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Candice Swanepoel Bikini of the Day

Candice Swanepoel is known for only doing Victoria’s Secret, because that’s all she’s done, and she was hot and exciting and interesting when she was early on in her career, but there comes a time when you’ve seen enough of the same damn pose from the same damn chick, that you think “don’t you have any other tricks…trick”….and she doesn’t….unless you consider being perpetually pregnant, something she seems to have figured out how to do as well as giving the camera a look with her hip pushed out while in a bikini…cuz she’s always pregnant…but she keeps her bullshit alive with throwback videos and pics to remind people of her naked or half naked in bikini art form she’s mastered…so when she’s back to work, off MAT leave for the third time in two years, the world will be ready for her…never forgotten or some shit…

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Man Steals Sex Doll from Vending Machine and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Gets Naked in a Store…and Gets Chased Out

School Bus Beating Caught on Camera

Crazy Elder Abuse

Supermarket Fight

Woman Vandalizes the Mosque

Maryland Bar Fight

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Man Puts His Wife in the Trunk and Other Videos of the Day

Young Dolphin Rescue

Public Shitter of the Day

Weird Scene of a Dude Shot on a Scooter

Bear in the Pool

Motel Robber

Gun of the Day

Robber Throws Jerky at Store Owner

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Woman Strips in India Police Station and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man in Studio City….

Girl Bikes into a Van

Girl With Disgustingly Long Hair

Man Beaten and Robbed for a Gold Chain – in Philly

Flood Takes Out Building

Car VS Restaurant

Man Atttacks Women in Maimi Market

Drunk idiot Body Slams a Bench

Testicle Training in China

Naked Vegan’s in Spain

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Dude Freaking Out and Stripping and Other Videos of the Day

Chubby College Girl Balancing Act People Freak Out Over Cuz They Are Basic…

Laundromat Brawl

Interesting Driver of the Day

Cops VS People THrowing Contraband into Prison

This Beheading of a Man’s Wife Actually Happened..

Seattle Police Shooting…

Cops Pull Woman Over for Weed…She Refuses to Comply…Because Cops are Racist…and Pulled Her Over Cuz She’s Black…and/or Because she had 2 bags of marijuana, 3 scales, waterbong and a Loaded gun….

Teen Wins at Life

Road Rage Knock Out

Idiot Slams His Head

Circus Fail

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Just a Classy Fight at Chuck E Cheese and Other Videos of the Day

I Don’t Know Why She’s Naked…But She’s Naked

Fast Food Angel..

Drivers Save Ducks…

Gas VS House

Cop Saves Kid…

Patriotic Naked Trucker

Ram VS Dude Trying to Kill It…Who Probably Ended Up Killing It

Man Trying to Get Rid of Pet…Gets Followed By Pet…

Mom and Kid Run Over

Plane Crash of the Day

Just a Fight at a Chinese Restaurant

Dude Vandalizes a Porsche

Lady in a Green Dress Ejected from a Car…

Shitting Girl Burns Herself…

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Man Who Really Likes a Mannequin and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Throwing Rocks at Car Gets Fucked

Police Shooting of the Day

Little GIrl VS Anti-Gay Jesus Freak

Man Getting Arrested in New York for Nothing

Cops Shoot a Guy in Texas

Busted having Sex…

KO on the Slingshot

Just a Good Old Fashion Stripping

Drunk Swede in Japan

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Burger King Experience and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Fucking in Vegas – Close The Blinds…

Insurance Scammer of the Day

Thugs Destroying Dozens of Cars

Cop Punches Pregnant Air Force Vet

Weightlifting Fail

Man Dumping Unresponsive Girl in Queens

Chinese Parenting

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My Kind of Teacher and Other Videos of the Day

Student Gets Tased

Fans Throw a Bomb at at Russian Basketball Game

Strong Dude in Brazil

12 Cops VS Naked Girl with a Machete

Gas Station Pump VS Woman

Alabama Police VS Grandfather

People in Brazil Stealing from a Truck Accident – While Truck Driver is Dead in the Cab

Suicide Videos are Fucked

Worst Person to Road Trip With

Dude Pissing in the Lobby

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Girl Goes Nuts a McDonalds and Other Videos of the day

Tire Explodes of the Day

Snake Ate Crocodile

Husband Shoots Wife’s Lover in Brazil

Kids Driving Had an Accident

Man Tries to Jump Off a Moving Train

When Drones Attack

Horse VS TAxi

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