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Girl Pissing Herself at the Burger King Drive Thru of the Day

I think it is safe to say that we have reached a very weird point in humanity….where girls are producing piss fetish content for the piss fetishists out there while they are at the Burger King Drive thru.

The highlight of this video is when she makes her order….

I am not here to judge or really give a shit if you like watching girls piss, obviously you should like girls doing everything, including pissing….they are fascinating creatures those women…I am just saying it is a time and place situation…

I have questions…was this planned before she went out, or was it on a whim…was it her own car that now smells like hot piss on a hot day..or an ex boyfriend or even her dad’s? Why do that to your car, for the clout? Because it’s hot to her…I don’t get it…but I’ll definitely post the weirdness here…

I pissed myself in a snowsuit once and had instant regret….because it froze….but that’s not as good as the fact that she’s listening to EMINEM’s anthem of “don’t miss your chance to blow”….this is her blowing up I guess…

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Drunk College Girl Pisses Herself on Video of the Day

I love when drunk chicks piss themselves, I love when they take pictures and videotape the shit even more. It feels like I am in the room with them with a boner, knowing they are ripe enough for the raping.

There are a whole lot of these online, it is a fetish, this just happens to be one of the better one.

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Rachel Bilson in Showing Off Bra in her Pissed Colored Outfit of the Day

Rachel Bilson was the only thing I could stomach back when I watched the OC on Thursday nights before going to local college bars where I’d use some of the typical drama that happened on the show to strike up conversation with the dumb bitches in the bar who were hooked on the shit a bunch of years ago, tricking them into thinking we had something in common, but the truth is it was all a tactic to see them naked, which for the recond, never worked.

Speaking of never working, I don’t remember the last thing I saw this bitch in, but at least she’s working her tits by showing off some bra in these pictures, because that’s really the only work she needs to be a success in my books, not that my opinion of success is something she cares about since she doesn’t know I exist…

Pics via Mavrix and INF

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