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Tila Tequila in Yankee Lingerie Pics on the Only Place that Cares of the Day

I am assuming Tila Tequila put these pictures up on twitter, the only place that barely cares about her because the people on the shit have nothing better to do with their time that read drivel about other people’s boring fucking lives, updated 50 fucking times a day, especially when the person you happen to be following was the original myspace fake celebrity, who the media ate up and gave a couple trashy TV shows to, because America is desperate and falling apart at the seams, but not quite as desperate as Tila Tequila because she knows no one gives a fuck about her anymore and that her ride from the top is going to be a steady fucking slope down and I’m happy about that…

With any downward spiral especially one of someone who was only famous because of her slut outfits and behvavior, this chessy trash whore is going to keep getting more and more naked, eventually ending up in porn or dead in one of her fans trunk who approached her as a “producer” interested in giving her work and her excitement that someone still cared made her forget a background check….

Here are those pics of her supporting the Yankees with her lame tits.

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  • Bob Smith

    This looks like the cleaning lady who does the toilets in my store after hours.

    Except the cleaning lady doesn’t try to rape ball players, she’s just a nice lady.

    What is this hooker doing?

  • drunken pig

    ….why this filthy cambodian refugee is not just another hardcore slut getting DP’ed is beyond me……

  • lol

    lmao @ lame tits.. you must be a faggot

  • JoeB

    I thought she killed herself. Guess that was fake too.

  • She’s a cute little alien.

  • PsyKo

    fake boobs on a small body like this… not working for me. everybody forgot about proportion?

  • d

    ending up in porn!? where do you think she got her start from? google tila nguyen or tila tequila and see for yourself