make these people more obviously EVIL…but when in body suits, even old, edited like an AI version of Sofia Vergara, pantsless with the big tits, I’ll watch the fall into lame, pathetic, cash grabs of a pitch man…..instagram worse than QVC rich….

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Sofia Vergara’s Butt Shot Selfie of the Day

It’s funny when a career prostitute, who is arguably not a prostitute, and who likely thinks she is not a prostitute, but to those who have exchanged opportunities for a chance to motorboat her big Colombian tits, they may have another story….and does it ever really end with a good motorboating, that’s just what happens in the flirting phase of the date before the real deals are made.

Unless she extorted her way into the industry at 40 years old with her thick accent and tits thanks to her her drug lord family back in Colombia that used to monster tits as drug mules to get their product into Hollywood, the cocaine hub of degeneracy in America….

Which is always possible, but maybe they just needed a stereotypical spanish speaking character for their shitty modern family, for Hollywood level inclusivity….who knows….

What we do know is she is rich as shit, and as part of being a rich as shit famous as shit, set of big tits, who also has an ass, Walmart has partnered with her, knowing her audience of NETWORK TV watching morons are the kind of audience they want to trick into thinking Walmart is a fashion brand. Funny angle.

More interestingly, her Walmart campaign involves some user generated selfie content, meaning she’s like a low level slutty influencer, but instead of skinny tea pushing for 500 dollars, she’s making millions with slutty butt shots and it’s all so low quality from people with budget, that it’s almost offensive, like more offensive than an outraged blue hair on tiktok, because reducing yourself to easy cuz it works, instead of doing good, is just the way we enslave society into being morons….

At least there is a butt shot!

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Sofia Vergara’s Bikini Butt Shot at 100 of the Day

I make fun of these old as shit celebs for posting lame ass half naked sexual content because I know they are just desperately trying to compete with influencers on social media in the most basic fucking way, and with the budgets they have, they access they have, the teams they have, the support they have, you know, since they are celebs and not some 18 year old with a dream, it becomes pretty lazy, boring, lame, pathetic, even though we still get to see the goods!

But, when you’re Sofia Vergara, who ran to America illegally and slept around for a decade and a half as a single mother, only to hit the right network of pervert dudes, who allowed her to be cast on a hit show, with her Latina Fetish accent, it pretty much seems true and honest a representation of her story, old or not, this is her hustle and it doesn’t look all that bad, probably edited to shit, but that’s an ass! I’m into it.

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