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Anne Hathaway Half Naked for GQ of the Day

It would be nice if I had big budgets and a brand name that celebrity pussy wanted to be associated with so badly that they get half naked, but I don’t. The celebrity pussy doesn’t know this site exists and the only photoshoot I ever orchestrated was a disaster that involved my dick in my wife and you make out anything from the small equipment to her gut and pubic hair…So instead I am forced to steal from other people who do….

Now here is Anne Hathaway, boring yet half naked and that’s good enough for me….

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  • Drunken Pig

    Anne is one hot slut!!..I would love to have those legs over my shoulders
    as I plunge deep into her bowel’s…she has said she loves anal…ahhh…
    a women after my own heart!!

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Any woman who prefers it up the ass is just dirty enough to hold my interest.

    I like it when I shoot a load up a rectum then pull out and have the bitch lick it clean.

    Dirty little sluts.

  • Bob Smith

    It would please me to have my sperm leaking from all 3 of her openings.

  • Fuckstick

    don’t forget to yank her purty lil yap to the one side with your filthy fingers whilst delivering your semen enema into the shittiest reaches of her silken muddy colon …..that’s right …FISH HOOK , BABY !!!!!!!!! Put your foot on the side of her head and step on her face , walk on the fuckin brown haired actress bitch . Piss up her reamed roastbeast roadkill pink prolapsed rectum .

  • Expletive:BMP

    look, i doubt anne hathaway said she liked anal, but even if she did, it was for shock value or to get fan boys excited about any shit she does. anal sex is not only unpleasant but it involves shoving your dick in a hole guaranteed to be filled with perhaps not only parasites but potentially other forms of bacteria that could rot your dick. now i don’t want to sound elitist, but getting your fuck on in a shitter is as sexy as masturbating with vomit, especially when a perfectly good cunny sits there waiting for penetration, even if it smells like garlic cream cheese spoiled three days now.

  • cowbulls

    Anne looks great and she is one of the rare pale complexion women that look very sexy in a bikini or less. Take a good look at that mouth. She’s build for sexual enjoyment. She also gets extra points for liking anal sex and being open about her sexual enjoyment.


    You losers in here really need to get laid, this shit is pathetic. Drunken you stay first on every thread like the lonely loser that you are. Go wash your ass and clean your face and go out and get laid. The reason you dont get laid Drunken is because you dont shower or clean your ass.

    Drunken get off your couch, take a bath and clean your ass and go get a female, your life cant consist of being a virgin homo on a blog site.

    Damn Cow, whats going on with you and the ladies, dont tell me you are ass baron as Drunken with the female tail. Who the fuck says sexual enjoyment.

    This bitch doesn’t even look good. She needs a tan and looks like the joker with those big thin lips.

    White bitches, to look good, they gotta tan, this shit is ridiculous. Looking like casper the friendly ghost.

  • Bob Smith

    “You losers in here really need to get laid”

    We do get laid, if we get to count your mother.

  • These types of “Vargas Girls” pics were hot when I was pre-adolescent. I would masturbate to the images in my Dad’s magazines, and these shots remind me of those good old innocent super horny days. Anne has it going on! That sultry, sexy look. I could break my dick off in that ass!