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Lindsay Lohan Playing It Up for the Media of the Day

Lohan is bullshit and until she is dead….as far as I’m concerned her getting carried out of a bar by some dude is just her cry for the photographers to snap off pictures because these whores love the paparazzi and all the attention they get. They love faking stories and get off to tricking the public, because it is funny. It’s not like bitch is working anyway, so when she sees a lie about her as a cover of a magazine, it’s like she’s tricked us and all she had to do was stumble out of a bar, it’s her way of staying in the limelight and I’m convinced Lohan is sober….

I am exicted to watch her prove me wrong….because dead celebrities are better than living celebrities so we don’t have to bother with them and remember them for what they were good for and in Lohan’s case that was being a busty 18 year old slut we will only get back when whatever she has become dies….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Drunk Stripper Driver of the DAy

Here’s a story of a drunk stripper who drove a car into the stripclub she works at because she didn’t know how to drive standard but obviously the media is going to blame the shit on her being drunk, even though there’s no real proof that drunk has anything to do with why she drove into the shit. Maybe she hates her job because it has made her into a fucking whore who gets naked for money….maybe she’s just a fucking retard…I just hate how idiots drive drunk and we all have to pay the price because some of the best days of my life were spent driving drunk through playgrounds like shit was a videogame and now I can’t do that shit anymore cuz it’s criminal…takes one asshole to ruin it for all of us….

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Lindsay Lohan Falling Into Cactus of the Day

I get drunk enough to fall on my face pretty often. A couple weeks ago I fell up the stairs, then fell down the stairs, then fell in the street, then fell walking into the bar, and fell trying to get to the bathroom of the bar, then fell asleep in the bathroom of the bar, before being carried out of the bar….but I try not to lose the ability to walk, that’s usually when I go too far….

I don’t know if Lohan is wasted in these pictures, maybe she’s just numb from all the meds and didn’t realize there was a cactus next to her, or maybe it was just her stupid shoes that she couldn’t manage, or maybe she’s figured being a clown is a more probably career for her, or maybe she’s just fucking wasted….and all I know is that it’s too bad this didn’t happen outside my house near a back alley, and too bad she didn’t curl up and try to fall asleep after she hit the ground, because these pictures coulda ended up more fun…I mean until 6-8 weeks later when the sores blossom and I am forced to ask myself if that 30 seconds of pleasure was really worth a lifetime of dealing with dick scabs….

This isn’t the first time she’s fallen on her face…When she was in Montreal and I was standing outside the bar she was hosting an event at – she fell hard on her way out…maybe she just has balance issues and an inner ear infection….

Leave Lohan Alone….anyway you dice it, this is porn to me….

Here’s the video….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Drunken Mother of the Day

I don’t know what is worse, the fact that this woman went to grab a drink so she parked the kid outside the bar while she took a minute to unwind, or the fact that the bar didn’t sell to her. Seriously, who the fuck are they to decide who deserves to drink, what right do they have to involve themselves in their customer’s life and judge them. Society has gone soft. I remember an era when people didn’t care what you did with your kids cuz they are your fuckin’ kids to do what you want with them and now everyone fuckin’ meddles….assholes need to let us drink when we want to drink and fuck when we want to fuck and beat our kids when we want to beat our kids.

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Mariah Carey Drunk Speech of the Day

Mariah Carey was drunk at some award show, or maybe she was just medicated as fuck cuz she was slurring her words and shit like she was Paula Abdul, but at least she was cool enough to admit it on stage, where as other idiots are full of fucking shit when they get loaded to the large tits they are showing off to distract from the rest of them….I think the world needs to be a little more drunk and little more often, it makes life more fun….

Pics via Bauer

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Drunk College Girl Pisses Herself on Video of the Day

I love when drunk chicks piss themselves, I love when they take pictures and videotape the shit even more. It feels like I am in the room with them with a boner, knowing they are ripe enough for the raping.

There are a whole lot of these online, it is a fetish, this just happens to be one of the better one.

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Una Healy is a Drunk Piece of Shit of the Day

Here is some singer/songwriter and guitarist aslo knows as being the fifth girl in the band The Saturdays. I thought her drunken piece of shit pictures on her birthday were funny until finding out she was Irish, in which case shit’s expected and this post is obsolete because irish bitches are drunks, normally the kind I don’t want to fuck, who look and act sloppy as shit and have dirty pussy from passing that shit around the pub night after fucking night and a shitty body from all the beer. Seriously, pub pussy is the worst kind of pussy and I’ve put a lot of resources into coming to this conclusion in the form of spending every dollar I’ve ever made or stole into finding this out, you see cuz I like being drunk but I hate drunk women.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mariah Carey’s Drunk Tits of the Day

Mariah Carey was drunk, I wonder if it was from drinking too much or if her brain medication just had a weird reaction to what she ate, putting her into some kind of high that almost looks like she’s ready to be dragged by her fuckin’ hair to the alley behind the club and date raped, unfortunately, her celebrity status and the crowd it draws makes for a total fuckin’ cock block.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lindsay Lohan Hiding Pictures of the Day

Here are some of the hottest pictures of Lindsay Lohan that I’ve seen in a while, maybe it’s because I like girls who cover their faces up in shame, because girls who are proud of their slut behavior makes me nervous, but I like to think it’s got more to do with me knowing that she’s probably covering her face, trying to hide something, like from being totally wasted and wasted usually means she won’t be alert enough to realize she’s got some strangers dick inside her, but in Lohan’s case, that’s usually got more to do with having a numb pussy and not really anything to do with her level of sobriety.

BONUS – Here she is in Malibu lookin’ a little less fuckable, you know since passed out drunk chicks are way easier to stick your dick inside of than young starlets shopping during the day, at least that’s what I’ve always thought…


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Avril Lavigne is Drunk and Dressed Like a 14 Year Old of the Day

There was a time where I’d find dressing my girlfriend like a 14 year old girl hot, you know in the school uniform, that she wore just a few years earlier, that she’d jump on my dick wearing and calling me her dirty teacher/pricipal/janitor/whatever she was vibing on, but that was before all 14 year old girls started dressing like fucking emo skateboard dudes, in stupid t-shirts and all over print hoodies, with lame tattoos and lip rings, and asymmetrical faggot haircuts, you know because dressing up your girl like one of those may make you a creepy fag into twinks, and not so into dressing your girl like your wholesome teenage fantasy.

So seeing Avril Lavigne, just reminds me of Halloween or Role Playing or other similar shit that is not as hot as either of those things, but at least she’s drunk, because it helps you visualize draggin’ her out of the club by her hair, you know holdin’ it down like a rapist.

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