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Abigail Clancy Gets Topless in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s some import I’ve never heard of topless. Other people are posting it, despite it’s shitty quality and the non-inspiring nature of a chick topless at the beach or tanning because chicks should always be topless and making a big deal out of it is so virginal that it makes girls think topless is a bigger deal than it is because assholes like you will always be there to gawk in awe while stroking your boner over a fucking nipple, making the whole fucking experience really uncomfortable for everyone, especially the girl involved who just wants to be topless in peace and by peace I mean, while I stare at her from afar with a pair of binoculars.

Either way, if I didn’t post it, I’d be an inadequate blogger and despite already knowing that, I figure I’ll try to trick you into thinkin’ otherwise.

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  • She looks like a Russian tennis player.


    Nice euro-tits…whoever she is.
    Your writing herniates my eyes. Learn to use a period.Schmo.

  • Bored With Life

    Nice rack.