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Mariah Carey Does Squats for Her Music Video of the Day

I guess squatting comes natural to this bitch, you know since she got her fat ass body from a whole lot of eating making runs to the bathroom to shit was a very common thing in her life. I mean provided she doesn’t have hired help that do the squatting for her, because she’s a diva and in being a diva shitting like a normal person is beneath them. I’m not really sure how that’d work out, maybe she’d have champagne enemas every morning, or maybe she’d just shit wherever she happened to be and the help would scrub it down, but I know that these squats aren’t to tone or increase muscle mask and I know the face she is making isn’t pure pleasure or orgasms, but shit stems from struggle and pain cuz she’s no longer built to move this way, but I guess when it comes to making music videos she does whatever she can to stay relevant.

Pics via Fame
Pics via INF

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Rachel Hunter Doin Some Squats of the Day

Rachel Hunter is demonstrating some moves Rod Stewart taught her back when they were in a staged relationship to pretend he was straight despite how masculine she always looked. No, he wasn’t an avid baseball player, but he was an avid squatter, or at least he was every time they had sex when he’d get into this position before making her fuck him up the ass with a big black strap on……

Pics via Fame

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Thick Brazilian Bitch Doin’ 135 Squats of the Day

Here is a pretty funny Brazilian show where they dress a thick bitch up as a zebra and make her do squats. I assume this hot to at least one black guy and I’m just not really sure what there is to say about this, it kinda does a good enough job on its own, I am just gonna remind you that Brazil is one of the leading nations in tranny prostitutes, so I’m just gonna leave you with that and post the video….Enjoy….

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