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Rihanna’s Rockstar Video of the Day

Rihanna has a new video that dropped today. I don’t find it hot…but I don’t really find her hot anymore. I think she should be makin’ roti at a local Barbado beach stand for fat white British people, and not making hits. I don’t know how it happened, I do know that she’s not a good singer, she’s not even a good dancer, she’s not really even hot, and we’ve all been manipulated by her marketing people. I am a firm believer in sending her back home to the islands where she can get back to working in tourism by cleaning villas and not letting her milk us anymore than she already has…but for those of you still hooked on her, here’s her shitty new video called Rockstar, cuz her marketing people realize if they say she’s a Rockstar we will believe it cuz we are fucking morons….enjoy

To Watch the Video Follow This Link

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Taylor Momsen Performs in a Slutty Outfit of the Day

Taylor Momsen’s career has been on a downward slope since she was the singing 8 year old who couldn’t sing on the Grinch who Stole Christmas…..Sure she had this Gossip Girl stint that threw her in this phenomenon that all the young girls were into, that made her feel famous, and that gave her the confidence to become a rockstar, which is so fucking weird, because at 16, you can’t really channel much to justify your music, or why your privileged ass is dressed like a homeless prostitute….it makes the whole thing more bullshit that you probably originally thought and I’m calling her rock career some Disney candy coated garbage that sucks…but at least she wears lingerie when she performs, because all 16 year olds should publicly wear lingerie, ideally in countries like Canada and England where you can’t get arrested for jerking off to them like you were the Dancing with the Stars football player….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Taylor Momsen is a Shitty Rockstar of the Day

I don’t own a TV so sometimes I turn on the radio to distract me from the thoughts and voices in my head. The last couple of weeks they’ve been up on this Christmas Carol bullshit and despite not having much of a soul, I love Christmas and everything about it, except for maybe not ever getting presents I want cuz my wife is a fucking cunt. So I sit here singing along to all the Christmas music like some kind of fag would with broadway tunes practicing for his drag show and the whole thing is fucking embarassing, but not as embarassing as Taylor Momsens’ attempt at being a rockstar.

She walks around with a fucking guitar like she knows how to sing, or like she’s fucking musical and it is all thanks to too much positive reinforcement as she grew up. No one took the time to tell her she fucking sucks even though anyone with half a brain can see she’s got no talent and based on some info from my Christmas Radio music, has never had talent cuz it turns out she was 7 year old Cindy in How the Grinch Stole Xmas….and here she is sucking then…

And here she is sucking at life now…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Vanessa Hudgens is a Rockstar of the Day

Nothing says a useless Disney star is finally a fuckin’ rockstar like seeing her on stage with a guitar. There is no way in hell that this is some corporate fabricated bullshit that has a team of writers and huge marketing budget behind it, this is definitely Vanessa Hudgens just doing her one true love and that’s pretty much just rock….I am sure she’s one of those child prodigy guitar virtuoso and not someone who spend a month with a guitar coach learning a handful of chords and songs so that she doesn’t look like a total asshole on stage. I guess throwing in the most hardcore lookin’ Heavy Metal guitar helps her case.

Either way, I don’t think she’s hot, but I’d still like to see her doing what she does best and that’s not embarrassing herself on stage it’s taking more underage amateur panty shots with her friends, like a typical slut in her room alone for her internet boyfriends because I am not going to lie….I’m a pervert and think all girls can be successful at that.

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