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Human Hybrid Josephine Skriver Does a Campaign of the Day

Josephine Skriver has clearly been keeping busy, at least based on this photoshoot, because I don’t really keep track of the doings of Victoria’s Secret babes who were fired for being too hot for the average consumer that isn’t even a VS consumer, but rather a whining troll of the internet….but it seems like she’s been pregnant with those tits and soft gunt…but what do we care….

For some reason it’s ok to mean girl the popular hot chick now, but you can’t call a fat bitch a fucking pig who needs to be taken to pasture and shot for trying to throw off the natural selection process of man by confusing the simple weak minded dudes into thinking they are hot….showing off how much they can eat in a sitting isn’t quite the same as showing off how much their pussy can eat in a sitting…IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…

Anyway, the Human Hybrid, because she was created in a lab, literally created in a lab with the sperm of a gay biologist who played god and a lesbian who took on the role of mother, for their genetic mutant they designed on a computer program before injecting it into a fertilized egg….is hot…creepy origin story but better than “she was human trafficked from a war torn country and mind controlled into this high paid escort life to the rich like she was Cassie”….I prefer the whole “android” industrial revolution / manufactured human version….

It’s like a real deal SEX DOLL that still counts as being HUMAN even if her whole existence is pretty fucking satanic…

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