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Rachel Hunter Doin Some Squats of the Day

Rachel Hunter is demonstrating some moves Rod Stewart taught her back when they were in a staged relationship to pretend he was straight despite how masculine she always looked. No, he wasn’t an avid baseball player, but he was an avid squatter, or at least he was every time they had sex when he’d get into this position before making her fuck him up the ass with a big black strap on……

Pics via Fame

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She could do squats over my rape stick.

    Oh yeah.

  • TheSNakE

    That’s the hottest milf ever.

  • BoB Bowie

    She’s not so hot. Rachel used to live next door to me. I saw her without makeup many times. She is very average looking.

  • drunken pig

    ^^You wish douchebag!!