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Sofia Vergara Cleavage Cutting Bread of the Day

Sofia Vergara is not that interesting of a person to me – other than that she’s made it as a huge star, despite being an immigrant, who I am not even sure made it to America legally, or if she pulled some scams, whether it be marriage, or work visas as the correspondent for some Colombian Telemundo shit that granted her a work visa, I just know that after all these years, a stint on a huge show where she’s helped raise slutty Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland…you know instilling great values that their mother’s initiated when whoring them out to the media…by someone who whored herself out to the media…because how else did this success happen. It makes no sense beyond big tits, people liking big tits, enough to cast them in a TV show they likely had no idea would be a big hit…reminding us that all you need is that one hit to matter.

I like to think she’s dialed in through a drug cartel in Colombia and that’s why she won at hollywood, you know some underbelly, underworld, cocaine fueled shit…

That said, she’s promoting some bullshit, cutting bread, tits out and I figure there’s a fetish in there, older tits are still tits, and Sofia Vergara tits are substantial tits that made it tits…

Here’s some more…

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Sofia Vergara Big Tits at the Emmys of the Day

Sofia Vergara big tits white gown at the emmys

I guess the Emmy Awards happened – and I didn’t know because I don’t watch TV, I don’t think anyone watches TV, but the people on TV still get paid heave, as they perpetuate their lie, by giving them awards for nonsense that doesn’t matter….it’s not even entertaining…the only people watching TV or rocking Cable TV are old people or trailer park dwellers on disability…it’s like let’s award these idiots on this dying technology in an award show on the dying technology…because people are that into celeb bullshit…they don’t just wait for the highlight reel on social media like normal people…

I guess the only thing that matters on TV – is the sluts from Modern Family because they get social media marketing / slutting….It’s a show that I am sure is horrible, but that everyone seems to watch on the plane along with Big Bang Theory…because the world are mindless retard drones who make these peopel famous…

So here are Sofia Vergara’s den mother massive tits in a tight dress, being all old, but still busty, because those tits made her and they’ll stick with her for as long as she can keep milking them…it’s a Hispanic thing….dressed like some slutty drug lords wife at their daughter’s first communion….classy.

Ariel Winter, her TV spawn who learned how things are done was also there….

I think you can see her nipples..

I prefer her in her latex dress, squeezing it all in..

Or Sarah Hyland getting ready for the Emmy’s in her expensive rich girl kitchen…ALL THEM FACE INJECTIONS – LOOKS LIKE A CLOWN – but the bathing suit’s alright..





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Sofia Vergara’s Naked in Women’s Health of the Day

Sofia Vergara is naked in Women’s Health in some strategic naked way..that basically makes her not naked at all…but naked none the less…and I guess if you’re into 50 year old busty women who parody hispanic women for some Network TV sticom bullshit…and you’d expect her of all people to know how to get naked properly, not like this bullshit…

You see, she was a florida single mom who snuck into America…who miraculously got onto TV…girl gets naked…or knows how to get naked…so this naked is just weak, offensive, lazy now that she’s rich…as you’d expect…

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Big Sofia Vergara Tits Riding an Inflatable Bull of the Day

Sofia Vergara and her big tits riding and Inflatable bull like the Spanish decendant she is…..has to be a fetish for at least one of you – even if there is just one of you – because big tits in a bikini are timeless, or ageless, even when the tits involved are aging…they’ve managed to make it beyond the cut off date, and seduce their way into the hearts of everyone who like big tits…her thick accent and all … on a hit show…with huge fanbase…insane…but it happened…and it here..like her riding the inflatable…and all it took was big tits, some cocaine, lots of perverts into the spanish nanny accent…and that’s about all it took..

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Sofia Vergara’s Face Rash Erotica of the Day

I like the hashtags that Sofia Vergara posted along with her face rash:


Well, I know Anasatasia Ashley lasted 6 days….because she’s the only girl who talks to me…

Where are other girls, like this Sofia Vergara who has a fascinating story thanks to being a single mom who snuck into the country as an illegal, only to sort out her work visas, however she pulled that off, I am assuming her big tits had a big part of it, and have a big part of why the hicks who watch her on TV, don’t protest outside her house to have her deported – because America likes some illegals…turned legal…even more than they like their own born in America ethnics..because of the tits….

Either way, not the hottest nude on instagram today, but the most overrated actress so…it must balance it out …

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Sofia Vergara’s Weird Tit Pic of the Day


We all know that Sofia Vergara has big fucking tits…so it was not shocking that she posted this ridiculous tit pic on instagram – last night at the Golden Globes or whatever the fuck she was at….I mean I say globes – while knowing I mean SAG Awards…because everything about her has been a titty fetish…from her broken english, the accent, but most importantly…the tits…the ridiculously huge tits…not my fetish, but apparently a lot of people’s fetishes because she’s won at life, in her late 30s, early 40s…which is unheard of…but she pulled it off…with the tits…

I say this is a weird tit pic, because her tit looks weirdly shaped…but she liked it enough to show you, so I’ll do the same…because I like calling out whores on images they authorize…it proves my point more effectively…

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Sofia Vergara Offered Sex and the Rest of the People’s Choice Awards of the Day


I accidentally watched the people’s choice awards..because someone gave me an old TV and a digital antennae.

I realize that I fucking hate award shows. I realize that they are more irrelevant than they have ever been. I realize that the jokes, the people, the concept of awarding winners with ridiculously useless awards….but this one is special…it’s for the people…by the people…but who are these people who are voting…I guess they have access to the internet…probably are the robot drones you know are into this shit…the fake news people…the trump voters…

All to make these people money…terrible..

The highlight was Sofia Vergara and her tits saying “hire latinas, we do a good job, you won’t be disappointed”…like busty den mother she is..just look at how she handles that trophy…naughty…

Other hightlights…Johnny Depp thanking people for supporting him as he beats his wife…

So much garbage……in a world where these award shows don’t fucking matter…because nothing else matters..

J.Lo was there….

Blake Lively was there….

Some Pregnant Bitch was there…

Victoria Justice was there…

Kristen Bell was there….


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Sofia Vergara – Vacation Tits of the Day


Sofia Vergara with Tits that You’d wish were your Sofa, and that are big enough to be your Sofa, but that probably smell less like old smoke, death from the guy who they found dead on it before you got it off the FREE section on Craigslist, and your wife’s vile and disgusting sweat….is an interesting story…

She’s an illegal that snuck into AMerica with her child and never left, but somehow managed to become some kind of correspondent or some shit for her Native Colombia, that intern allowed her to meet TV producers from LA, while living in Florida, who figured “we need a Spanish immigrant for the huge Spanish speaking population to relate to, let’s take on this one, because she’s forcing me to after seducing me with her tits”…or my other storyline for her, the late bloomer in the industry, who has pretty much buttfucked the industry that wants to and probably have buttfucked her, literally in her ass, romantically for jobs…and not in her paycheck that we can assume is absurd….is that her family runs the cocaine in Colombia, hollywood loves Cocaine and somehow along the way the two collided and said “GIVE HER WORK”…

Either way, she’s won, and in winning, she’s on vacation with them MONSTER tits….

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Sofia Vergara Doing Helium of the Day

I guess I should do posts, even though all this content is available everywhere on the internet and I am a day late on fetish videos for the juvenile and annoying schoolyard freak Jimmy Fallon….where he gets big Colombian tits to speak after huffing a balloon like it was Nitrous…or something that actually fucks her up enough to a state of date rape…because Jimmy Fallon is a fucking creep being that dancing monkey approach to late night tv…

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Sofia Vergara is a Cultural Appropriator of the Day


Sofia Vergara is Colombian…turned American TV star after being an illegal smuggled in like a kilo of cocaine her family probably made her bring into the country…the same stock of cocaine that led her career because hollywood loves good coke…and Sofia Vergara is a passionate latin woman who like good cock…they are all emotional and shit…

But she’s not a Mexican, so dressing like one in a sombrero eating tacos is cultural appropriation. If she was white and this was a college campus..they’d torch her..before hearing her accent and not quite knowing how to handle it…because white social justice warriors struggle when questioned…

But I heard one on the radio yesterday – because I still listen to the radio…and she was going on about asian food and the right way to eat asian food and that white people can’t dictate or change or define asian food…without realizing it’s just fucking food…and white people have slaughtered the taco forever…

Nice mom tits…

But wearing a sombrero..that’s like blackface, or wearing a headress to Coachella…and for that..she should be destroyed…as a Mexican I want a personal apology…but I guess to some of you virgin losers…her Wonder Woman fetish pic is enough of an apology…


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Sofia Vergara’s Tits on Set of the DAy


Sofia Vergara is some hooker – who tricked the right client to give her a shot in the entertainment industry – under what I assume was extortion…thanks to the help of her Colombian team of drug cartel gangsters who helped her orchestrate it…

Because…Sofia Vergara and her hypnotic tits were once ILLEGAL immigrants that Donald Trump would have married if he was into Hispanics more than Eastern Euros….she smuggled herself into Florida with her kid in tow…and now..in her 40s she’s a superstar actress who can barely speak english…and it’s not because she gets nudes – it’s because she’s tactical…and what Trump is warning you about illegals..they get into your economy and just take it over…

She’s in lingerie on set, her fans love it, I’d prefer seeing her earlier porn or exposing her story – for what it actually is – but that we’ll never figure out because as we know – people take what they are told at face value – instead of researching……but maybe no one would care – since her tits is all that matters…

All I can think about when seeing her in her expensive shaping lingerie, is that 87 percent of Muslim these fundamentalist Muslim women who are in Hijabs, you know full bed sheets, actually wear really slutty lingerie, sometimes with anal beads inside them, because they are only human…even if you don’t think they are because you’re racist.

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Sofia Vergara Got Married of the Day

A video posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

Sofia Vergara married some actor…because she is also an actor…and I guess it is a reminder to instagram whores everywhere, especially the immigrant, hispanic, fresh off the boat in the Miami Port ones, that if they stick to showing their tits, partying with the rich guys, they too may be typecast for what ends up being a massive fucking show…and all it takes is fucking strategically…it can even happen if you’re a single mother…but may help if you’re Colombian and have access to all the right cocaine channels to help the rich guys have even more fun than just your tits when they roll through Miami..before one falls in love and drags you to LA with them…to make everyone a lot of money…

You know, as well as I know, that Sofia Vergara’s story of being that single mom, who smuggled herself to America…pulled some shady non-status things…possibly even an anchor baby or two…all while being hot enough to pull it off..reminding us that maybe, if all the illegals looked like this…people like Donald Trump, who is married to an immigrant..would be more tolerant…because of her tits..

I mean…this is a “fairy tale wedding” at 45….and a reminder…anything can happen…but it usually requires being hot with huge tits…

I think she’s overrated –

Here she is for some wedding magazine….

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Sofia Vergara’s Peggy Bundy of the DAy


Sofia Vergara brought her old Botox face to Jimmy Kimmel, where she continued to fool the world into thinking she’s a comedic actress, because she is a comedic actress, on one of TV, yes TV, it is still around’s most prized show I call…Sofia Vergara’s tits and accents while Sarah Hyland learns how to slut…but to America it is Modern Family…

I mean I guess comedic acting, which apparently requires little to no talent, just tits, if the role is written for you, thanks to using those tits on one of the producers, making it seem like a lottery win…

In her 20a, when you’d expect tits like this to really be at their best, she was half naked and hosting cheesy latin shows after she escaped Colombia due to either being rich from drug and/or coffee money….or as a refugee…the kind of migrant you’d want to take in and take advantage of…even if she came with a kid in tow…because she’s just that good…

I guess what I am getting at is that sometimes tits carry a girl into their old age, sometimes using those tits as a bikini clad host of cheesy shit in the 90s as a vehicle to get to this superstar celebrity status as an actress..because acting requires very little talent, just access…and access can come by giving accsss to a motherfucker to your pussy to cum…it’s what I call raw talent…since no one uses condoms..

Either way, she’s keeping the sex appeal alive, fit and with botoz…and she’s on Kimmel…with that voice…that she plays up aggressive as I’ve never met a Colombian who sounds quite like this cartoony, fetish version of a Colombian…she knows how to seduce…

Here she is on Married with Children…

Here she is on people flirting with her husband

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Sofia Vergara Nipple of the Day


Possible drug lord, or daughter of a drug lord who supplied all of hollywood with their cocaine…because hollywood fucking loves cocaine and as a thnak you they made her the highest paid actress on TV…Sofia Vergara…who I guess could just as likely be really good at seducing men with her massive tits…is in Vanity Fair…or some other magazine…shot by the legendary Annie Lebovitz….and apparently..who happens to be the photographer who hired the photographer who shot for me when I was in Maxim Magazine in 2007 when I was at the point of maybe becoming relevant, only to fall off the fucking map…as her assistant….making me feel really emotionally connected to both her lesbianism and Sofia Vergara, since it’s practically as if she shot me…right?

I don’t know why I am making this about me, I should make this about Sofia Vergara, the tits, who’s nipple you can see in the bath, because Annie the Lesbian likes bath tubs, she’s used them before in shoots…namely with Whoopi Goldberg…in what scarred me in my youth…because Whoopi Goldberg is a monster…


Anyway, I posted the cover yesterday…and here are the rest of the pics…because people love Sofia Vergara, maybe because only Hispanics watch network TV, or maybe becaue girls over 30 watch network TV and wish that their life turns around at 40 like it did for this one…she’s like an aspirational guide…to middle age…maybe there’s still hope…bitches everywhere…

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Sofia Vergara for Vanity Fair of the DAy


Sofia Vergara makes me laugh because she went from Colombian border jumper, who may not have really jumped the border, but who was a single mother who ended up in Miami at a very young age, and was forced to fend for herself, even though I assume she comes from Money to begin with, as there is money in Colombia…where she’f rom….

But she’s now the highest paid talent on TV, that every over 30 actor who hasn’t made it, of every ethnicity, references when you aske who’s career they want…

It’s like from zero to fucking hero, and all it took was awesome tits and the right strategic moves…that I assume involve no gag reflex…because why the fuck else would she end up at the top when so many other Hisapnic imports end up as chambermaids…

It just doesn’t make sense, but she’s topless in Vanity Fair…and that could be glimpse of where it all began…a little book ending…or something…


Here’s the video:

Here’s her ass in jeans for instagram…unrelated to Vanity Fair..but totally fine to stare at…thanks to being a hot old lady with a hot fucking ass…


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