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Angela Olszewska Topless Laundry of the Day

Angela Olszewska is who the fuck knows, she’s in a titty shoot and I haven’t done one of these hipster instagram model style posts in forever…but I do like them

This one is in a hip artsy apartment, with half naked model on vintage looking chair showing dirty sock and doing laundry to clean said dirty socks and the whole thing makes me happy knowing people are still doing these despite the whole backlash creeper photogs got when girls started realizing they were just dudes who bought cameras to get them naked in hotel rooms and not really in it for the ART of it….you know there’s a learning curve that could be sped up if the photog likes photography enough to have a college diploma in it, or maybe some actually work as a photog on their resume, that is deeper than “shooting IG GIRLS NUDE”….

Anyway, IG GIRLS nude, the foundation of our future, assuming there isn’t an apocalypse where time and space implode….the best thing to find ONLY fans, these artsy shoots are good, I am glad they still happen, and Angela Olszewska ain’t bad either!

This is from the friends at IN THE RAW you should check them out!

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Model Wears Corset to Get a 20 Inch Waist of the Day

I would expect all girls to have this waist to hip ratio….but girls always let me down always, and it takes a very special, committed girl, who I can almost guarantee is into Kim Kardashin, and that this is a product of Kim Kardashian, and probably the only good thing that has come out of Kim Kardashian, because all the other “not quite” Kim Kardashians scare me with their level of trash…

Here are some Not Quite Kim Kardashians from Tumblr…

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Adriana Lima at Some Event of the Day

In keeping up with what models who were once the hottest fucking thing to hit, you know back when they were young and claimed to still be a virgin…..before America ruined her strict Catholic upbringing and gave her tight Brazilian ass a taste of cock that it had been craving….leading to a pregnancy that totally destroyed her body and appeal….here are some pics of Adriana Lima to remind us of what was, what could of been and the unfortunate truth of what is….a bloated rendition of what could have at one time been the single hottest pussy on earth that had been found…either way, I still dig her and her ripped apart pussy and body…and you probably do too…because it’s Adriana Lima and because we are perverts who like pussy in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and conditions….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Armani’s Tall Skinny Pussy in a Bikini of the Day

If you are an aspiring model, I suggest you take this bitch’s lead and befriend one of the richest and most successful fashion designers around…. and fuck him….cuz taking old dick isn’t so bad when you can justify it by all the upside you get by doing it….and really Armani’s old and not in it for love, he’s just looking to have a good time, have a little arm candy, and smell a fresh young pussy cuz he knows that never goes out of style, and that as long as you have money and power, it’s really not too challenging to make happen, cuz girls are whores and usually drop all morals and values when it comes to personal gain….and here he is doin’ the Hefner.

Pics via Bauer

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Adriana Lima’s Come Back Video of the Day

Adriana Lima is probably one of the hottest models. Sure I liked her before, back when she was a good Catholic Virgin, it made the whole fantasy of seeing her half naked a hell of a lot more interesting, but I get that all girls must give it up every now and then, so when I saw her Come Back video being promoted, I figured I’d do my part to contribute as she is fucking hot and seeing her back int he model scene with her post mom ripped up pussy is better than nothing….So most of this video is her boxing and I’m not into violent bitches who know how to hurt me….but ya know…again it’s better than not seeing her at all….Adriana Lima is fucking hot….violated or not…so watch the video….

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Gisele is an Off-Duty Model Showing Off Her Ass of the Day

When I think about a bikini model’s ass pictures, even when that bikini model is rumored to be a dude, I don’t think about this, but since I believe everything I’m told and since she looks a lot like a girl to me, with her skinny body and long hair, she’s good enough to check out her ass in jeans, but then again, I check out every single pussy that walks by me, big or small, young or old, cuz there’s no such thing as discrimination when it comes to pussy, unless you consider paying women less than men, giving them less opportunity than men, basing their intelligence on their bra size, encouraging them to raise the kids, run the household, while being the breadwinner as I sit on my ass pretending to job hunt discrimination, but I don’t….I call it giving them what they asked for, considering men never complained in the 50s when their wives were their posessions to do what they want with…this is progression cunts and here’s Gisele’s ass even though she may not have a cunt…

On a sidenote, off-duty bikini models dressed in everyday clothes seems to be my new porn…

Pics via Fame

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Sarah Dumont Topless in GQ Italy of the Day

Here’s a model named Sarah Dumont, topless in GQ Italy, proving that despite being unknown and trying to get noticed, she’s got the right idea that tits get hits and when you’re getting paid, showing tits is becomes your job and not proof you are a high paid stripper whore, because not being topless is dated, and being topless is what everyone wants to fucking see.

Seriously, more fashion magazines are doing nude spreads now than ever. The American Apparel Website is full of topless girls, it’s like topless isn’t for jerking off to anymore, it’s for selling clothing and a lifestyle, and the whole thing is pretty fucking amazing as far as I’m concerned, cuz I like tits and I believe that the public are retarded and will end up pulling this look out of the pages of Vogue and take it to the streets for me to get hard over…and the whole thing is amazing….

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Doutzen Kroes Gets Sexy for Numero Tokyo of the Day

Fashion pulls through again…it’s like they convince these hot chicks to get half naked with a little thing called money and a false sense of quality, class, shit I don’t understand because the only thing I ever tried to do in fashion was crotchless panties I made from panties I picked up at the Salvation Army…

Here is Doutzen Kroes proving that models are nothing but whores who only fuck you if you’re a billionaire, but will get naked for you if you offer them enough money and pretend you work in the industry…Good times…

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Lindsay Lohan Tries to Model for her Leggings of the Day

The leggings comeback over the last few years has been pretty amazing except when fat chicks wear the shit, but even that is tolerable, because of all the hot bodies I can pretty much imagine totally naked because shit is so fucking tight and girls don’t seem to think it’s a big deal that they are in fucking spandex for all us old people to stare at because when were were 18, girls only wore that shit to dance recital and gymnastics class, so I am a fucking fan. They are everywhere. Girls where them to bars as much as they wear the shit when they are slobbing out making for a lot of full ass and pussy definition I wouldn’t normally get to see…..

Lindsay Lohan is involved in a leggings company that I assume is not doing as amazing as the investors probably hoped when they figured attaching Lohan to the brand, but they have decided to give it another shot but throwing her in the ad campaign and the whole thing is pretty disappointing, I’d rather see bitches at the coffee shop rockin’ the shit than whatever teenage angst this shit is trying to represent…but like leggings on fat chicks, this is tolerable knowing hotter pussy is buying her designs and wearing it in places I get to stare..

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Georgia May Jagger is the Body of Hudson Jeans of the Day

For those of you who used to excited watching Mick Jagger’s lips on the mic, not because you were a huge fan of his music, but because you loved how good his lips would be for sucking dick, but didn’t want to tell anyone, because despite being very tainty and flamboyant, Mick Jagger is still a dude….

Well his daughter with Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger, seems to have inherited the lips you’ve dreamt were on a girl and like all full lipped girls I am hooked…I don’t even care how fat, ugly, awkward looking a bitch is, if her lips are jacked, I’m ready to react in a dirty way…

Just yesterday I was stuck behind this pig of a woman at a coffee shop and I was looking at her wondering how a woman can end up that sloppy as she ordered her piece of cake and hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, then she turned around and I saw her face and her lips were as fat as her disgusting ass and I was in love….not that it matters…..

Either way, she’s another celebrity daughter who has decided to use her famous parents as leverage to become a “model” cuz being a model is apparently the best job in the world cuz you get paid large amounts of money for doing nothing….and it’s easy to get work cuz all the fashion designers book famous kids cuz it’s affordable and makes them feel as high profile as booking the actual famous people…and none of that matters…what does matter is she’s half naked.

They also have Video of the Shoot – To Check It Out Follow This Link

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