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Avril Lavigne Comeback Erotica of the Day

Avril Lavigne, the Queen of Canada. So important that she should be on our money here. Even though she moved to Cali to live that Skater Boy life back in the 90s when she got famous….is coming out with a new Album that is sure to SUCK tomorrow….

I call it 10 years too late, but I guess she’s felt inspired or wants to make some money while money is still available to be made..even if she’s been lazy the lat 10 years…

I wonder if she’s still going to be the 30 something dressed like a teen from the Ohio Hot Topic…you know cheesy and commercial version of streetwear….silly really…

Based on this LOLITA album cover…sucking a loli…like she’s not 45….stealing her kids candy on Halloween and making some selfie porn with it for her internet boyfriend she met on Facebook…you know that she reconnected with from High School…

But I bet some of you assholes find it hot…

If only I wasn’t so desensitized from all the sex workers and self produced porno out there…I’d be able to feel something looking at this…something other than “this Avril bitch is reaching hard”….

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Avril Lavigne Naked of the Day

We live in a world where even a 40 year old Avril Lavigne gets naked with her guitar to market herself…because I guess humans are all a bunch of nudists who hate clothing…since we are animals…now reverting back to animals..

I think the biggest issue in all this is that we can’t see her spread asshole, making it an album cover I care about, that I care to see…but instead it’s some cheesy play on stripping down, her and her acoustic, as raw as Nickelback’s dick after fucking her dry vagina, cuz we know there is no way she got wet for that dude.

Pretty fucking lame, but I guess it’s Canada pride…go Canada..smells like legal weed, beaver and maple syrup up in here.

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Avril Lavigne Legs of the Day

Avril Lavigne the Canadian who moved in on the USA thanks to her song and dance routine, and never left.

Stealing all your jobs like she was a Pilgrim stealing the land from the Natives on this Thanksgiving Feast they also stole from the natives, in what they portray as a friendly dinner amongst like minded people who wanted the growth and development of the country, when really it was just a take what they wanted cuz they were fat white people….

Well, it looks like she’s out there trying to get a new album together, a second coming of christ, if you were to think she was your lord and savior and you worshiped her like the pervert you are, because I am sure Canada, the place I live think of her as some kind of hero, but she’d really only be a hero if she killed off her husband Nickelback when she had a chance.

I realize you just really liked that she played the 15 year old girl until she was 30…roleplaying…that mall rat life…and her old lady legs today aren’t exciting – but I am doing it for Canada.

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Avril Lavigne Album Cover Shoot of the Day

You are the skater boy….I said see ya later boy is the best way I can describe this photoshoot of Avril Lavigne, who in case you aren’t in your 40s, you will know was a fetish to perverts everywhere…so much so that when she was a teenager..she was exported from a mall in Canada to a mall in the USA…where she would live a decade and make a lot of money during that decade…as the embodiment of mall culture in America….despite her music being shit..

I guess an older, wiser, more sophisticated version of her has come out with a new Album…and this is the Album art…there are no weird hair color streaks, tattoos, EMO SCENE KID outfits, nipples, nudity…no “stripped” version of her…just a mom going to a PTA looking version of her since she is that age and may even have a kid with that Nickelback guy she married….

I feel obligated as Canadian owned media to cover some Canadian content I just wish it was more naked…I mean I don’t know how to write about a bitch in clothing anymore…there’s no nipples to caption and do my “voiceover” to…just totally uninspiring…which I guess you’d expect by the human embodiment of the mall…

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Avril Lavigne Almost Pussy Flash of the Day

Avril Lavigne Slutty Pussy Flash White Low Cut Dress

Canada’s favorite Mall Rat, Skater Girl, Avril Lavigne….is on the comeback…

The other day I saw she posted some of the least sexy boudoir photos I assume are for another album or some promo for something she’s trying to do…maybe it’s a Christmas Album or something that old timers do when they want to seduce their fans to buy into them….and give them more money….and fans is something Avril Lavigne has…thanks to people being fucking perverts into 30 year olds who dress like 15 year olds and sing weird teeny pop punk trash for 15 year olds…despite being 30.

Well, she went onto Late Night TV, in a Racy outfit to remind you all that she’s BACK…her and her skater boy will not SEE you later boy…they are right…here…


here is her recent glamour shoot

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Avril Lavigne Swimsuit of the Day

Avril Lavigne swims, even if she looks more like she just floats…

Another one of those late 90s child stars who has not maintained as well as our girl Britney Spears…but I guess part of me, as a Canadian, needs to have some Canadian pride for this small town girl, clearly tainted by American Mall Culture, like the Good Charlotte Brothers, who basically tried to exploit the skate scene, the punk scene, to create a mainstream version of that to the mainstream kids wanted to be about that life in the most bootleg way, and girl cashed the fuck in.

I don’t know if she’s still a Canadian icon, since she’s all Cali based, you can tell by her song Skater Boy that was always her dream…you know to be a puppet to exploit a trend…because it affords her to buy nice pools….unless that’s from her Nickelback divorce.

Either way, she’s a mess…from bathing suit pics, to life choices but I guess for her, it’s better to be Avril Lavigne than some Tim Horton’s baker…making donuts for all the blue collar dudes named GORD heading to the RINK with NHL dreams for their kids…


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Avril Lavigne in a Bikini of the Day

Avril Lavigne showing her ass in a gold bikini on vacation

Avril Lavingne is in a bikini…

So I guess, dreams do come true if you’re a sick fuck who wants to see Avril Lavigne in a bikini….

If you think Avril Lavigne in a bikini is a dream…which I know some of you do…thanks to Avril Lavigne being sexualized as the skater girl at the mall and people, mainly white dudes, being very committed to their childhood celebrity fetishes…you’re about as pathetic as I assumed you were….

Apparently, her butt crack is out, because she’s white trash…she can try to blame it on the Lyme Disease. I blame it on her having always been disgusting…with terrible style…playing a 15 year old for 40 fucking years…weird…but not as weird as your weirdos who find this hot.

Avril Lavigne tits in a tight yellow bikini on the beach

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Avril Lavigne Still Alive of the Day

avril lavigne black dress

Avril Lavigne is still alive….unfortunately…

I guess that LYME Disease she whines about being a traumatic experience for her because they couldn’t figure out what she was sick with and when you’re a coddled celebrity who doesn’t understand what pain is because they usually make their assistants and handlers deal with it for them….it’s a big deal…DID NOT WIN…or TAKE HER OUT…

But she looks like a middle aged skater girl now, and that alone isn’t very hot…not that she’s dressed like she just shoplifted at Hot Topic on a school trip to the USA from her Canadian town of Nepean….but even to the most perverted of Avril Lavigne fans have to come to terms with her becoming this…middled aged and mom bodied thanks to possibly having babies with Nickelback but I’m too lazy to google if she had a kid with him….she looks like she did…

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Avril Lavigne More Halloween Erotica of the Day

Avril Lavigne More Halloween Erotica

Avril Lavigne doesn’t matter, even to a Canadian like me, who was exposed to so much of her music, because Canada is oppressive and control the media, and legally make the radio / TV play 30 percent Canadian so that we don’t lose our culture and become American, like Avril Lavigne…which is hilarious when you think of Avril Lavigne being seen as a way to save Canadian culture, she was some bootleg pop punk pop shit that moved to LA the second it made a dollar…but to the governement…she’s Canadian content because she was born here…when nothing looks more OHIO mall parking lot in her DC shoes that this…

Well, she’s dressed as a chubby, middle aged, pop star from Canada, who has been divorced twice, has survived LYME DISEASE and is totally uninteresting, in spandex..

I don’t get it, but dudes in their 40s find her hot…or the memory of her hot, so here it is.


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Avril Lavigne Does Halloween of the DAY

Avril Lavigne Does Halloween

I think she’s dressed as a late 90s fake mall rat punk with terrible style – who has been married twice to terrible Canadian acts because she’s Canadian and they get each other – now in her 40s..but still listens to Blink 182…when not dying of Lyme Disease.

I do not know what a WWE costume on Avril Lavigne will do to most of you loser perverts – but I bet terrible things….

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