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Abigail Clancy in her Bikini for Pepsi of the Day

In doing marketing right, Pepsi recruited some pretty decent pussy to wear her bikini in hopes of selling product, and that’s a win for me. Sure in America Pepsi and every other corporation is scared to upset the Christian fundamentalists by exploiting girls in their ads, even though they are are supposed to because it’s the oldest marketing trick in the fucking book and who refuse to advertise on my site because I post nudity but not on Playboy’s site because they are “premium” for some fucking reason we call being friends with the advertiser buyers and marketing execs, because America fucking sucks and isn’t about freedom, it’s about controlling the amount of pussy pictures we put out there because we can’t finance hiring a team of pussy posting perverts, you oppressive Jesus loving fucking cowboy pieces of shit.

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  • drunken pig

    Uhhhhhhh…o.k….as you were!!

  • Mike

    You don’t like America you fucking piece of shit, then stop posting about our stars. Jerk off, if we wanted to we could take over your shitty country within a matter of hours. Canada survives as a country because we allow you to. Just remember that before you talk shit about America. Fucking hoser.

  • nat

    Uh…Abby Clancy is British…So how is she ‘yours’?

  • Mike

    Its not about her. Its about his stupid statements. This guy is always saying stupid shit.

  • huh

    Yeah…because the rest of the world would just allow America to take over Canada because they felt like it. Idiot

  • historically, canada is the only country to defeat the u.s.a. on it’s own soil. it’s called ‘the war of 1812’ or something? where we kicked your asses?

    oh, and TRY coming over here. you’ll find out that all of your squad commander’s are canadian soldiers. that’s because american soldiers are too stupid to think independently and can’t lead.

    so, enjoy that, moron.

  • drunken pig

    Both countries have good and bad,why the animosity??I don’t get turned away at a Canadian Hospital.I don’t get turned away seeking booze after 9pm in the U.S.A…see parity…Peace!!

  • Mike

    We don’t care what the rest of the world does. They can’t stop us. Pretty much any country that could sucks our dicks on the side, so they don’t care what we do either.

    And why bring up the War of 1812? It was 200 years ago. Was that the last war the Canadian pussys participated in?

  • Acemeister

    Chill out folks – there are many Canucks who think the U.S. is great – and are lucky to have you as a neighbour. One idiot (likely from Toronto or Vancouver – which has more than their share of flakes – just like San Francisco) does not speak for the great white north. Better to aim your barbs at the fool than the fools’ country…

    And Mike, Canadians have been dying for the Afghans since the start of that particular war – what we lack in numbers and equipment, we make up for in heart and soul…