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Sugababes Bikini Asses From Behind of the Day

Yeah, I know, posting this garbage band in their bikinis is pretty fucking weak, but in my defense, it’s winter vacation and you should be off your computer and seducing tourists or other people on your resort, you shouldn’t be here judgin my weak Euro content.

They are in Barbados, they are in bikinis, one of them has a serious fat ass, I guess she’s doin’ the “Rihanna” , which for those of you who don’t know, is wearing a bikini in Barbados despite your fat ass.

I don’t even know who they are, but they are in bikinis and that is good enough for me….cuz I’m a pervert….and here are the pics….

Pics via INF

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UK Pop Group the Sugababes Film a New Music Video of the Day

If you don’t know the Sugababes, they are a pop group from the 90s in the UK who were the second biggest selling all girl pop group of all time behind the Spice Girls, in the UK or as I like to call them, The two fat aging chicks and the younger skinny Asian lookin’ Jamaican girl with an amazing lower body that they brought on to exploit by putting her in short shorts so that guys watch their videos late at night and masturbate because no one likes a pop group that doesn’t have videos guys can jerk off to late at night….

Here are some pictures from their recent video shoot where they are dressed like dominatrixes, because I guess they are making a comeback.


Pics via PacificCoastNews and Fame

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Amelle Berrabah from the Sugababes Shows Off Her Nipples of the Day

Who the fuck are the Sugababes. I assume they are some bullshit band that I am forced to listen to on the radio now that Virgin has taken over our local shitty radio station, that my wife insists on listening to, even though they play all this garbage that I’ve never heard of and that has a really good reason for not being popular here, like the fact that it fucking sucks, but unfortunately, they target women and last time I checked, my wife is a woman, not that I check that often, but sometimes, and by sometimes I mean always, the level of sexual attraction is so fucking low, that I need to remind myself she owns a pussy, and not the kind you own, you know locked in your bed side table drawer that is handmade out of random household objects and coldcuts, but a real live pussy, just to confuse me about whether I still like women or not, which it turns out that I do. Hey Ladies.

Either way, this is one of the whores from the shitty band in some see through shirt.

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