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Heidi Klum Mom Body is Half Naked in GQ of the Day

Sure, Heidi Klum has had a ton of kids with various men, including a black man…and she’s German and Germans do all kinds of weird shit during sex, when they aren’t trying to kill off the Jews, like shitting on each other and other fun things times…making her all the more interesting….but I still like to remember her as one of the hottest pussies to ever make it in the Victoria’s Secret catalog…

Sure she’s boxier, older and has a lot of kids and a wrecked pussy, but she’s still Heidi Klum and that’s always a pretty good thing…here she is stripped down for GQ…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Would’nt touch it..bitch breed’s with GORILLA’S!!..not to mention she’s German,had a German girl-friend once..once!!..nuff said..NEXT!!

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  • Drunken Pig

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  • tracee

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  • JoeBlow

    Drunken Pig can’t understand how to use an apostrophe and he’s criticizing others. Racists are so friggin’ stupid.

  • hero
  • hero
  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    Don’t know why everyone is coming down so hard on DrunkenPig, I understand his sentiment.
    I for one can’t stand the hood-slobbering wench! She’s useless, wutless and whoremongering and OF COURSE a lost negroid would be the one to be taken in by her whoredom (and money) and pick this scallywag up from out of the BOTTOM of the dumpster to breed mutts with! They both need to fall off the earth and FAST!!

  • Joeblow

    What the hell does ‘wutless’ mean? Freak.

  • Drunken Pig

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  • Joeblow

    What a pinhead.
    Mocks someone for misspelling “waist” in the same sentence that he can’t figure out how to use an apostrophe.
    Typical racist hypocrite.
    Most of us learned how to use punctuation by the 4th grade, but I guess you probably didn’t make it that far.

  • Drunken Pig

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  • Are you kidding?

    Drunken- you have to be one of the most stupid people I’ve ever come across, everyone who reads this is now dumber for having been exposed to you.

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  • churro

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  • s1nnah

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