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Abigail Clancy in Some Photoshoot for Some FHM of the Day

Abigail Clancy is some UK coke slut who landed a footballer and started dating him and touring as a WAG a couple of years ago, until a video of her doing blow was released to the media, leading to him dumping her via fax, to try to clean his image, because you know where a girl’s ripping lines, the guy she’s fuckin’ isn’t too far behind, and that’s the kind of shit pro athletes don’t really like having out there about themselves, despite the fact that most of the pro athlete’s I’ve ever seen at bars and clubs over the last 15 years, have been the first in the bathroom line, but I guess none of that matters and what does matter is that she did some shitty shoot for FHM Germany, wearing a Guns N’ Roses shirt, because Germany’s a little slow on shit, proven in David Hasselhoff’s singing success there and their failure to take over the world back in the 40s.

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