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Adèle Exarchopoulos Topless for Some Music Video of the Day

People tend to forget about the attacks on France, because as terrifying as they are, in the grand scheme of the world, they aren’t thanksgiving…

So to celebrate France and to remind you of a great city, with a very sexy sexy yet snobby well dressed gang of girls, here’s Adèle Exarchopoulos, who was in a French movie, with another french actor, doing some lesbian shit, with Lea Seydowx, because that’s what French cinema is…magical…

Well now she’s in the worst music video of all time, showing her tits, with in France is wearing a shirt, but to me is still tits…so tits…


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Heems are the Music Video of the Day

Every one in a while I promote the hip and the new music…because I am hip and relevant…thanks to press releases I get…

So here’s a little background:

The first video for Heems’ debut solo album Eat Pray Thug has arrived and it is just as crazy as the album. Inspired by a late-night infomercial Heems saw while on tour in India, the “Sometimes” video stars Adult Swim’s Eric Andre , Broad City’s Hannibal Buress , and Heems’ former Das Racist bandmate, Ashok “Dapwell” Kondabolu

Many years ago I met Das Racist, I was very drunk and they were trying to fuck a girl I was with…at least that’s what I assumed when I was very drunk…needless to say, we didn’t become friends…even though their song “Fashion Party”…made me laugh…but now I am helping promote one of them..because that’s just the kind of guy I am…I help people, even though no one helps me…

Now Here’s a little what the video is about:

“‘Sometimes’ uses a narrative revolving around an infomercial to create a commentary on race in not just the U.S. but India as well. As recently as 2010, the skin-lightening cream industry was worth $432 million in India and growing at 18% annually. Following in the footsteps of films like Kumare, the video also takes on the trope of exotic, spiritual Indian gurus in the West.” – Heems


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Music Video with Tits of the Day

I am all about music videos when their tits in it…I don’t even care if the song or band is total shit…as long as their are tits in it…see I don’t have speakers on my computer so shit is always on mute…usually, that’s a good thing…so I base my musical taste on the fucking visuals that come in…so this band…that I assume is from some other country cuz of their insane name, doesn’t have to be good…they just have to get enough tit in there for me to endorse them on their Grammy run….

I have single and sometime double handedly jerked off to music videos from all genres and eras…from country to hip hop to new age shit…cuz there was a time when music television was all I had when I needed something to jerk off to when watching TV….way before the internet even existed…and along with gymnastics, figure skating and women’s tennis…I’ll never forget my roots…Luckily. we’ve come a long way from Madonna videos, cuz thanks to the internet…music videos can go naked…especially when trying to get noticed…No I’m not getting paid to do this…but I should be…FOLLOW ME

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Mariah Carey Does Squats for Her Music Video of the Day

I guess squatting comes natural to this bitch, you know since she got her fat ass body from a whole lot of eating making runs to the bathroom to shit was a very common thing in her life. I mean provided she doesn’t have hired help that do the squatting for her, because she’s a diva and in being a diva shitting like a normal person is beneath them. I’m not really sure how that’d work out, maybe she’d have champagne enemas every morning, or maybe she’d just shit wherever she happened to be and the help would scrub it down, but I know that these squats aren’t to tone or increase muscle mask and I know the face she is making isn’t pure pleasure or orgasms, but shit stems from struggle and pain cuz she’s no longer built to move this way, but I guess when it comes to making music videos she does whatever she can to stay relevant.

Pics via Fame
Pics via INF

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Britney Spears and Her New Music Video of the Day

I didn’t watch this new Britney Video becaue I guess shit is boring, repetitive and I really don’t give a fuck. The only reason I am posting it is becuase there is a small chance she’s trying to be sexy and there’s just something really entertaining about fat chicks trying to be sexy when they otherwise shouldn’t. Seriously, everytime my wife used to try to seduce me with some kind of sexy mom dance or striptease, I would have given anything to trade the boner I was trying to maintain jerking off with a bag of fucking popcorn like I was at some kind of movie or a bag of fucking peanuts like I was at the fucking circus.

I did see this is it yesterday, thanks to a friend of mine and I am pretty sure none of these trashy popstars even have a fraction of the talent or vision MJ had. Now I’m not sucking MJs rotting corpse penis here, I just saw it and knew he was actually a talent and all these other cunts are just bottom feeders making noise in our otherwise peaceful worlds, so all This Is It did for me was make me hate pop music more than I already did….

But don’t take my word for it, watch the video.

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UK Pop Group the Sugababes Film a New Music Video of the Day

If you don’t know the Sugababes, they are a pop group from the 90s in the UK who were the second biggest selling all girl pop group of all time behind the Spice Girls, in the UK or as I like to call them, The two fat aging chicks and the younger skinny Asian lookin’ Jamaican girl with an amazing lower body that they brought on to exploit by putting her in short shorts so that guys watch their videos late at night and masturbate because no one likes a pop group that doesn’t have videos guys can jerk off to late at night….

Here are some pictures from their recent video shoot where they are dressed like dominatrixes, because I guess they are making a comeback.


Pics via PacificCoastNews and Fame

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Bow Wow’s Stripper Amateur Music Video of the DAy

Bow Wow’s new video is some Paris Hilton Sex Tape inspired amateur style video of a stripper in her panties while he sings a song called “I Have a Pole in My Basement”.

I guess that’s his pick-up line at the stripclub when trying to lure the whores back to his place, only unlike real life, he cast a girl to rock his pole, because the truth of his homosexuality will fuck up his flow, you know Gay Gangsters are alright, but not all that marketable.

He is gay right? I am pretty sure I saw him riding on Perez Hilton’s float at the Prop 8 rally and by float I mean pink and fluffy ass diddle Soulja Boy Tell Em.

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Brooke Hogan’s Official Music Video of the Day

I know you’ve all be excited for the fat version of Paris Hilton to release the new video of her new single called Falling and it’s about falling for a guy, falling in love, and she rocks her flat ass and broad shoulders out in a bikini while some weird lookin’ black or white guy that I guess she found at some orphanage because he looks like the kind of guy who’s parents would leave him on the fuckin’ doorstep after seeing his crooked face raps over her shit.

Now I may not be a music producer, but I don’t know how anyone can listen this and think “Shit, that’s a wrap, we’ve got gold” because everything from the beat to the lyrics to the fuckin singing to the rapping to the fuckin video is a piece of fuckin’ shit and I can only assume it was her birthday gift from her dad, because otherwise I have no faith in America.

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Music Video With a Naked Chick in It of the Day

I have no idea who DJ Rockid is, but his video is alright. It’s something all you weirdos can probably relate to, you know because if features a a naked chick, you know, the one thing in the world you want to fuck and a puppet, the one thing you’ve actually fucked. The song is garbage, the chick reminds me of some Cuban prostitute who I once slept with because she didn’t realize she wasn’t in Cuba anymore, and was affordable, unfortunately, she was also unshowered, not that it really matters, showers are for assholes who are trying to hard to fit in, make friends and get laid, you know all that superficial stuff. I figure it’s just a waste of fuckin’ time and corporate America trying to convince we need to spend billions on beauty products. You can’t fool me Corporate America…..

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Scarface’s Uncut Music Video for a Song Called High Note of the Day

I don’t know anything about hip hop, I just found this hip hop site a while ago and like posting their videos, I couldn’t tell you why, but maybe this video has something to do with it. It’s some rapper named Scarface’s song called High Note, where some video slut with a fatty ass gets naked and lets him fuck her on camera, I figurehe’s just taking advantage of his situation, you know has a record deal and budget to make a video and figures he might as well use it to hire sluts that he can pretend to fuck or actually fuck because his wife doesn’t like it when his sex without her is not work related. There’s masturbating, tits, ass, possible pussy and it puts jerking off to the SPice Girls first single because Scary Spice had hard nipples pretty much to shame, I mean if you’re not a racist, you know the kind of guy who doesn’t feel like this is like a trip to the zoo, and you can actually stomach black people having sex, or simulating sex, like I can…..

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Sexually Charged Video of the Day

I don’t know this girl Muffy is, but if you like black girls and want to see them dancing around in their underwear, workout wear, hanging in the bath while singing about how you shouldn’t hate her because her diamonds are “hella rocky” and some other useless shit, this video will give you something to jerk off to.

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Tickle Me Pink’s Typical Explicit Music Video of the Day

When your band’s name is Tickle Me Pink, you gotta go that extra mile to man the fuck up. Otherwise, the only people who will show up to your show will be total poofs, lookin’ to dance for teddy bears before their all night anal sex parties, because poofs are always down for all night anal sex parties, or moms and dads thinking it’s some kind of fluffy show for kids, you know the kind of creeps that sing about kids issues, like sharing and shitting in the toilet and animals. So Tickle Me Pink, went ahead, hired a pornstar to crawl around under the blanket topless, and I approve, because I like tits. What I don’t approve of is bad music, so I kept shit on mute and enjoyed the picture show…

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Gisele In a Music VIdeo of the Day

This is a video of Gisele on set from some music video for a song that seems like it fucking sucks and reminds me of yesterday morning, when I had my alarm set for noon, so that I could update the site, and fuckin’ Nickelback happened to be the song playing, leading to me wishing that I died in my sleep so that I wouldn’t have had to subject myself to that, and I figure it’s better than dying of a terminal illness a couple years down the road, because let’s face it, that’s pretty much where I am heading…

Anyway, I don’t understand why people feel the need to yell at Gisele about buying Puppy Mill Puppies from the pet store, while she’s working on set of a shitty music video, but they also yelled at her to not wear fur. Do these motherfuckers have absolutely nothing better to do with their time. Don’t they have jobs? Or is their job to search the streets of LA for celebrities to yell their insane messages to, thinking they are doing their part by being heard by people with power, without realizing that someone like Gisele isn’t listening to them because she doesn’t speak English and because nobody listens to crazy preaching people on the street. I know this first hand because today I was out at a local college trying to convince people to stop using Facebook because they are racist, and not one person took my pamphlet. Sure, it was drawn on toilet paper with lipstick I borrowed from an old lady at the bus stop, but I was in a jam, trying to get my message across….

Either way, here are some of the pictures of Gisele on set of the music video, because she’s the best paid tranny out there and today is a good day to give the struggling trannies out there some motherfuckin’ hope.

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Hollywood Undead NSFW Music Video of the Day

Here’s a music video to start the day by a band I am glad I never heard of, it’s like that rap metal shit from a couple years ago that all you fucking losers would rock out to in your pick up trucks, but the video has a lot of sluts, showing tit, dyking out, runnin around in their underwear and that makes it good enough for me as long as shit’s on mute.

They are probably pornstars or local strippers lookin’ for a new venue to show off their tits and I am okay with sluts being creative in ways and places to show their tits, I figure if they pay for them, they might as well get them out there for more people to see and that makes it better to jerk off to to that Clay Aiken music video that rubbed you the right way, you weirdo.

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Typical Music Video of the Day

The band is called Tickle Me Pink and this is their video for a song called Typical. It’s some typical pop punk shit that all the typical 15 year olds are eating up with a typical obscure name for a band with typical yelling and chanting but there’s some hot slut crawling around under the sheets who I may or may not be in love with because my social anxiety has moved to online social anxiety and I just can’t tell what I am feeling anymore, but I do know this typical porn lookin’ slut is in her underwear makes for typical masturbation when nothing else is on TV and your internet is down, So it is worth watching.

Her name is Gabriella Fox and She Works for Digital Playground – the Porn Company and This is her Myspace

Here She is Taking a Load on Her Face – NSFW

I am jacked on coffee and my computer has AIDS, Let’s Do This….

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