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Lena Dunham Disgusting Hard Nipples of the Day


This is fucking disturbing, made more disturbing because girls out ont he street look like this too, it’s like fucking clown world, the freak show circus coming to get us with their hard nipples and no uteruses…disturbing as shit, made even more disturbing because people like this are marketed as the voice of a generation and believe that hype, so the lazy people who fund the content throw money their way to further indoctrinate the people who look like this, feeling brave like when a black kid sees a black little mermaid but in a far more destructive and fat way because these entitled clowns are actual fucking monsters who have stained the fabric of society with their shit….

To look like this, but to selfie like this, is a serious flaw in the matrix, no matter how delusional you are…no matter how she wrote herself into her show nude like some evil troll exhibitionist who looks like an evil troll because she is an evil troll….KEEP it to your damn self…


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