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Kelly Brook and Abigail Clancy Compare Cleavage of the Day

Kelly Brook is the worst…I have a love hate relationship with her, which in and of itself is fucking weird since I have never met her and will never met her, and really I am just having a relationship with pictures on a screen, which is probably not the weirdest thing I have had a relationship with, but it is up there…

The reason I hate her is cuz I know her game…posing in pics with other whores..the model who fucks her way to the right place and is totally irritating about it…playing the game, hustling and making money, even though she doesn’t matter…making me angry everytime I see her smile and get attention…..but then she lures me back in with her tits…cuz her tits…are some kind of wonderful….

Here she is modeling her clothes looking pretty fucking boring and hididng her tits pretty fucking unstrategically….

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