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Models for Alexander of the Day `

Models shot by Juergen Teller for Alexander Wang

So Alexander Wang hired all the top tier people who don’t matter for their campaign – no one should care about….

Starring girls you’d fuck but don’t care about – Anna Ewers, Bella Hadid, Binx Walton, Catherine McNeil, Gigi Hadid, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Lexi Boling, Sarah Brannon, Kendall Jenner, Natalie Westling

Not doing anything interesting but being in the same place at the same time because they are being paid to be there to promote nonsense no one needs….you know taking time from their busy overpaid schedule to make this work…what good people..great people….it’d be better if it ended in an orgy…sex tape…I mean…what the fuck is this garbage…besides being just garbage…

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The Brand that Uses “Real Model Sex” in their Campaign of the Day

I find it pretty funny to see the way the world works. This brand I’ve never heard of that I guess is hip and cool and fashionable – puts together a campaign of “real” models having “real” sex in their shoot. Like it was a porno. Then they pixelated the genitals and spun it as art, or genius marketing, and people start talking like it’s innovating….when if you have a bran you’d know it’s as basic as you can get. It’s the Kim K model.

I just find it funny that a brand puts this shit out and the media picks up on it…..but if I put out shit like that NO ONE would care….and at least if I did it, it’d be a little more clever in it’s voyeurism or statement…at least that’s what I think…because there’d be more clits visible…more penetration…make it count…

This is just ghetto and lame and people talking about it is more reason to hate the world.

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Slutty Models for 10 Magazine of the Day


10 Magazine is a British luxury quarterly magazine published in London, UK.

WHICH MEANS…actual models, not instagram models, will get half naked, or naked and posing in erotic poses like YOGA POSES, or MARTHA HUNT In her classic Martha HUNT FACE DOWN ASS UP, you know showing their flexibility, celebrating their bodies you’ve already seen in Victoria’s Secret, possibly in Victoria’s Secret, like some kind of advertorial, sponsored post, the BUZZFEED article of the fashion photoshoot worlld..>WHO KNOWS…

The models are:

Alanna Arrington, Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Grace Elizabeth, Lily
Donaldson, Josephine Skriver, Cindy Bruna, Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk, Maria Borges & Dilone

The pics are hot.

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Calvin Klein Uses Millie Bobby Brown (Whitney Houston) Even Though She’s 12 of the Day


So Calvin Klein is an old pervert like your president – and used the freaky girl form Stranger Things in their campaign…

She’s 12 years old….

I don’t know, but that creeps me out, where I’m from it’s illegal, but I guess if as long as it’s not actual porn – and the parents sign off on the shit…Little Bobby Brown can do whatever the fuck she wants, seeing as she likely owns her parents now that she’s famous, making the money, living their dream…

But I still find it creepy….and that’s why I’m posting it…

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Olivier Zahm’s Calendar of Nude Hipster Feminists of the Day


His name is Olivier Zahm, he owns super trendy magazine called PURPLE, that has done interesting things over the years but they are best known for getting nude hipster fashion chicks posing under the guise of “fashion” and “magazine” and art…

Their Names:

Alana Champion, Algo Brehane, Braina Laviena, Courtney Money, Elena Popzlateva, Gabby, Irie
Calkins, Kendall Walters, Leila Spilman, Natalie, Soaree, Valentina Sykes, and Zeda Navarro

Their Talents:

Getting naked for free on the internet for a dude with a good reputation and “fashion” magazine that distracts from the creepy nature of getting girls naked for free…

He was born in 1963, which is a nice reminder to all of you in your 50s, that you can also take nude pics of girls born in 1997….you just need to print a fake magazine, it doesn’t even need to be read by anyone…it just needs to “exist”…and they’ll come running..

Pretend to be a feminist empowering girls and encouraging their bushes or even their tampons because it’s a great fetish to have…and these idiots believe it…

What no one tells these girls is that “DUDES WILL PAY THEM TO GEAT NAKED”…Playboy used to pay 25,000 dollars, more than they’d make working at the MAC counter or Urban Outfitters cash…

BUT now with internet and the race to fame…they do it for free…dumb for them, great for us…because ultimately…the patriarchy will always win…just don’t tell them that..

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Hot Models for Mert & Marcus of the Day


The Models include:

Bella Hadid, Doutzen Kroes, Frederikke Sofie, Imaan Hammam, Irina Shayk, Lena Hardt, & Mariacarla Boscono

I don’t know who is who…but these are the “most celebrated” fashion photographers all the celebrities are into being shot by, and who are unfortunately aren’t actually shot by, because they are photographers making stupid money in the easiest ways and not psycho killers….who could rid the world of garbage in the privacy of their own “studio”…

I guess what I’m saying is – I like the ass pic….

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Random Models in Some Magazine of the Day


I don’t know who any of these models are:

Caile Noble, Elie Maalouf, Marie Claire France, Melina Gesto, Michael Hemy, Sebastien Cambos

I don’t know what this shoot is for, but I am assuming it’s for the latest issue of some fashion magazine that makes millions of dollars a year being pretentious as fuck about nothing very important…hiring a bunch of staff and interns who are also pretentious as fuck but not very important…only they walk around an think that they are…it’s fashion baby…

I am only posting it for the nipple…

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Models for W Magazine of the Day


This is a W Magazine spread with models..and Gigi Hadid…

The models include:

Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, Cameron Russell, Maria Borges, Julia Hafstorm, & Alisa Ahmann and Gigi Hadid….who would be a model if she could and I guess since her mom was a model she pulled some strings and bought her modeling career and she gets more work and makes more money than a model, and already has more money than any model…and that’s what matters…she’s the star of this shoot – yet the least qualified…how’s that make sense…

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Naked Models for i-D Magazine Winter of the Day


i-D magazine is some hipster, that isn’t really hipster, because real hipsters don’t identify with hipster marketed shit, but rather are too hip being hip to notice….while the people who dress like hipsters, who are eager for what’s cool, what’s next, what’s trending…with their shapeshifting style depending on what cool, is actually the market for this VICE magazine owned fashion, and I use that word loosely, because fashion in and of itself is a fucking lie…no different than the mall brand products…they are trying to shun with their “design”…and marketing..

Doesn’t matter…

What matters is that this hipster fashion movement for the try hard posers…feature nudity, because it is the now…and they use weird looking models like Lexi Boling, Cayley King, Stella Lucia & Erin Mommsen…in some low grade concept, flat chested titty shoot…

Good enough for me.

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Models for Self Service Magazine of the Day


I am only posting these pictures by Photographer Ezra Petronio….for some fashion magazine called Self Service…to remind us all that amongst all the shit, there are tits…it is some needle in they haystack, but tits not needle shit….so even if you have to go through 20 pictures from one photoshoot, or 20 photoshoots, for one photoshoot with 20 pictures…there will be tits…somewhere…because tits are trendy, tits are fashion, tits are very now, because people don’t want you to sexualize tits…at least that’s what they tell you…when they are clearly using tits for hits…and I say…tits, under and and all lies, or storylines are still tits…and I say that no matter how many tits I see, in public, at the strip club, in a cheap model room on a crackwhore hooker looking for a shower…I’ll still want to suck them..cum on them…because tits are sexual..just stick your fingers in a girl and suck on them to see if she gets wetter or not…

Spoiler alert…

She gets wetter…

Models in this shoot include…

Julia Van Os, Anja Rubik, Natalie Westling, Chloe Sevigny, Marjan Jonkman, Grace Hartzel, & Audrey Nurit and most importanty..Anja Rubik’s tits…

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