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The GQ Men of the Year Awards Happened and Girls Attended of the Day


GQ, a magazine that Playboy is trying to go up against, by not posting nudity, because GQ doesn’t post nudity and they do well, had an event celebrating men, something feminists hate in this patriarchal world…especially if it was white men…since they are celebrated everyday and we are just part of their worlld…

Girls attended the event, as girls do, since the beginning of time, you know worship men, for men to turn around and impregnate them, because we like sticking our dicks in pussies…

The Highlight reel of the girls at this so very important, surprised magazines still exist, but they have a strong digital strategy for men contnent and where else will men products advertiser, definitely not on drunkenstepfather is:

Charlotte McKinney…because she’s not a hotters girl despite what her busted florida face and hooters…is saying…doing all she can to get noticed..

Sarah Hyland….making “this is what I look like when my boyfriend beats me”

Dylan Penn…showing big cleavage because it’s a men’s award and men love tits…perpetuating the gender inequalities in this world…thanks to having famous parents who didn’t guide her as they drank….


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Heidi Klum Mom Body is Half Naked in GQ of the Day

Sure, Heidi Klum has had a ton of kids with various men, including a black man…and she’s German and Germans do all kinds of weird shit during sex, when they aren’t trying to kill off the Jews, like shitting on each other and other fun things times…making her all the more interesting….but I still like to remember her as one of the hottest pussies to ever make it in the Victoria’s Secret catalog…

Sure she’s boxier, older and has a lot of kids and a wrecked pussy, but she’s still Heidi Klum and that’s always a pretty good thing…here she is stripped down for GQ…

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Miranda Kerr’s Bare Ass and Titties in June GQ of the Day

I like that everyone is finally catching up with me in terms of admitting that they are perverted. There was a time when GQ, Maxim and all the other magazines would push the boundaries as far as their advertisers would let them, in terms of getting girls almost naked without actually getting them naked, because naked means porn, so people like me would have to hit the internet to post the good fucking stuff, not to say that what I post is good, but to say that I don’t censor a fucking nipple because Coca Cola will pay me 100,000 dollars not to, I’m an idiot like that….but now all of a sudden everyone is getting more Euro and actually getting down with nudity, because let’s face it, nudity is natural, despite what all the Jesus freaks tell us, and the reality is that I appreciate their efforts, cuz anyone who can afford to get a supermodel naked to share with the rest of us is a noble fucking thing, but I just can’t wait til they step it up a few notches and start publishing pussy lip, cuz nipples and bare ass aren’t shit without vagina lip…

Either way, good shoot, good spread, good times.

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Christina Aguilera’s Nude Mom Body Does GQ of the Day

I was always more of an X-Tina fan than a Britney fan. I was into her small hispanic single-parent tight body. At the time I thought X-Tina Aguilera was a one maybe two hit wonder. I was so convinced that I used to make drunken bets with the drunks I hung out with about how she’d be some gutter pig 10 years down the road, who had burned through her one or two hit wonder money, and who would be easy to fuck if you had a couple bucks for her to use to fuel her drug addiction.

I figured the only challenge was going to be finding her…..I was convinced I was going to get a chance to try to impregnate her before finding out she had a hysterectomy due to HPV she caught on the streets singing into stranger cock and unfortunately I was wrong, because if I was right, it’d be a lot more fun that this 10 years later cocktease…..

She’s making a comeback after having a kid with the ugliest human alive, and she’s making us forget she has a kid with the ugliest human alive, because she’s getting naked and photoshopped for GQ, and I guess it’s better than her laying low in shame like she has the past few years…cuz nakedness is nakedness even if is staged in a way I can’t see cunt lip or nip. Tease.

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Candice Swanepoel Pussy Definition in GQ South Africa of the Day

The nice thing about South Africa is not just good for the surfing, or the apartheid era where blacks didn’t have the same rights as whites, but also because the white pussy that makes its way out of there and into the mainstream American world look pretty fucking good, but you can’t base a country’s pussy on two hot famous pussy that made it’s way out of the country, I mean take your small town for example, to an outsider, we all think America has good pussy cuz of the bitches we see on TV but the second you roll through a dinner in upstate New York, Florida or pretty much any tate,all you see is a sea of obesity and white trash….but as far as I’m concerned South Africa is a magical place of beautiful oceans and diamonds with 9% of the population white, 80% black, 31% of pregnant chicks are HIV positive, where Jews get stabbed in national parks …filled with poverty, crime and disease…and the 2010 Woldcup but most importantly Candice Swanepoel….and here is her pussy definition in GQ South Africa….

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Mila Kunis is a Hot Cowboy of the Day

I have a think for Cowboys, especially when they aren’t Gay and in bars causing me headaches after having temper tantrums about comments I make to fat groupies.

I also have a thing for Mila Kunis, this girl drives me crazy pretty much everytime I see her, until I think about how she’s engaged to Home Alone Culkin, who looks like he is dying a slow HIV positive death from sharing needles…not that that would stop me from sharing her as he foams at the mouth in the corner thanks to all the pills he’s been popping…

Seriously…Mila Kunis is perfection. I watched Forgetting Sarah Silverman at least twice because of her sex scene and she was the only reason there was That 70s Show.

So good job GQ at making all my dreams come true…

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Models Topless in GQ UK of the Day

GQ has done good and recruited a bunch of attention seeking models, got them half naked and taken some pictures of them. It’s like give a bitch money and pretend it’s not for the sake of guys jerking off to them, even though she knows it is, but just doesn’t want it labeled that way, she’ll do fuckin’ anything,

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Anne Hathaway Half Naked for GQ of the Day

It would be nice if I had big budgets and a brand name that celebrity pussy wanted to be associated with so badly that they get half naked, but I don’t. The celebrity pussy doesn’t know this site exists and the only photoshoot I ever orchestrated was a disaster that involved my dick in my wife and you make out anything from the small equipment to her gut and pubic hair…So instead I am forced to steal from other people who do….

Now here is Anne Hathaway, boring yet half naked and that’s good enough for me….

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Olivia Wilde Naked for GQ of the Day

Her name is Oliva Wilde, she’s on the show House, she’s 25 and she’s half naked in GQ and her name is the only Wilde about any of this, if she wanted to impress me, she’d pull some better stunts involving her vagina, like bouncing it on my dick, or even on anyone’s dick just as long as I get to be a part of it, as sitting here lookin at pictures doesn’t have anything to do with my life and I didn’t even know who she was before today, so if anything, I’m the one doin her a favor here and her little hard nipples are just wasting my time. This isn’t naked this is cockteasing and she needs to step up and stomp the yard fuck.

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Lily Allen’s Shitty Tits in GQ of the Day

The only thing good about seeing Lily Allen topless in a magazine is the hope that an actual hot girl who I actually want to see topless will eventually show off her tits in the magazine. The other good thing about it is that it is a reminder to all the companies who call me a porn site and refuse to give me money, depriving me of the life of luxury I feel I deserve from all the hard work I’ve put into the site by sleeping in pretty much everyday the last 5 years, that tits aren’t fuckin’ pornographic, they are just hot, except in Lily Allen’s case, where they are just some kind of cruel joke, like when this homeless dude shoved his dick down my throat one night when I passed out drunk, only without the taste I couldn’t get rid of for a week, since I’m pretty good at forgetting horrible things, and really how bad could this really be, I mean it’s a picture of fucking tits, shitty or not, they are still tits. Right?

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