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I am – Abigail Clancy Topless on a Yacht

Abigail Clancy topless on a yacht. Apparently she’s a catwalk and lingerie model. Sounds like a perfect candidate for rich guys to hire her as their girlfriend to fuck. She’s from the UK, so those rich guys are likely soccer players, or what she calls Football players, who charter these yachts for aspiring models no one has ever heard of to pose topless on for the paparazzi. It helps everyone involved.

I figure that anyone who doesn’t look repulsive in a bikini and has cause to be on a yacht is worth my attention….only because I can put them in my internet database of gold diggers if ever I get rich, only that won’t work, because by then there will be a whole new breed of “Lingerie” and “catwalk” models…

Now let me upload the pics, unless I fall asleep, which happens. I’m drunk and this is boring…but tits….look at those tits!

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