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Stella Maxwell New Pussy Cheating on Kristen Stewart Scandal of the Day

Stella Maxwell  and her new lesbian out for dinner

Stella Maxwell is with new pussy…because I guess Kristen Stewart has moved onto less attractive bikini model – opportunist lesbians who objectify themselves and let a billionaire MAN objectify them in exchange for money – you know a real sex worker who’s dream was to be this sex worker…that in this climate is not very current, the last of the dated gender roles, which for a fake lesbian like Kristen Stewart, trying so hard to be the best lesbian, really committing to lesbianism, that just shouldn’t fly…

It’s like use the hot model as the gateway lesbian, for the frat boys to jerk off to you lesbianism, then go for the more realistic lesbianism, the plaid flannel and construction boot lesbianism…

I always complain when I see “hot” lesbians, I don’t trust them, as most lesbians that I know are like dudes, and that’s what I am comfortable with.

Lesbian scandals as boring as lesbian porn..


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Stella Maxwell in Her Panties of the Day

Stella Maxwell in her panties and bra in bed

This Stella Maxwell picture was from her instagram…inappropriate you’d think, but I guess she’s a model who gets paid to be in her underwear, so this is just her work and her livelihood..

I guess is taken by Kristen Stewart the pervert who exploits her model pussy…proving that she’s not a real lesbian…because real lesbians don’t like stereotypical hot chicks…most lesbian couples are disgusting fat flannel wearing short haircut girls…not Victoria’s Secret models…if this relationship isn’t fake lesbianism…I don’t know what it is…I mean I know exactly what it is…Stella Maxwell Publicity Stunts to get noticed by preying on these broken rich and famous people she attaches herself to because they easy victims….

I guess the real question from all of us is…WHERE ARE THE SCISSORING PICS…lesbianism is always anti-climatic in porn and otherwise…but we still like to see scissioring…especially on that weird and uninteresting Kristen Stewart….who without TWILIGHT…would not exist..

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Stella Maxwell Naked of the Day

Stella Maxwell Naked in see through plastic robe

Stella Maxwell is some overrated – strategic – enterprising – not that hot – or wasn’t that hot when she was playing the hipster model – who has turned it all around through scamming proper – by sitting at the right table – buy fucking the lesbian celebrities to increase her value – and who is now in a relationship with Kirsten Stewart, the girl who has never been that interesting, always weir and lost looking, and likely easy to come in and manipulate – I mean Stella Maxwell did it….but then again she’s tactical and has made magic happen – if you think being a VS model who bangs actresses is magic – which I’m sure you do.

It’s a lot of hype and here’s a topless shoot of her.

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Stella Maxwell Lesbian of the Day

Let Stella Maxwell inspire you this day after Labor Day, where you were likely thinking to yourself “I hate working, I hate my job, I hate my life, this day off really makes me want to never go back to work”….or “I hate that I am working on Labor Day because I am the bottom wrung of the ladder, I am the one no one likes, I hate this existence”…and remember that Stella Maxwell was some hipster party model, not that hot, uneven hipster tits, useless even…one of those getting naked but you’d never look twice and never think she’d actually make it….

But then she banged a few celebs, famous chicks who were weak, lost, disasters emotionally from the fame, and worked her way in, stealing their glory, riding their coat tails…because bitch must say the right things, or eat the pussy right…but either way, she’s not top tier famous and known and hot…and all it took was strategic using of people…so even if you don’t have what it takes in anything you want to be doing…you can either fake it, or find a rich fat chick who wants to be eaten out daily in exchange for food and rent…because there are broken women everywhere…

There are options…

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Elsa Hosk VS Stealla Maxwell in the Morning and Other VS Promo Model Shit of the Day

TWO victoria’s secret wild cards, Elsa Hosk and Stella Maxwell, both hot in their own model right, one an older washed up titty model who found her way in as a Candice Swanepoel stand in, the other a Lesbian who has dated or fucked with A-Listers to increase her profile and to network through Barbara Palvin to the right people, basically stealing her career:

Posted morning instagram photos….

The first is Stella Maxwell Made Kristen Stewart Breakfast of the Day…you know get up in there and eat like the stray dog you think you are….you fucked up hollywood bitch….

The second is Elsa Hosk being naked in bed…some rich guy’s bed we assume….

Both fresh off their Cowboy Holiday Shoot for the evil made in China Panty line that created them, and that pays them monthly, like the hookers they are….

Romee Strijd had some sexual assault in the workplace, but it’s ok because it’s not from a man…

And Adriana Lima almost showed her old lady anus…

More old timers…

Group Shot:

Sara Sampaio and Taylor Hill…With the Creeper Butt SHot..

Josephine Skriver – the Genetically Modified Human

And Lais Ribeiro – Teen Mom Turned VS Model.

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Lesbian Stella Maxwell and Her Lesbian Nipple of the Day

Stella Maxwell is a famous lesbian fucker who has a nipple…

Hipster scammer who went from Hipster scam model to Victoria’s Secret model….Because that’s the way the world works…

Fuck Miley….get the press….fuck Kristen Stewart…not that lesbian sex is fucking….it’s more rubbing pussies, having in synch periods, and other lesbian like things….including but not limited to dick hating, because it gets in the way of being ANNE HECHE of the modern generation, construction boots, and KNITTING….LESBIANS….

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Stella Maxwell Semi Naked for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Stella Maxwell…is spreading her legs strategically for VOGUE BRAZIL, because she’s a famous model…hipster to VICTORIA SECRET promo model…

Not spreading legs for MILEY CYRUS who she leveraged….or now her sugar momma Kristen Stewart…it’s like “all I do is let these broken famous chicks eat my pussy and win”…..tactics people…trick the masses, get paid…making a hot couple you’d jerk off to if lesbian porn wasn’t so anti-climatic…

Here are those pics…

Here are some slutty from her instagram…

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Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart – Lesbian Couple of the Day

In very important Lesbian news. Stella Maxwell, the Victoria’s Secret and lesbian for hire, to live out all the lesbian fantasies, for A-listers who want to experience eating pussy, as that is a huge part of how she got to this level of success…was seen out with Kristen Stewart her new lesbian lover, after banging through a bunch of other people, because that’s good for business, and good for the lebsian celebrities who want some Anne Heche hotness instead of some Rosie O’Donnell reality of being a lesbian…so that they can be all cute and shit….in shorts….despite not taking cock the way a woman should…

I blame overpopulation and our species internal dialog to no reproduce for all that is going on, vapid vain weirdos, same sex fuckers, women in the work force instead of the delivery room…and I am all for it…

I am just bummed this isn’t the lesbian sex tape, you see I never liked Kristen Stewart or her broken soul and bad acting, but when she’s the ugly lesbian in the relationship with the opportunist model, I think she’s great….perfect really…because I know lesbians, most hate me, and all are monsters…

Let’s keep same sex girl on girl love like this Hollywood version, fetishisized version on girl on girl…seriously…


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Stella Maxwell Spread Legged for Fashion

I probably should have posted this alongside the Kristen Stewart post titty post earlier today – because she is a famewhore lesbian or bisexual model who fucks her way to the top…trying to get as many media hits as possible to allow her to exist..and exist she does…the weird looking hipster girl who has somehow become hot…and booked by Victoria’s Secret…weird…

I figure her spread legs for leaving fashion week is both relevant to how she got her career…and what she’s about to be doing for sugar momma Kristen Stewart…it’s like “all I do is let these broken famous chicks eat my pussy and win”…..tactics people…trick the masses, get paid…

Stella Maxwell was also in a tight dress…

And Stella Maxwell….on the runway with underboob….

To see Stella Maxwell Underboob for Fashion Week of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Elsa Hosk, Stella Maxwell and Georgia Fowler Fashion Show See Through of the Day

It’s fashion week in Milan…and these models wore see through dresses for people to see their nipples as they walked the runways for very little money…but because it increases their profile and makes us really believe their bullshit lie that they are actual models…even thought they are actual models…but there is really no need for them in a world of all these DIY models who are less ego, more affordable, and probably do a better job…

I’ll let you figure out which VS model is which, which is amazing that all the VS girls are walking the runway, I guess VS is trying to shift their brand…as most brands wouldn’t touch one of those girls…they aren’t fashion -but either is fashion anymore…they just want people with followers and Victoria’s Secret is the number one promo model jobs around…the dream one.

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Slutty Models for 10 Magazine of the Day


10 Magazine is a British luxury quarterly magazine published in London, UK.

WHICH MEANS…actual models, not instagram models, will get half naked, or naked and posing in erotic poses like YOGA POSES, or MARTHA HUNT In her classic Martha HUNT FACE DOWN ASS UP, you know showing their flexibility, celebrating their bodies you’ve already seen in Victoria’s Secret, possibly in Victoria’s Secret, like some kind of advertorial, sponsored post, the BUZZFEED article of the fashion photoshoot worlld..>WHO KNOWS…

The models are:

Alanna Arrington, Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Grace Elizabeth, Lily
Donaldson, Josephine Skriver, Cindy Bruna, Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk, Maria Borges & Dilone

The pics are hot.

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Stella Maxwell’s Gnarly Camel Toe is the Scammer of the Day


Stella Maxwell was on set in Miami shooting the very important Victoria’s Secret catalog / website content for their new collection of made in China, despite TRUMP’s reign, low quality lingerie, so that people who you don’t want to see in their underwear, even though I want to see everyone in their underwear….

You know, this overpriced nonsense that makes business men rich as fuck and that people eat up, and not just dudes who have dirty panty fetishes like me, you know sneaking into laudnromats for that shit stain…but real people, who work and love consuming mall brands because it is familiar..

Either way, I don’t know how she made it into the mix, she pulled some fucking scams, sure she’s a tall skinny model…who attached herself to Barbara Palvin’s agency and got into the scene…and sure she played the lesbian, the intersex androngynist hipster in this feminist world, getting naked with her uneven tits and owning it cuz she didn’t look showered…it was a thing….a thing that turned into this mainstream, commercial, cashing in, low concept shit…all thanks to a scandal romance with MILEY, and growing her hair out…and sure she’s tall and skinny…but her face is wonky and weird…she knows her angles..both physically and how to scam her way in and now she’s an angel…with a little boy ass and a cameltoe bigger than
Lesbians should have…..you know since they hate dick….as if Stella Maxwell hates dicks….she’ll fuck anything to get ahead…and ahead she’s pulled off….lots of times…


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Stella Maxwell for Love Magazine of the Day

This is just so fucking stupid…..

It’s a little Stella Maxwell trying to seduce someone she calls Daddy, while referring to herself as mommy, in what is somehow inspired by the Wolf of Wall Street, because why not…and the script because I watched the whole thing, that left me feeling empty and alone and in a world of very lazy content production, doing the bare minimum, evoking zero fucking emotion or excitement, pretty much inspired with low grade, low budget porn…but pretending it is FASHION….as she discusses throwing away all her panties and spreading her pussy in short skirts…for “daddy to look at but not touch”…like some kind of temptress..

What she doesn’t tell you is about the herpes outbreak, that the panties irritate, because that’s how you get into Victoria’s Secret and this “it girl”…who only they really think they are “it girls”…the media is just lazy and figures use the people already doing shit..so that no one actually puts anything good out there…

I prefer which their theme is Christmas, since it’s Christmas….because whatever this is, is just weak..I’m not a hater, I just see shit when I see shit..

I post shit because my site is shit and I’m even lazier than these people out there producing shit…because shit…why bother when shit is so celebrated…

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Stella Maxwell, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls Topless Hugging of the Day

Here’s some jean company’s straight from 1990s photoshoot that reminds me of some 90s mom who was an 80s model – doing some weird family shoot – that you’d see around the trashy rich people’s houses you’d break into for masturbation material…panty thieving it was a 90s thing….I still have fond memories us…

They used super star scammer Stella Maxwell, hot but she’s had work done while seducing rich men – Irina Shayk, and token black chick so no one calls her racist – Joan Smalls….

It’s uninspiring…it’s boring…and they probably paid a ton of fucking money for it….because that’s how companies do it – tax write off… whatever – here it is anyway…

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Stella Maxwell’s Topless and Censored for Instagram of the Day


When you’ve seen a model nude or topless for pretty much her entire career. From Shaved Lesbian Haircut, social justice warrior looking hipster, all gender fluid and pansexual, who wants to bring down the patriarchy, while huffing blow at the latest and greatest NYC parties – amongst the rich and famous – who she ended up dating for attention or an angle – because these idiots are all full of shit – and their edginess is all candy-coated nonsense that is for social media image….because this bitch went on to be a Victoria’s Secret promo model…hardcore, edgy, keep posting those nudes yo..it almost makes her seem sincere and legit in her hustle…rather than seem like a fuckign Kardashian…kids these days….no substance. But the get naked.


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