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Wet Spot Wednesday of the Day

I started this weekly trend and I am going to stick to it….Wet Spot Wednesday, the celebration of girls taking pics of their pussy discharge creaming their panties like that’s a hot thing…when really it seems like more of a medical thing….and I am someone who likes pussy as much as the next straight guy into pussy…but I don’t need to see the bi-product of their “self cleaning” baby making ovens…

I am all for wet pussy, fucking bottle that pussy juice up and sell it like an updated health trend. The New Celery Juice…or bath water…but to see nasty ass bitches taking pics and getting dudes all worked up….is on some other level of what the fuck is wrong with you you sick fuck…

But at the same time, it’s a girl posting her pussy so wet it stains panties…and I guess we shouldn’t penalize them for that…even though penalizing them is all you want to do because you’re lonely.

I am sure half of these are played up, bullshit, glue stick like when I wanted to sell some local shoe store employee’s panties online, or even hand cream….all being passed off as pussy juice to the incel simp fucks who buy into this kind of thing because they don’t know what being a man is all about…

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Marisa Miller Fills a Kiddie Pool of the Day

This is a lot hotter than when the ghetto fat french white trash lady from the apartment complex fills up her kiddie pool in the back alley for all the neighborhood kids to play, piss, shit and splash their dirty poor selves in….it is a lot hotter than when the fat 50 year old homeless looking dude down the street sets up his kiddie pool mid summer on the front yard of his apartment complex for him to soak in like he was on a fucking resort when really he’s on the side of a fucking busy street…

The only problem with seeing Marisa Miller and her amazing body with her kiddie pool is that the concept is so unrealistic, I know this high maintenance bitch doesn’t do kiddie pools, she does infinity pool, and that she’s probably got a staff of Mexicans to fill, empty and clean the shit, so this picture is just fuckin’ fantasy to those of use who actually have to deal with kiddie pools, like mocking us saying “you’ll never see anything like this in your life, you piece of fucking trash, I am better than you” and it would make me really mad, if I wasn’t so busy trying to photoshop her panties off.

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Rachel Taylor Wet and In Panties of the Day

Her name is Rachel Taylor, she’s some 25 year old who looks like she’s 15 and she’s from Australia. She was once Miss Teen Tasmania, she will never be quite as big as the other talent from Tasmania, like the Tasmanian devil who still graces the mudflaps, bumpers, back windows and various body parts of white trash everywhere, but she’s a lot more logical a choice to jerk off to….if you’re into small titty tom boy bitches who wear boy’s underwear cuz they think they are one of the boys, unfortunately, there’s more cock than pussy in this clip from some movie called Splinterheads you probably will never see…..but that I’ve at least posted the best part of….

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Aubry O’Day Is Wet for Maxim of the Day


Aubry O’Day is a bottom feeding whore, so there’s nothing really exciting about these pictures, the truth is that I can’t stand this cunt because she tried to sue me for posting pictures of her stupid fake tits, like she didn’t get her stupid fake tits to get attention or to show the fuck off and make fucking money, so I’m not sure why I’m posting these pics of her in Maxim, but I will tell you I am having an internal struggle about it.


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Katy Perry Gets Wet on Set of the Day

The good news is that Katie Perry is getting wet and at risk of drowning while wearing a tight dress for people who like her and think she’s hot, something I will never understand mainly because of that face, but also because I can tell she’s a fat chick denying her fate, which isn’t too hard to spot from her GUNT that her choice in tight dresses shows off nicely to remind us all that she doesn’t have it going on, the bad news is that she’s filming a new video, which means there’s another song.

Here are a whole lot of pics, hoping that you’ll get your dose and won’t bother watching the video, so that this bitch stops polluting our lives…because if this becomes a hit and I see her video with millions of Youtube views, I will be mad at you.

Here she is with some Hanson Brother lookin’ Motherfucker who dyed his hair to not be recognized as some Hanson Brother motherfucker…mmmmmbop

Pics via Fame

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Jessica Alba is Trying to Wash Away Her Dirty Sins of the Day

Based on Alba’s baby, it’s safe to say she’s a dirty fucking girl, because to have a baby takes cum attaching itself to a uterus and in order for that to happen, Alba had to pull the condom out of the garbage and put it inside out and shove the shit inside her at least 20 times before it actually worked, cuz Cash Warren knew she was skipping her pill to trap him, and insisted on using rubbers that he brought, sometimes doubling the fuck up just in case she poked a hole in the shit or one was to break because she lined her pussy with Vaseline or oil based lubricant that destroys condom or some shit cuz she was just that desperate to get knocked the fuck up and trap the man she convinced herself was her soulmate.
So seeing her with wet hair reminds me that like my friend who fucked a girl with AIDS, no matter how many times she scrubs herself down, even to the point of bleeding, the damage is done and she’s still got serious baggage in the form of a kid and despite how great being a stepfather is, it’s not something I recommend for masturbation fanatasies…..dirty girl.

Here are some pictures of her from last week bending over that I forgot to post…..


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Some Slut Named Patrizia Daddario Erotic Photoshoot of the Day

I didn’t know who this bitch was – so I googled it….

Over seven pages in the Spanish magazine Interviu, Patrizia D’Addario poses in a series of see-though tops alongside a swimming pool at a villa in Rome.
Little more than a stone’s throw away is the Palazzo Gravioli, the Rome residence of Silvio Berlusconi. It was inside the walls of the Palazzo where the blonde escort claims she slept with the Italian Prime Minister.

You’d think the Italian Prime Minister would have a little better taste and if he was to bang a whore, he’d do one that was worth banging, not that all women aren’t worth banging, just when you are in a position of power you can leave the table scraps for the rest of us, instead of giving the table scraps some kind of ego, when that ego should be reserved for models. Motherfucker’s screwing up the whole chain of fuckin’ command….

Here are those pics…

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Beyonce Gets Wet Like The Fat Chick She Is of the Day

Nothing says “I’m a fat chick who hates my body” like going to the waterpark in a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt. I don’t really know what the fuck Beyonce is doin’ in the water with all her clothes on, but I know the story didn’t end the way I wanted it to and she didn’t get eaten by a shark, I guess she wasn’t on her period.

I am hungover again. Not sure why I do this to myself, but I always seem to manage to.

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Megan Fox Is Wet in a Dress in Her Next Movie of the Day

You all love Megan Fox. You think she’s so fucking hot and so fucking cool, but I am convinced that it’s all smoke and mirrors. Sure, she looks like a porn star, but she was some wholesome family programming chick and I am convinced her agents and executives wanted to turn her into a product by giving her that bad girl vibe. I have a feeling her shitty prison tattoos are all part of the bullshit scheme, along with the plastic surgery she’s had to make her look more like Angelina Jolie, and quotes from GQ saying she’s so into Jenna Jameson right now, like some bi-curious bad girl, when everyone knows that real bi-curious bad girls, have no interest in washed up, pregnant porn stars. It’s all like a really bad episode written from the cushy executive offices of the guys who came up with the take the ugly loser girl’s glasses off and let down her ugly loser girl hair and trick the popular boy who teases her that she’s a hot girl into falling in love with her or of the producer of Full House or, I’m just waiting for the cheesy music to chime in, so that we can all come to an agreement and understand each other’s point of view, but I am hoping before that music chimes in, Brian Austin Green from 90210 gets hit by a bus, because you always need a casualty to get a point across….

Either way, she is hot, she is lame, and her nipples are hard in her new movie. These are the stills, that I am allowed to post, so the paparazzi can’t sue me for this one. Fuckers.

Here’s the video, the movie looks stupid and I hate MGM for sending them to every site, here I was thinking I had an exclusive, before realizing that I never have an exclusive.

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Natalie Pinkham Bikini Pictures Day Two of the Day

I posted pictures of Natalie Pinkham in her bikini yesterday. She’s some kind of TV personality in the UK that my one UK reader never heard of. I generally don’t take anyone who reads this site’s word on anything, because I can only assume they are as useless as me so I’m stickin’ to my story and even if she’s an unknown, someone’s taking pictures of her so she’s important enough to post here.

This as her second day in a bikini, forces me to reflect on my experience with her yesterday. I ripped into her for having a vulgar last name, not vulgar in a good way like “DrippyCunt” or “AnalWhore” but in a name that made me think of eating a ham sandwich and not the kind attached to a hot chick, but a 3 day old one that I found in the trash and had no choice to eat because my drinking left me on the street and it was the only food I could get my hands on.

The good news is that with a new bikini comes a whole new outlook on life and I realize that complaining about a girl’s name is pretty fuckin’ weak. The reality is that I am a horny fuck and her body looks pretty fucking good to me. A name really means nothing and bitch could not only be named PileOfShit but also smell like a pile of shit and I’d still try to pretend I was a grain of sand as I irritated her pussy while she laid there in her wet bikini drying off in the sun. When she’d ask me what the fuck I was doing, I wouldn’t answer because I’m that good of an actor and everyone knows that sand can’t speak.

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