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Olivia Wilde Shirt Fetish of the Day

I don’t really know who she is, other than some twat who gave herself a stage name, because her real last name is COCKBURN….something a little less marketable…even in porn…cuz no one wants their cock to burn…or even a bitch’s name to suggest or put the idea of that in their minds…if anything it is disgusting…..and surprising that none of her ancestors didn’t change their name over the last few generations where cock burns are frowned upon….

Maybe they weren’t as forward thinking opportunists as this cunt, who is in MOVIES, who I’m sure I’ve seen in movies, but can’t place, but I do like the shirt over face look, it’s how most of my fucks look better…the SEX pose of champions or of champions who fuck ugly chicks that disgust them….it’s the subtle BROWN paper bag, without the inconvenience of finding a Brown paper bag, you know USE THE DAMN SHIRT…situation…

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Olivia Wilde’s Possible Nip Slip of the Day

Olivia Wilde is such a twat, mainly because her real name is cockburn and by default that would make her more of a cock than a twat, but we can assume that being a twat who likes cock, so much they are named the condition they cause on cock, that contributed to her career..

Sure she’s a rich, connected family, which made things easier, but even the most connected girls still need to use their pussy to get a head…that’s why they all while about pay equity…the same dudes who fuck them, give them work, underpay them as they pass them around…

This one is at a point in her career where she’s settled down and is making babies..but the cockburn is for life…

She’s at some event with some other actor – and you can see her mom nipple…so stare at the mom nipple…if that’s a nipple and not a shadow…because NIPPLE is exciting, obsess over it…it’s the thing to do.

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Fat Olivia Wilde in the Kitchen Where She Belongs of the Day


Olivia Wilde, better known as Olivia Cockburn, something that people have got mad at me for saying, even though it’s her fucking name, she’s just the kind of girl who rebrands herself knowing that Cockburn has limitations, especially to someone who has actually had his cock burn on more than one occasion, we call it Chlamyds in the inner circle….of STDs….something her belly and I guess her career clearly makes me think she’s very familiar with…

She’s in the kitchen with her worst kind of STD…ripping apart her body, but probably not her vagina, she’s already been there and many men have come and gone from there, that it’ll just crawl out of her eventually and she can go back to making shit movies.

Dudes like her, so here she is…

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Pregnant Olivia Wilde in a Bikini of the Day

Wilde (20)

Wilde (1)

I lost an advertiser last week because I called Olivia Wilde by her real name…I wrote something like Olivia Cockburn Pregnant in a Bikini…the advertiser went off about how dare I call a bitch like Olivia Cockburn, a Cock Burn…implying her whore pussy is so beat up by the dudes she fucked to get to the top, that if you were to stick your dick in her, your cock would burn….and even when I tried to explain that it was her name…the asshole couldn’t grasp anyone being named Cockburn…

Not that she really needed to be a whore, both her parents have WIKIPEDIA pages, her dad a writer / journalist who has executive produced movies based on his articles….and a mom who is a writer / director / producer …. so not a whore pregnant thanks to opportunistic working her way to the top…but pregnant because she’s married and already reproduced with one of the bigger assholes in movies…Jason Sudeikis…


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Olivia Wilde’s Merkin for VINYL of the Day


Olivia Wilde (Cockburn), the wife and baby mom of one of the most annoying dudes who plays himself in every movie, because I guess in his defence, all these actors are just a fucking lie and are playing a version of themselves, they just have the arrogance to let other dudes called directors tell them what to do like the useless aspiring to be rich and famous puppets that they are….I think it’s a chemical imbalance, especially when they talk about it as more than just “I stood around like an asshole for 12 hours, and for 16 minutes a guy had a camera on me while another guy made me run around naked, it was so liberating and powerful and since I was in character I didn’t feel exposed”…or some other garbage that is code for “I’m a fucking whore, but I get paid alot”…

Well this whore, Olivia Cockburn, is on a show called Vinyl where she showed her 70s bush, which should be a 2016 bush, because bush is the most natural and amazing thing that tells you where to cum when you fuck a woman…but the Kardashians have made you think hair is bad…because on them, it’s all bad, and saying it is bad, probably gets them paid..

The problem with these screenshots is that the bush isn’t even a real bush, so bitch isn’t even being a liberated, feminist, woman…but we can assume she didn’t want anyone seeing her banged out pussy that got here here, or her dick clit….

Either way, here are some of the screenshots…

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Olivia Wilde Is in a Bikini in Hawaii of the Day




I don’t really know why I hate on Olivia Wilde….but for some reason I’ve decided she’s an overrated target of my deep rooted, soulless anger…

Maybe it is because she’s old, 31 or something equally disgusting…maybe it’s because I don’t find her hot…or maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any of her TV shows or movies, so she’s more the kind of celebrity who just shows up in my feed and look at her mom body and think…what the fuck is this…

I do know that her birth name is cockburn, and that was something I had fun with at least once or twice…

I also know that she’s got an outty pussy that is sticking its tongue out at us…but I can’t be sure if that’s baby making related, or getting famous related, or just the way she was born…

I mean she’s in a bikini, she’s some socialite from a long line of respected journalist in both the UK and America, but she decided to use those connections to get on TV…and I guess now to get in the paparazzi….

It’s all so boring…but check out that outty pussy.


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Olivia Wilde’s Ass On TV of the Day

Olivia Wilde is some cunt who changed her name from Cockburn, even though Cockburn is a more marketable name, especially from someone who fucked her way to the top…of whoever this guy is…where you can all see her average at best, overrated always, ass from a show I assume she’s on…

She’s just another illegal stealing American jobs who should be deported, but who managed to scam her way in…and who the fuck knows why…I guess she’s a connected rich kid from the UK…who can buy her way into the right circles by leveraging her last name…before changing it because that’s the kind of disrespectful entitled cunt she is…

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Olivia Wilde Panty Flash of the Day


I don’t give a fuck about Olivia Wilde. I hardly even know who she is, but for some reason people got excited about her a few years ago, decided she was hot, and I couldn’t really see past her stupid stagename, because her real name “cockburn” was just way more entertaining…

Well, since her pregnancy with whatever celebrity she had a kid with, she’s been pretty fucking annoying about it…talking about her doughy body, and all kind of other shit…

But today, she did good, by posting this pic of her ass flash, that I guess the paparazzi captured of her putting in the car seat…because ass flashes are the best, even when the ass being flashed has already been seen by the majority of people…and that is the reason she exists…

This was her captipm, even though you’re probably more interested in that weirdo tattoo..

Installing car seats is what happens in hell. #unintentionalmooning

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Olivia Wilde Mom Pussy Slip of the Day

Olivia Wilde had a kid in April…this is her mom pussy the other day…in a bikini…that you know she’s showing off on purpose…like some kind of Animal kingdom baboon trying to get knocked up again…these hormonal women who crave male attention are like that…

All this to say, mom pussy is the fucking worst…amd HERE ARE THE REST OF THE PICS

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Olivia Wilde Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Based on the way Olivia Wilde’s vagina is eating her bathing suit, coupled with her career and level of relevance I am going to assume that she’s either a new mother, or the kind of girl who only exists because of her vagina’s appetite and willingness to suck various things inside it for personal gain…

Either way, she’s in a bikini, her vagina is pretty much exposed, she looks like an inny and this is hardly exciting, but the highlight of all bikini pics is the pussy definition…and this is better than nothing…


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Olivia Wilde Nude in Third Person of the Day

Olivia Wilde annoys me. I don’t know if it is because she’s some rich kid from the UK who leveraged her contacts to get big in America. I don’t know if it is because she changed her name from COCKBURN to WILDE because COCKBURN is something that you don’t want dudes thinking when offering them your vagina to get a part in their movie…COCKBURN is something you pretty much never want to associate with…unless of course it’s referencing her core fans, who like this phoney trash, and can’t stop jerking their dicks off to the point that they are rubbed down to the size of a clit…like a pencil eraser..of an autistic kid…who likes getting his cursive writing proper…or like you in high school writing the popular girl a lover letter she later showed the whole class that lead to your lack of self confidence…or whatever…

Either way, the movie is called Third Person, she’s naked, her tits look good, probably fake, her but looks small and cute, and I can ignore all that is wrong about her..which I guess means she deserves an oscar for this, at least we can assume she thinks that too…these EGOS are nuts.

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Olivia Wilde Breast Feeding for Glamour of the Day

Breast feeding is trendy now. Not that it was ever really not trendy. I’ve been seeing girls breast feed in public for as long as I can remember.

It’s kind of what you’re supposed to do genetically. You know all part of being human, but maybe I just live in Canada, and maybe I’m a pervert who encourages tits to be pulled out under any and all excuses….

If I went back in my archives on the site I’ve probably posted endless stories of the tits I experienced feeding babies on my days spent at Starbucks and in the Park before being a reclusive.

What I don’t understand is why it is now a political play for Celebrities to jump on, only to think they are doing some great thing for mankind, by getting photos of their kid on their tit, as if it’s supposed to be shocking…when Cave men did it. Early fucking man did it. Your mom probably did it. It’s how you feed babies…

It’s like leave it up to celebrities to be self righteous about everything possible. I can’t wait til taking a shit becomes a trend and celebs start posting pics of them shitting, looking for some kind of encouragement like a 2 year old who just made potty.

Go fuck yourself Olivia Cockburn…we know that’s your real name…so stop being full of shit on all fronts..

All this to say, I dig babies going at tits like they should be me.

TO see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Olivia Wilde Ass in “Third Person” of the Day

Olivia Wilde is one those actresses who virgin loser dudes are obsessed with. I don’t even know who she is, I just hate her because she chose Wilde as her last name, which is some real basic bitch level of creativity when choosing a stage name…

I mean her actual last name is COCKBURN…

Which to me is so much more relevant, and appropriate and reminiscent of an era when your last name was your fucking job, like Ted Baker the baker, or Tom Cook the cook or, Fred Black the fuckng black guy…cuz you know on her quest to be Hollywood…COCKS WERE FUCKING BUNED>..

Anyway, enough of that, she is naked in her new movie, despite being pregnant, and the put in the the international trailer, and I know my audience of 1 person, so I’ll fucking post the shit for you weirdos…as a memory of what was, since you know after baby…comes…a more battered and broken pussy….

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Olivia Wilde’s Pregnant Booty Photo Killer of the Day

Olivia Wilde’s pregnant and running around LA in a pair of Spandex pants, that the paparazzi were trying to get from a bunch of angles, but only managed to get her ass when it was being blocked by a fucking rear view mirror and the whole thing is entertaining, except for the fact that Olivia Wilde is pregnant, that part is fucking gross..


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Olivia Wilde Topless in Drinking Buddies of the DAy

Olivia Wilde irritates me because she changed her name from Cock Burn to Wilde, which in and of itself is kind of pretentious. I mean as a slut trying to make it in America, you’d think she’d embrace Cockburn as a name, since it is something that by default happens to cock after she’s done having unprotected sex with it, I mean that’s probably the whole reason why she’s getting married, I mean once you get Cockburn, you can’t really go fuck other girls, for fear of giving them cockburn too.

Well she’s in a movie, she’s topless, this is apparently the clip.

The movie is called Drinking Buddies. I’ve never heard of it, but I am pretty bummed it doesn’t involve her ass being spread…cuz spread ass is better than this PG-13 shit…

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