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Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Still Scisoring of the Day

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Still Scisoring at dinner

In huge fake lesbian news, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are still together, and the paparazzi got some pics of them eating in what looks like one of the more staged dinners of all time, who sits next to each other at dinner, I hate when I see people do that…

The two seem fucking boring, they lack passion, they lack excitement, they are a fucking lie…

Kristen Stewart is just some identity crisis weirdo who is trying to play the best lesbian she can, at least that’s what her haircut is telling me, while Stella Maxwell is just a mooch bitch, who fucks any weak bitch she can, ideally more famous than the last, because it increases her profile as a bullshit panty model…

I don’t doubt they fist each other, or whatever it is dykes do, I just think it’s nonsense media hype and no one should care…

It was more interesting when they staged “cheating” on each other…like anyone cares about fucking lesbians fucking…that shit is dull.

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell out at dinner


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Stella Maxwell in Her Panties of the Day

Stella Maxwell in her panties and bra in bed

This Stella Maxwell picture was from her instagram…inappropriate you’d think, but I guess she’s a model who gets paid to be in her underwear, so this is just her work and her livelihood..

I guess is taken by Kristen Stewart the pervert who exploits her model pussy…proving that she’s not a real lesbian…because real lesbians don’t like stereotypical hot chicks…most lesbian couples are disgusting fat flannel wearing short haircut girls…not Victoria’s Secret models…if this relationship isn’t fake lesbianism…I don’t know what it is…I mean I know exactly what it is…Stella Maxwell Publicity Stunts to get noticed by preying on these broken rich and famous people she attaches herself to because they easy victims….

I guess the real question from all of us is…WHERE ARE THE SCISSORING PICS…lesbianism is always anti-climatic in porn and otherwise…but we still like to see scissioring…especially on that weird and uninteresting Kristen Stewart….who without TWILIGHT…would not exist..

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Stella Maxwell Nipple Pasty Lesbian of the Day

Stella Maxwell Nipple Pasty Lesbian

Stella Maxwell is some hipster chick who manipulated her way into the mainstream, working as a promo model for Victoria’s Secret and who the fuck knows why….I guess it’s by using famous women who clearly have mental issues, emotional issues, identity crisis issues….to get famous.

She’s on some black widow style do what it takes to get to the top…via fucking these fucked up actresses..from Miley Cyrus, to Emma Kristen Steward Watson Stone…and milking it as hard as she can…

It’s a weird story, of her taking over for her friend Barbara Palvin all while not being that hot…

I don’t get her, but I really don’t get why she’s got pasties on her nipples at an event…if you’re gonna go in a sheer top like the lesbian you are, commit, don’t pussy foot, even though you’re more of a pussy scissor…

I guess these aren’t exciting,

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Stella Maxwell Upskirt of the Day

Model lesbian Stella Maxwell is all legs in this high cut dress showing off her panties

Stella Maxwell WORE PANTIES…and flashed panties…at some luxury film event because she’s all HOLLYWOOD and because she’s sponsored by a PANTY company that these panties probably don’t actually belong to or maybe they do and they are contractually obliged to be seen in red carpet / paparazzi pics at luxury events, it is part of the reason why they signed her up to this model shit..

Her other Sponsor…Kristen Stewart…because singling out broken famous chicks from the worst franchise of movies…who can’t act…but who are seemingly sad….and manipulating them into a relationship like a mooch ANne Heche on a mission….was probably also at the event…EXCITING times..for Stella Maxwell.

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Stella Maxewll by Max Abadian for Elle Brazil of the Day


Here are some amazing pics of Stella Maxewll by Montreal’s own Max Abadian for Elle Brazil…andshe looks fucking amazing…

I’ve never really been a Stella Maxwell fan, but whatever she’s been doing to herself to look more like a model and less like a dumpy hipster, thanks to Victoria’s Secret Mall brand contracts making it impossible to be a hipster when you’re working for the MAN…not that hipsters are against the MAN anymore, they are actually the biggest consumers, buying nonsense and thinking they are artists, while dancing, or in Stella Maxwell’s case fucking…Miley Cyrus…

The world has gone what we used to call Hostess Twinkie, even though Hostess went broke and doesn’t exist, it still means candy coated, commercial, nonsense…

So get in, cash in, everything is a fucking ad or sales pitch…nothing is just cool or content for the sake of content…everyone wants that Yacht, or billion dollar app, or whatever..

But at least they show their asses in the process..

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