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Olivia Wilde Nude of the Day

Olivia Wilde’s looking old as shit in the face, I guess that’s what happens when you miss your aborted baby face masks the elite are gifted at their weird evil spas where they get their youthful treatments to keep them young….STEM CELLS and BABY BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS FOR ALL….just don’t give em what Tom Cruise is on, that shit’s scary….

She is topless or I guess strategically nude for a campaign for a skin care company that we’ll assume paid her a shit ton of money, because she’s famous and famous people only get naked for BIG pay days….even when they’re not all that hot.

I realize that people have confused her for a hot actress and not an average looking chick, it happens with marketing, PR, being cast in movies….it is not your fault you’re a mindless fuck who accept what he is told. The system is designed to make you a full retard who doesn’t question anything and who just goes along with things mindlessly because thinking takes work.

I used to love doing posts on her, only because her last name is really COCKBURN, which reminds me that you don’t need to tell a motherfucker you have HIV before having raw anal sex with them….but you need a vaccine you don’t need to buy a fucking donut to have raw anal sex with…

Speaking of Anal Sex…she has a kid or two with Jason Sudeikis, one of the more annoying comedic actors, who may have a kid with January Jones….but she’s moved onto One Direction’s Harry Style who wears dresses because when you hang with cankles like Olivia Wilde…

Boring shoot, but she’s naked, and she’s super famous and trying to look hot, so it’s worth lookin at if you’re into A-Listers and shit…..

OK, so I saw some of the updated pics…they get better….COCKBURNs committing.


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