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Josephine Skriver in her Underwear for her Birthday of the Day

I guess it’s Josephine Skriver’s birthday because she posted these shameless pictures of her ass in a pretty revealing bathing suit bottom saying she’s just done another trip around the sun, assuming that space is real and not fake and gay, which I don’t.

I guess when you’re a lingerie model who was basically cancelled for being too hot from the brand that recruited you because you were too hot, stripping down is not only all you know, but a protest or cry for help, in demanding the people to notice her an remember that she still exists without all the promotion Victoria’s Secret used to do for her.

Works for me. She’s skinny, fit, tiny tits like she got her VS tits removed or maybe that’s what happens when you give birth, but ultimately, there are rumors she was a VIRGIN when she came to AMERICA to live the dream and the dude she married and bred with was actually her FIRST COCK IN HER, which in this era of ugly chicks fucking like crazy, it makes her that much more of a pure and wonderful unicorn of a woman.

Point of the story, I still like models and you should too.

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Human Hybrid Josephine Skriver Does a Campaign of the Day

Josephine Skriver has clearly been keeping busy, at least based on this photoshoot, because I don’t really keep track of the doings of Victoria’s Secret babes who were fired for being too hot for the average consumer that isn’t even a VS consumer, but rather a whining troll of the internet….but it seems like she’s been pregnant with those tits and soft gunt…but what do we care….

For some reason it’s ok to mean girl the popular hot chick now, but you can’t call a fat bitch a fucking pig who needs to be taken to pasture and shot for trying to throw off the natural selection process of man by confusing the simple weak minded dudes into thinking they are hot….showing off how much they can eat in a sitting isn’t quite the same as showing off how much their pussy can eat in a sitting…IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…

Anyway, the Human Hybrid, because she was created in a lab, literally created in a lab with the sperm of a gay biologist who played god and a lesbian who took on the role of mother, for their genetic mutant they designed on a computer program before injecting it into a fertilized egg….is hot…creepy origin story but better than “she was human trafficked from a war torn country and mind controlled into this high paid escort life to the rich like she was Cassie”….I prefer the whole “android” industrial revolution / manufactured human version….

It’s like a real deal SEX DOLL that still counts as being HUMAN even if her whole existence is pretty fucking satanic…

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Josephine Skriver’s Topless in Bed with Pantyhose On of the Day

There was a time when Victoria’s Secret sourced and delivered hot chicks to us. They were high paid hot chicks that they imported from around the world and probably passed around to their friends, but when you’re high paid, who fucking cares, it’s all part of the experience.

Josephine Skriver was one of their final hot chicks, before going woke and broke with fatties and useless instagram trash….

She is a designer baby, produced in a lab by a marine biologist gay man and a lesbian egg donor….

She’s basically the future of birth now that everyone’s a fag….

So I like to check in to see if she’s still hot, or if she’s developed any weird growths where their technology back in the 90s lacked what it needed for longevity.

Looks like she’s still doing ok for a dystopian pussy you can still jerk off to, if you’re not brainwashed into only liking fatties….

She’s in bed with pantyhose on like a little whore created in a lab…like some kind of very expensive sex doll.

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Josephine Skriver in Hot Workout Gear of the Day

Josephine Skriver is still hot.

Which is probably why she got fired from Victoria’s Secret, you know because they’d rather use ditch pigs, fat girls and influencers who try to be hot, to push their products….

They cant’ have do-nothing hot chicks making millions pushing their products, that would be celebrating hot chicks, and that’s mean to ugly chicks, so let’s celebrate ugly chicks and be mean to hot chicks, take that hot chicks….FUCK YOU….AND STARVE….you don’t DESERVE money or fame or success for the BONERS you give…NOW ugly girls must be giving the boners, it’s only fair.

What a fucking stupid world…but yeah, Josephine Skriver is still hot.

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Josephine Skriver White Bikini of the Day

Josephine Skriver is a genetically modified model, who was created in a lab by a biologist who I guess understood the importance or the opportunity of the whole designer baby made in a lab movement, I mean maybe he was funded by the eugencists with a plan to sterilize all people in hopes of only breeding favorable humans to populate the earth, or mars, with….which probably isn’t a bad thing, since the worst idiots out there reproduce and in reproducing, the worst idiots out there maybe idiots together, who go onto make more idiots, and I guess we’re left with the premise of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy and if their lab made babies look like this, if this is model 1, only to build better off of….I’m into it.

The designer bikini model, possibly funded by Victoria’s Secret, raised to adult form, without dying of any weird hybrid human cancers, is in a white bikini, celebrating her favorite team, the Raiders, giving everyone around some patio ass you’d want to stare at from the building across the way, because voyeurism is real and the only good thing about high rise apartments in a downtown core….


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Josephine Skriver’s Naked Pool Noodle of the Day

Josephine Skriver is a hot, genetically altered, made in a lab as a designer baby for a mad scientist she calls day, but this isn’t about her…it’s about her pool noodle….

This is for anyone who has a pool noodle fetish, which I guess would be like one of those people who has inflattable fetishes, you know, he fucks the blow up pool toy and needs one in order to climax, but for the pool noodles, which do have a hole so you could probably fuck one like it was a pussy if you tried, probably tighter than any pussy too…more friction…but I wouldn’t know, since I don’t fuck pool noodles.

I am more the kind of guy who’s pool noodle fetish would be based on sniffing pool noodles after being used by naked hot chicks like Josephine Skriver, but in the through the legs, riding the pool noodle like it is a pool noodle pony, making it the BIKE SEAT of the water…

You’re right, it probably wouldn’t absorb the scents I’d want it too, but you never know, there could be a pussy rank enough to leave a mark….or maybe the build up of all the pussy on the pool noodle, assuming it’s a public pool noodle may catch some of the pussy drippings…at which point I’d too busy trying to fuck the pool noodle to notice….it’s all so overwhelming….

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Josephine Skriver Oiled Up of the Day

Test Tube Baby, Science Experiment, Made with CRISPR technology in a lab thanks to her biologist dad has proven to be a success..

She hasn’t spontaneous combusted yet, she hasn’t died of weird cancers yet, she’s just a solid designer baby that will inspire all the lab made babies in their future family-less dystopia they are planning for all you fucking normies out there….you will own nothing, you will be alone in your cell-like pod, you will not have family, but you will have sex with other whores to distract you from the COMPANY/CORPORATION THAT RUNS THE WORLD…

So yeah, if all the bitches look like this, works for me.


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Josephine Skriver Topless of the Day

When I was a lot younger, I was told by some biker broad in some dive bar in Florida that riding her motorbike makes her cum…which to me was shocking, like I said I was young and not used to aggressive women who looked like men and who you’d expect to fuck women, but actually fucked me, talking about cumming on their motorbikes…but since then, any girl on a motorbike I’ve seen, I’ve thought “she’s either cumming, about to cum, or just came”…and I don’t even know if they do cum from the bike vibrations, I’ve never been that close to another female biker since, they scare me with their manliness…but when the biker is Skriver, all reckless without a helmet on, bared ass…it makes me want to lick the seat or at least smell it when she’s in the gas station cleaning up after squirting on the seat…and now I am inspired for a new hobby to partake in this summer…which is good timing since I have no hobbies or passions…but sniffing motorbike seats may be it….some people paint, some people do crafts, some people collect shit, some people play instruments…I’m talentless, but confident in my ability to SNIFF warm seats and hopefully NOT get caught…but even if I do…what are they going to say to me…”Get outta here pervert”..which for a pervert…that’s really not that big of a deal…I KNOW I AM A PERVERT…that’s why I’m sniffing your bike seat LADY who I am compelled to call SIR.


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Josephine Skriver Side Tit of the Day

Josephine Skriver is officially a human trafficked, made in a lab, probably funded by the Lingerie Company who made her, one that seems into funding things like that….because Eugenics is real and even I’ve dabbled in the idea of creating a superior race in my image….I just haven’t really dipped my toe into it…because it’s hard to find bitches who will let me cum in them for the purpose of creating our own race….along with all the other women I’ll need to convince to get involved to properly pull this off…which would be at least 1000 women….so it’s a lot of moviing parts…which is why I just dip my toe into it…by jerking off to nudes…it’s a starting point…

Anyway, Skriver, made in a fucking lab, genetically modified human, probably part of experiments that will roll out in the future when everyone is sterile, which is actually good news, because it will mean all women will be hot, not fat slobs who we’ll assume will die off when the food shortages hit…


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Josephine Skriver Nip Slip of the Day

Last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago, who can really tell in this covid brain fog we’re all under thanks to streaming bullshit all night while drinking myself to death…my kind of covid cure….

But yeah, some outtakes of Skriver came out, and you could basically see her full pussy in the hottest way, which is a fetish for those of us into pussy….even test tube pussy who was made in a lab back in the 90s because designer vagina built through GMO technology existed in the 90s and this one is the proof…

I don’t know if her DNA is corporate owned,I figured if Victoria’s Secret funded the experiments she may be property of the organization….but I am not a scientist so maybe she’s considered human and her unnatural birth wasn’t seen as anything unethical in God’s eye….what do I know..other than the idea of making babies in test tubes freaks me the fuck out.

What doesn’t freak me out, is Josephine Skriver, Transhuman or not, she’s a babe and this is her working out with a tit hanging out down her shirt like this was the 80s when girls wore big collared shirts braless so we can see full tit.

It is safe to assume she’s well aware that her workout tit is exposed making her ALL the better…the Danish dream.


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