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Abigail Clancy See Through Dress and Animal Print Panties of the Day

Why do they make matching panty sets when no one ever wears them? The only bitches who wear matching sets seem to be strippers when on stage or old ladies trying to be sexy for their husbands or young girls who think they need to match everything, like the kind of girl who wears socks that are the same color as her shirt. It was big in the 90s.

Nothing says wild like wearing a pair of animal print panties, at least that’s what 40 year old bitches think, because it makes them feel like a wild girl and whenever they put them on they feel like their vagina’s are some kind of exotic animal, unfortunately my experience with animal print panties is that the only thing exotic is the smell. But to be fair, the bitches wearing them were pretty inexpensive and unshowered….they had better things to do….like turn tricks and crystal meth….

Either way, here is Abigail Clancy, some UK Model who was on the show Britain’s Next Top Model. She came in second but since she was dating a footballer – got more media attention than the actual winner, she went on to become a lingerie model and was busted doing cocaine and fuckin’ around with an ex boyfriend leading her footballer to drop her ass. Yes, I read wikipedia.

So I guess it’s natural for a cokewhore who is used to wearing lingerie to show up to an event in see-through dress intentionally, but not obvious enough, so that she can plead ignorance while knowing deep down inside that she wants more attention and the only way she knows how to get it is to show off the only thing that ever worked for her and that is a half naked body.

It’s like that time when this girl I knew wanted male attention because her dad wasn’t ever there for her growing up, so she every night she’d fuck a different dude, convincing herself that she wasn’t a slut and was a free, empowered, sex in the city type of woman, while all she really wanted was a man to love and respect her but instead ended up staring in numerous gang bang videos.

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