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Everyday Stripper of the Day

I have always said that all girls are fucking strippers, some just aren’t as confident as others to do the shit in public, while others have been brainwashed to think that stripping is bad, so that when they do it, they feel all dirty and wrong, like Jesus is watching over them judging. I have also always said that all girls are whores and that some just work for money, while other’s work for status and lifestyle, but the core of it is all the fucking self-involved, out for personal gain, using your pussy to get ahead same. I am not a scientist, but assume it’s gotta do with evolution and instincts that we’ve tried to repress all these years of “ciilization”….

That said, every once in a while, enough drugs makes one of these bitches who is on the fence tap into her instinct and you get public stripping in a place where strippers don’t work.

I’ve seen it at least 5 times at bars. I’ve seen it on the street. I’ve even seen it at the stripclub when four 18 year olds on vacation thought it’d be a good idea to ask the DJ to try stripping…it is cuz girls of all shapes and all sizes are attention seeking whores…and if titties are involved, even fat lesbian titties with nasty pussy, I’m ok with it….if anything, it’s the one thing I love in the world…which is saying a lot for someone incapable of emotions…

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Drunk Stripper Driver of the DAy

Here’s a story of a drunk stripper who drove a car into the stripclub she works at because she didn’t know how to drive standard but obviously the media is going to blame the shit on her being drunk, even though there’s no real proof that drunk has anything to do with why she drove into the shit. Maybe she hates her job because it has made her into a fucking whore who gets naked for money….maybe she’s just a fucking retard…I just hate how idiots drive drunk and we all have to pay the price because some of the best days of my life were spent driving drunk through playgrounds like shit was a videogame and now I can’t do that shit anymore cuz it’s criminal…takes one asshole to ruin it for all of us….

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Trashy White Girl Built for Black Dudes of the Day

Here’s a video of some trashy, like seriously trashy white girl who strips down in the south for black dudes cuz she’s too fat for the white clubs and cuz in the south the black dudes are ballin’ so it makes sense, what doesn’t make sense is the way she talks, it’s like she’s a bad character in a movie you’d turn to your friend and say “no one in the world is like that, they made this shit up and it’s totally not believable”, well it turns out that shit’s real….and straight out of the fuckin’ sewage pipe she calls home. Watch the video.

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Amazing Rhode Island Law of the Day

This story brings hope of a better tomorrow, because tomorrow, I am going on a road trip and this video pretty much secured the destination……The law has finally done something right for me and I figure I better rush before it’s too fuckin’ late and they catch on and ruin the fun…as the law tends to do….

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Bow Wow’s Stripper Amateur Music Video of the DAy

Bow Wow’s new video is some Paris Hilton Sex Tape inspired amateur style video of a stripper in her panties while he sings a song called “I Have a Pole in My Basement”.

I guess that’s his pick-up line at the stripclub when trying to lure the whores back to his place, only unlike real life, he cast a girl to rock his pole, because the truth of his homosexuality will fuck up his flow, you know Gay Gangsters are alright, but not all that marketable.

He is gay right? I am pretty sure I saw him riding on Perez Hilton’s float at the Prop 8 rally and by float I mean pink and fluffy ass diddle Soulja Boy Tell Em.

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Jessica Biel’s Dancing Coach for Her Stripper Movie of the Day

Her name is Cati Jean, she coached Jessica Biel in stripping for that stripping movie she’s doing. I don’t think this bitch every strippers and is just a fake, because everyone knows that strippers die or burn out before hitting her age and never amount to legit careers coaching for movies. So she’s some professionally trained, educated faggot dancer perpetuating lies, making the public think stripping is this deeper fucking cause, when all it really is about is grabbing fucking tits and seeing fucking pussy. If anything I’d want Jessica Biel to be taught by some crackhead, weathered, professionally trained whore who is still stripping to pay for her addiction, or from some abusive boyfriend or pimp trying to exploit some desparate runaway pussy to ball hard…..at least that’d authentic.

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Amazing Stripper Named “Beautiful” Attacks Another Stripper of the Day

Here’s a funny newstory. It’s about a stripper who beat another stripper with one of her Shauna Sand whore shoes. The fact that it made it on the local news is pretty funny to me, because I am sure these strippers have fights all the fucking time, you know with being drug addicted, catty girls, fighting each other for 10 dollar dances amongst the patrons. It’s a fuckin’ recession people, you gotta step up your game if you wanna pay your rent and buy your half black kid the Nike’s he wants.

Speaking of black kids, here’s a girl fight outside the Rick Ross record release party and in case you don’t know – I love Rick Ross…I also love black girls…especially when the animal instinct comes out in them and I get to see their big ol’ asses.

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Shauna Sand and Her Stupid Tits of the Day

Shauna Sand did what she does proper and that’s dress like a whore, only she made it a little more interesting by doing it in lingerie and pretty much fully exposing her disgusting fake breasts, an outfit you’d expect to see on stage at a strip club, but she’s managed to bring out to everyday life, without getting arrested for indecency, proving that not only is she a whore, but she’s also a trendsetter, style icon and will go down in history for her taste in clothes. I am talking some Jackie O shit, but instead of being a first lady, this bitch is a whore. I love it and it feels like home. Speaking of home, I need to go get drunk now because it is the only time I feel normal…like Shauna Sand needs her plastic shoes, I need my booze.

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Jessica Biel Plays a Stripper of the Day

So Jessica Biel plays a stripper in her next movie and here’s some Access Hollywood segment that they did on her practicing for her role, because I guess stripping is a tough fucking job, that’s why every stripper I’ve met has been really intelligent, focused, talented and fit, and by all those things, I mean, a slut. It seems like Biel put a little too much effort trying to figure all this stripping thing out, when it is all really simple, all you have to do is take off your fucking clothes.

If I was Biel, I wouldn’t worry about her broad shoulders too much, there’s a strip club around here I used to go to that always had two female body builders on staff. They’d get on stage and do chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and make their titty do that pec dance, and they seemed to get constant fuckin’ work.

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Shauna Sand is Still a Whore of the Day

Here is natural beauty Shauna Sand walking around in and I haven’t really figured out why anyone would really care, I mean other than her having huge tits on her small frame, which is ok, I guess, but any girl with a small frame could get herself a set of Shauna Sand tits with a little money, so it doesn’t impress me. What does impress me is the bartender of some after party I went to who was staked and proud of her natural tits, or at least proud enough to pull them out of her shirt more than once after I probably compulsively asked to see them, but don’t really remember because I was drunk and still am.

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Tila Tequila’s New Music Video of the Day

Here’s a video of the popular myspace slut who got famous on the internet for being a girl lots of dudes wanted to fuck because she had cheesy half naked pictures of her club slut bottle whore lookin’ self online in a time when guys thought the only girls on the internet were overweight and crazy….It turns out that despite being a shitty star on myspace that lead to being a shitty reality TV star, she’s also got some kind of shitty music career and in the video she’s in lingerie showing off a pretty hot bisexual body with a few other sluts, because I guess they like to stick together because that way they can feel like the hottest group in the bar while shoving beer bottles in their drunken vaginas and sharing war stories of gangbangs and herpes outbreaks for a group of dudes who spend too much time in the gym.

I didn’t listen to the song, because I am sure shit is garbage, but I am all for people who jerk off to music videos because it is the poor man’s porn and I like helping out anyway I can. I’m like Princess Diana like that.

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I am – Britney Spears, Still Crazy of the Day

Britney Spears

I really just don’t even know what to say this. Wow….just…wow.

I read that her new “video� cost $30 000 of her own money, which by today’s standards of videos and how much they cost, is the equivalent of shooting it on a fucking Sony Handicam. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave Sean Preston some scissors and tape to edit the fucking thing.

I honestly can’t wait to hear the song and watch this piece of shit and yell at the TV. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it!!

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I am – Brooke Hogan is Trash of the Day


So it turns out that Brooke Hogan got fake tits. I figured that was the next step for her and you can tell by the scar in the armpit and from the fact that her tits are bigger than they were before. I remember when this slut was just a small breasted fat chick with a dream and now she’s pretty much no better than the whores I dream about getting lap dances from in my local strip clubs. The reason I call them whores is because they let you grab their tits for money and if you don’t have money they really want nothing to do with you and that would piss me off if I was lookin for love, but I am not, so I can handle the fact that they walk off pissed off when I tell them I have no money after making them chat me up for an hour. It’s actually one of the only things I find joy in these days. Because if I was a stripper I wouldn’t be working the loser in the corner who has been nursing one beer for the last 5 hours while wearing joggin’ pants….but I guess strippers aren’t known to be geniuses at least not at the places I go to.

The one thing that drives me crazy about strippers these days is their stupid legwarmers. The only reason I am posting these pictures is because of her fucking stupid pants. I got issues with these things and I see them everywhere I go. I don’t find them hot, I don’t care that a bitch is walking around with her ass hanging out and her legs covered up, I like full nudity or half nudity, but not no nudity, just annoying glimpses at what could be, from behind of retarded pants that distract me from wanting to see her naked because I am too focused on wondering what the fuck bitch is wearing.

I don’t care that Brooke Hogan thinks being sexy is being a stripper, it’s a pretty general mentality. A lot of girls and strippers think being a stripper is sexy and they all take notes from each other, making all girls run the same tricks. I go to fucking strip clubs all the time so I guess I partially feel the same way, but I like to believe the real reason I go to strip clubs is to try to figure out what drove these whores into becoming whores. What kind of daddy issues, broken homes, poverty and addiction did they face to resort to making a lot more money than they would working the checkout counter at the supermarket an to see some naked chicks, but not to be seduced by stuidity.

Either way, Brooke Hogan has access to money, comes from a big house with big cars and a big father, but for some reason she’s following her whore mother’s footsteps and taking this shit to the stage, big fake titties and semi-nudity, the only problem is that cunt isn’t showing her cunt and that to me is a waste of a stripper or someone who is so obviously inspired by strippers but is too pussy to take it to the level needed making her nothing but a failure to me…at least SHE’S been consistent on her quest to the pole….

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I am – Lohan Stripping Videos of the Day

I am fucking late on posting and didn’t do a stepLINKS yesterday, I blame vodka. I had to be somewhere at 7 pm and couldn’t get the links up, I got back home at 7 am wasted and couldn’t get anything up because I was spent. I heard the best way to cure a cold is with mass amounts of vodka because it kills the germs, I am too hung over to know whether I still have a cold or not but I do know that it was good fucking times.

I know the early bird catches the bird, but I was up at the crack of dawn, and it didn’t really bring any major opportunity my way. I am pretty much late on every story I am going to post today and I am starting with the Lohan stripping scene from some movie she is in where she plays a stripper…a part she was made for….

I don’t really know what to think about the videos because I was too fucking lazy to watch them. I go to the strip club at least 3 times a week and there was a time in my life that I went to the strip club 3 times a day. It was about 6 years ago and it was a solid way to spend my shitty paychecks. I was never really into the lap dances because grabbing tits for 10 dollars reminds me of the fifth grade….

Either way Lohan is slutting it out in a movie, playing a stripper and I just can’t be bothered watching her suck at it, or even turn my favorite pastime into some over glamorized Hollywood plastic piece of shit.

But since my responsibility is to bring the goods to you, that’s just what I am going to do….at least bitch is trained to hit the brass pole when her career comes crashing down, but I am pretty sure before hitting the local stages she’ll get into porn or have a drug overdose or someshit. I may not be able to predict the exact outcome, but I know bitch won’t have a lasting career making mainstream movies….1:45

To check out the official site GO

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I am – Kimmy Stewart Getting Dressed Like a Clown at Coachella of the Day


The problem with strip clubs is that the girls who are there with their boyfriends or husbands, usually there for the first time are a lot fucking hotter than any of the strippers who are up on stage. The last time I was at a strip club there was a pretty hot blonde chick who looked like she just got out of bed, in sweatpants and shoes that looked like slippers, like her and her boyfriend were in the middle of banging before he stopped her because it wasn’t working for him and that he had to run to the strippers to get inspired with new tits or some shit. But year, that half asleep looking girl was substantially hotter than any of the strippers and I ended up spending my whole night staring at her, until the boyfriend came up to me and told me to fuck off. Luckily they had some Larry King playing on one of the TV screens that was supposed to be for porn and my girl Oprah was on because Oprah is my porn and strippers are just a waste of fucking space when they’re ugly….

Either way, here are pictures of Kimmy Stewart at Coachella dressed way too over the top for me to understand what the fuck is going on. Is she a clown or doing a drag show because I have seen Halloween costumes with less fucking intensity. The fag with the penis haircut and valet vest is almost prettier to look at, which doesn’t make me gay, it just means that Kimbo is that fucking ugly because that dude is a total cunt and from my experience, just cuz bitch wears a bikini top, doesn’t mean bitch is a bitch…if you know what I mean.. Cuddles….

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