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Amazing Stripper Named “Beautiful” Attacks Another Stripper of the Day

Here’s a funny newstory. It’s about a stripper who beat another stripper with one of her Shauna Sand whore shoes. The fact that it made it on the local news is pretty funny to me, because I am sure these strippers have fights all the fucking time, you know with being drug addicted, catty girls, fighting each other for 10 dollar dances amongst the patrons. It’s a fuckin’ recession people, you gotta step up your game if you wanna pay your rent and buy your half black kid the Nike’s he wants.

Speaking of black kids, here’s a girl fight outside the Rick Ross record release party and in case you don’t know – I love Rick Ross…I also love black girls…especially when the animal instinct comes out in them and I get to see their big ol’ asses.

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