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Stella Maxwell Topless of the Day

Celebrity lesbian, who was a Victoria’s Secret model before Victoria’s Secret turned their back on hot chicks, and after she was a androgynous and weird hipster model, because she realized be a hot Victoria’s Secret model paid better and more importantly made her more famous to fuck the celebrities with identity crisis’ trying to figure themselves out in a world of LGBTQ knowing it will advance their career, while all being perverts because that’s how you become a celebrity, so you dyke down with the hottest dyke you can find, and that’s the Victoria’s Secret model dyke, not the dyke selling lumber at Home Depot, or the dyke selling wool at the knitting club….because celebrities are fake and superficial…

So yeah, the lesbian to the star is still hot in her topless shoots, despite not taking dick, unless she takes dick and doesn’t tell anyone because it will tarnish her storyline, who knows, they’re all agenda pushing weirdos….but when they are topless, I don’t hate it, I hate them sure, but I don’t hate it…and I don’t mean that in a tranny pronoun way….I mean it as in it…you fucks.


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