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Mariah Carey Does Squats for Her Music Video of the Day

I guess squatting comes natural to this bitch, you know since she got her fat ass body from a whole lot of eating making runs to the bathroom to shit was a very common thing in her life. I mean provided she doesn’t have hired help that do the squatting for her, because she’s a diva and in being a diva shitting like a normal person is beneath them. I’m not really sure how that’d work out, maybe she’d have champagne enemas every morning, or maybe she’d just shit wherever she happened to be and the help would scrub it down, but I know that these squats aren’t to tone or increase muscle mask and I know the face she is making isn’t pure pleasure or orgasms, but shit stems from struggle and pain cuz she’s no longer built to move this way, but I guess when it comes to making music videos she does whatever she can to stay relevant.

Pics via Fame
Pics via INF

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  • drunken pig

    ….fat used up cum-wipe!!……

  • Expletive(BMP)

    the fat i can deal with, the fucking crazy i can deal with, but why the fuck do i hate mariah so?

  • wow, she really is fat and used up. i never really cared for her husband and whatever the fuck he does, but i sure as hell feel sorry for him now. if it wasn’t before, this union is totally about the money now.

  • inquirer

    isn’t she pregnant? why does no one seem to confirm it?

  • Bob Smith

    She is chunky. I would like to do the chunky monkey with her.

  • Lazarus “Bubba” Tubbs

    WOW! Her weight goes up and down as much as her head does when she’s sucking my dick.

  • Wacker

    It’s her time of the month. It’s cramps wanker!

  • jerk

    Looks like a fuckable fatty in these pics.

  • Baboya

    if by muscle mask you mean muscle mass…

  • terr

    wow what bunch of woman abusers and cowards in this fucking page …
    Mariah have money and power and you are a buch of Muertos del hambre … cabrones

  • terr


  • drunken pig

    terr…learn some English…..vacumme the floor…..suck my cock……and d’ont forget…..mustard on my sandwhich!!!….BITCH!!>………..

  • Lou

    Wow People are very stupid and Jealous. She’s not fat, just has meat on her body, not like alot of celebrity’s that are wayyyy to Skinnny and unhealthy. Anyways, I doubt she cares what everyone thinks of her, she’s making money and your not!