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Abigail Clancy in Lingerie of the Day

Abbey Clancy is some re-branded UK cokehead who dates footballers and who was a lingerie model…..

She’s old as fuck now…but still a footballers wife and footballers sister…not the same footballer…she’s not that wild….but she did play the game right…and I am sure it was hard for her to not play the game right…she’s got a rockin’ fucking body and that’s really what life is all about…that’s why the diet business is a billion dollar industry – despite the fat chicks and the fast food companies coming at our hot fit girls trying to tell them it’s ok to be fat…when it’s not…those fucking propagandist with the worst propaganda…a threat to boners everywhere.


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Abigail Clancy in Lingerie for Frank White of the Day

Abigail Clancy is a footballers wife and footballers sister…who played the game right… I have posted on before cuz that’s just the kind of disrespectful person I am…you know someone who likes to celebrate a woman’s hot body and her half nakedness as much as she does…you know…get naked…get in magazines…get on Top Model…land a pro athlete…get SI….get….pregnant for a good retirement plan….and who now is posing in lingerie for old times looking hot as fuck….

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Kelly Brook and Abigail Clancy Compare Cleavage of the Day

Kelly Brook is the worst…I have a love hate relationship with her, which in and of itself is fucking weird since I have never met her and will never met her, and really I am just having a relationship with pictures on a screen, which is probably not the weirdest thing I have had a relationship with, but it is up there…

The reason I hate her is cuz I know her game…posing in pics with other whores..the model who fucks her way to the right place and is totally irritating about it…playing the game, hustling and making money, even though she doesn’t matter…making me angry everytime I see her smile and get attention…..but then she lures me back in with her tits…cuz her tits…are some kind of wonderful….

Here she is modeling her clothes looking pretty fucking boring and hididng her tits pretty fucking unstrategically….

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Abbey Clancy is Hot in Lingerie for Frank White of the Day

Abbey Clancy is some re-branded UK cokehead who dates footballers and who was a lingerie model who went by the name ABIGAIL CLANCY but I guess that was too classy, or maybe she dragged it through the mud, or maybe too mature and not playful enough and whatever the reason….who the fuck cares…cuz she’s still a lingerie model….modeling lingerie….but I prefer when she’s fucking topless …..but I guess this mom body is alright to look at too….because it isn’t fat.

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Abigail Clancy Is a Hard Nippled Disco Ball for Halloween of the Day

Abigail Clancy is some UK cokehead who was dating a footballer and who claims to be a lingerie model but I’ve never really heard much about her and I don’t really know much about her and I don’t really have anything to say about her other than that here she is dressed like a discoball and she isn’t wearing a bra because everyone knows that discoballs don’t wear bras and she likes to keep things authentic and by authentic I mean she likes to do anything for publicity, attention, fame and money…and it works for me….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Abigail Clancy in her Bikini for Pepsi of the Day

In doing marketing right, Pepsi recruited some pretty decent pussy to wear her bikini in hopes of selling product, and that’s a win for me. Sure in America Pepsi and every other corporation is scared to upset the Christian fundamentalists by exploiting girls in their ads, even though they are are supposed to because it’s the oldest marketing trick in the fucking book and who refuse to advertise on my site because I post nudity but not on Playboy’s site because they are “premium” for some fucking reason we call being friends with the advertiser buyers and marketing execs, because America fucking sucks and isn’t about freedom, it’s about controlling the amount of pussy pictures we put out there because we can’t finance hiring a team of pussy posting perverts, you oppressive Jesus loving fucking cowboy pieces of shit.

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Abigail Clancy in Some Photoshoot for Some FHM of the Day

Abigail Clancy is some UK coke slut who landed a footballer and started dating him and touring as a WAG a couple of years ago, until a video of her doing blow was released to the media, leading to him dumping her via fax, to try to clean his image, because you know where a girl’s ripping lines, the guy she’s fuckin’ isn’t too far behind, and that’s the kind of shit pro athletes don’t really like having out there about themselves, despite the fact that most of the pro athlete’s I’ve ever seen at bars and clubs over the last 15 years, have been the first in the bathroom line, but I guess none of that matters and what does matter is that she did some shitty shoot for FHM Germany, wearing a Guns N’ Roses shirt, because Germany’s a little slow on shit, proven in David Hasselhoff’s singing success there and their failure to take over the world back in the 40s.

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Abigail Clancy Gets Topless in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s some import I’ve never heard of topless. Other people are posting it, despite it’s shitty quality and the non-inspiring nature of a chick topless at the beach or tanning because chicks should always be topless and making a big deal out of it is so virginal that it makes girls think topless is a bigger deal than it is because assholes like you will always be there to gawk in awe while stroking your boner over a fucking nipple, making the whole fucking experience really uncomfortable for everyone, especially the girl involved who just wants to be topless in peace and by peace I mean, while I stare at her from afar with a pair of binoculars.

Either way, if I didn’t post it, I’d be an inadequate blogger and despite already knowing that, I figure I’ll try to trick you into thinkin’ otherwise.

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Abigail Clancy See Through Dress and Animal Print Panties of the Day

Why do they make matching panty sets when no one ever wears them? The only bitches who wear matching sets seem to be strippers when on stage or old ladies trying to be sexy for their husbands or young girls who think they need to match everything, like the kind of girl who wears socks that are the same color as her shirt. It was big in the 90s.

Nothing says wild like wearing a pair of animal print panties, at least that’s what 40 year old bitches think, because it makes them feel like a wild girl and whenever they put them on they feel like their vagina’s are some kind of exotic animal, unfortunately my experience with animal print panties is that the only thing exotic is the smell. But to be fair, the bitches wearing them were pretty inexpensive and unshowered….they had better things to do….like turn tricks and crystal meth….

Either way, here is Abigail Clancy, some UK Model who was on the show Britain’s Next Top Model. She came in second but since she was dating a footballer – got more media attention than the actual winner, she went on to become a lingerie model and was busted doing cocaine and fuckin’ around with an ex boyfriend leading her footballer to drop her ass. Yes, I read wikipedia.

So I guess it’s natural for a cokewhore who is used to wearing lingerie to show up to an event in see-through dress intentionally, but not obvious enough, so that she can plead ignorance while knowing deep down inside that she wants more attention and the only way she knows how to get it is to show off the only thing that ever worked for her and that is a half naked body.

It’s like that time when this girl I knew wanted male attention because her dad wasn’t ever there for her growing up, so she every night she’d fuck a different dude, convincing herself that she wasn’t a slut and was a free, empowered, sex in the city type of woman, while all she really wanted was a man to love and respect her but instead ended up staring in numerous gang bang videos.

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Abigail Clancy’s Topless on a Yacht

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I am – Abigail Clancy Topless on a Yacht

Abigail Clancy topless on a yacht. Apparently she’s a catwalk and lingerie model. Sounds like a perfect candidate for rich guys to hire her as their girlfriend to fuck. She’s from the UK, so those rich guys are likely soccer players, or what she calls Football players, who charter these yachts for aspiring models no one has ever heard of to pose topless on for the paparazzi. It helps everyone involved.

I figure that anyone who doesn’t look repulsive in a bikini and has cause to be on a yacht is worth my attention….only because I can put them in my internet database of gold diggers if ever I get rich, only that won’t work, because by then there will be a whole new breed of “Lingerie” and “catwalk” models…

Now let me upload the pics, unless I fall asleep, which happens. I’m drunk and this is boring…but tits….look at those tits!

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